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Countries Where No Passport is Required for Indians to Travel In

A passport is one of the official government documents necessary for Indian citizens to travel to other countries. But some countries where no passport is required for Indians to travel and allow them to travel within the country for several days. Similarly, some countries allow people to enter their country without a visa and only with Indian passports. All these are because of the power of government and special agreements that are available with those countries. 

Passports and visas are essential documents for people to travel from one country to another. But people with Indian citizenship can travel to some countries without these documents and only with the ID proof that states them as Indian citizens. So, people traveling to those countries can directly take tickets for their travel and visit those countries via domestic air travel

Countries that allow Indians without Passport

India is a peninsula with several neighboring countries around it. Among them, Nepal and Bhutan are the countries that are ready to invite Indian citizens without a passport or visa. So, people who need to visit Nepal or Bhutan can directly visit the country without official documents like a passport or visa. This benefit of traveling without a passport is a governmental benefit for Indian citizens. 

But, while entering the borders of those countries, people need to provide their official Indian ID or documents to prove their Indian citizenship. So, this is more than enough for people to enter Nepal and Bhutan. These countries’ governments have a better relationship with India, and that is the mean reason behind this privilege for Indians to get passport-free travel in these countries. 

Passport-free travel to Nepal

The India-Nepal treaty of friendship and peace of 1950, signed by both countries’ governments, provides unique relations. So, this is the primary reason that gives special permission to Indians to travel all over Nepal without official documents like visas or passports. Similarly, citizens of Nepal can also enter India without Passport or Visa to visit most locations in the country. 

The capital Kathmandu will be the best option for people to visit Nepal. Their people can cover their Indian currency into Nepal money for their uses in that country. Similarly, they also get some registration process at the Nepal border to count their entry into that country. Other than that, they don’t ask for any additional documents or fees for staying in that country. 

Passport-free travel to Bhutan

Bhutan is also a neighboring country with a special relationship with India in various norms. So, people who hold an Indian photo ID proof can enter this country without a passport or visa and stay there for a certain period as the country allow them to stay. So, that helps Indians to travel to that country without needing a visa and even a passport if they have an official Indian ID. 

Bhutan is a country that contains 70 percent of forest and mountain, which make it more attractive and suitable for people to visit. Though this country has more greens and less population, this is the only country with a negative carbon emission range worldwide. So, people who are Indian citizens can visit this country to witness the beauty of the country without any official documents that are necessary for international travel. 

Benefits of traveling without a passport

The currency values in Nepal and Bhutan are similar to India, and people will not feel any difference in their prices in those countries. Indian people who need to enjoy the international experience with a low budget can consider these countries that allow people to travel without a passport or visa. Similarly, people traveling to those two countries from India can stay there and enjoy all the tourist locations for several days. The only process they need to do is to get prior registration for their stay. 

People who like to make international travel and also need to avoid the struggle of getting a Visa can consider Nepal and Bhutan for their trip. It is because of the passport free travel option and the numerous attractions and tourist spots available in those countries. Though these two countries are in the Himalayan mountain range, several unique natural locations are available for people to enjoy. 

Countries that allow Indians without Visa

Though Countries like Nepal and Bhutan allow people to travel without a passport, some countries allow Indian people to visit the country with their passports and without a visa. Similarly, some countries provide visa-on-arrival options for Indian passports. So, in these countries, Indians can provide their passport to enter and visit various locations in the country without any issues. 

  • Maldives

  • Mauritius

  • Thailand

  • Macao

  • Sri Lanka

  • Kenya

  • Myanmar

  • Qatar

  • Cambodia

  • Uganda

  • Seychelles

  • Zimbabwe

  • Iran

So, all these are the countries where people can travel without a visa and only with their Indian passports. Most of these countries have a better relationship with the government, which is the primary benefit available for people who have Indian passports. In this list, some countries may as for online permits to enter the country, but those things are free to get through the official website of those countries. 

People who need to travel to those countries can get their flight tickets and visit the country without any Visa process. In this list, some countries also provide on-arrival visas for visitors. 


So, all these are interesting facts that people need to know about the no passport is required for Indians to travel. So, with all these details, people who need to travel to those countries can get a clear view of the visa process and the importance of having Indian passports. 

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