Best Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

5 Best Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills


Best Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are a must-have skill in today’s generation and for the past few years, it is on the hype. From educational institutions to the job sector and even in our homes, almost everyone is talking about it.

Why they should not when it’s a fact that being a good communicator helps you go very far in your life, and not everyone has communication skills with them?

Chinese Whispers,” remember this childhood game we used to play, which is also known as “telephone?” That game in which one’s message would have to be passed through several people’s ears, and in the end, the original message gets completely changed and different?

Now, when we are adults, this game feels more real – the miscommunication that we face quite often, both at our workplace and personal life. This is why communication is considered as being the key.

Here, we have come up with 5 ways to improve your communication skills, which we are going to read and learn ahead.

But, before we proceed with our learning, do you know how many types of communications are there? What are they called and their uses?

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Do not worry, we will be starting with this only and then we will proceed ahead towards 5 ways to improve communication skills.

So, there are three types of communication, those are Verbal communication, non-verbal communication, and written communication. Now, let us first understand what each of these three types of communication means.

Verbal Communication: Verbal communication is when you converse with someone by speaking, does not matter if it is in-person, on a video call, or a normal phone call. Remember that during this communication, the words you choose matter a lot. So be very careful, especially when you are in a bad mood or during a meeting with your co-workers and boss.

Non-Verbal Communication: This is your body language when you are having a conversation with anyone. It matters even in an informal conversation with your friends.

By just looking at your body language, the person or the people in front of you can sense that whether you are interested to talk with them or not, you are understanding what they are saying or not. So, pay attention to your body language whenever you are having a video or in-person conversation with anyone, no matter who.

Written Communication: This type of conversation is what we do using emails or chats on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., and is mostly preferred by introverts. And they are comparably good in it. Written communication is used by companies and working professionals.

Such as sending emails, service newsletters, and writing product copies. Blog and article writing (as I am doing, here) is also a part of this communication.

By now, we know what the three types of conversations are, and it is time that we move ahead toward the ways to improve our communication skills.

#1. Be an Attentive Listener

Trust me, people love it when they feel that they are being and have been heard by you. Do not listen to respond, but listen to understand what the other person is saying or has to say. Ask relevant questions if required, to prevent any misunderstandings.

It will not only help you to get more clarity regarding the conversation that you are having but will also make the other person feel that you care and trying to understand what is being said by them. This will also help you to create a good relationship with the other person having a conversation with you.

#2. On Point

Do not give needless information in excess as it might make them feel bored or uninterested in the conversation. Take time to respond and try to stay on to the point, and keep the conversation brief but also make sure that you are not compromising on the important part of your conversation. You need to keep it concise without vanishing or fading its quality and importance.

#3. Know Whom You Will be Communicating With

Before you start your communication, you should be aware of whom you will be communicating, so that you can have the conversation, accordingly. For example, suppose you are about to start a communication with your senior or co-worker, here you are expected to not use informal language and to be polite. And if you are conversing with your friend or classmate then you are allowed to use informal language and acronyms (in chat), it will not be an issue, here.

#4. Avoid Making Assumptions

Assumptions are one of those things that cause misunderstandings to occur, and those misunderstandings can further lead to a conflict or clash. Avoid making them.

And here is where your active listening can have your back. If you properly and attentively listen and understand what the person in front of you is saying or trying to say, there will be no space left for any assumptions, which can get you saved.

#5. Be Self-Aware

When you are having a tough conversation, take care of your own emotions and control them if you are feeling overwhelmed. Because if you fail to do it, it might take over the communication that you are having. There may be something in the conversation you don’t like, but it is vital to maintain your calm in such situations.

And if you are finding it difficult to remain calm, it is okay to take a break. Alone time can be helpful for you to get calmed down.

In the conversation, at some points, it can also happen that you are wrong, if it happens then honestly and politely accept that you are wrong.

By doing this, you will earn respect and love in the eyes of your co-worker and of anyone, like your friends, your loved ones, and the elder ones in your family.

Here, we have discussed the 5 best ways that can be helpful for us to improve our communication ability & skills. We have also got to know about one of the main causes of misunderstandings – making assumptions.

So, I would like to say or advise you all to not make assumptions and try preventing them as much as you can, so there cannot be much space for misunderstandings in your conversation.

I Hope, these 5 ways to improve your communication skills help you.

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