Dark Realities of Cold Drink

5 Dark Realities of Cold Drink Everyone Should Know


Dark Realities of Cold Drink

Today we talk about Dark Realities of Cold Drink. We all are fond of drinking cold drinks, especially during summer, and when there is a birthday party, marriage ceremony, or any kind of celebration, cold drinks are a must. Without cold drinks, celebrations remain incomplete, right? And not only during occasions or celebrations, we sometimes just randomly drink cold drinks to feel refreshed and stay hydrated as staying hydrated is highly important in our lives.

Though they taste good and we also enjoy drinking cold drinks, almost every one of us enjoys them. But do we know what the cons of drinking them are? Yes, we know that drinking them occasionally does not harm us but still, we should be aware of their cons for both safe consumption and our knowledge.

Ahead, we will be discussing and will try to understand the cons of drinking cold drinks, so that we can consume them safely and not get unhealthy.

Continue reading it till the end and make yourself aware of the cons of cold drinks, and spread the word to others as well so that they can also become aware and be informed about this important issue, which is related to their health and life. It will help them to make sure that people whom they know such as their children or any other loved ones are not consuming cold drinks or any other such beverages in excess. And if they have already exceeded, this information will help them understand the drawbacks and they will then reduce their cold drinks consumption, accordingly.

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1. Brain Cells Get killed by Sugar in Cold Drinks

Even though sugar s considered to be one of the essential parts of our diet but if we take them in excess then it can be a problem for our brain cells because sugar kills them. By consuming too much sugar, we send our body into survival mode, and then it starts to store that extra sugar as fats, which is capable to damage our blood vessels and leading us to inflammation. And it also prevents our existing cells from communicating with each other and hampers the creation of new ones in our body.

2. Cold Drinks Contain Ingredients that Cause Cancer

Yes, you read that right. They contain ingredients that cause cancer. An artificial sweetener named Aspartame, which you will find in most cold drinks, is linked with a high risk of cancer, as per this finding by PubMed. And one more ingredient that is commonly found in most cold drinks, Sodium Benzoate also causes cancer when it reacts with other substances.

3. They Increase Your Weight

Sugary drinks consumption regularly may put you at type-2 diabetes risk. And cold drinks are loaded with sugar, which can quickly add to your calories. So, it would be suggested to you to reduce or stop consuming cold drinks, if it is possible for you.

4. They Give You Oral Problems

Because cold drinks contain not only sugar but acid as well. So when the acid of cold drinks reacts with the bacteria in your mouth, it makes your teeth look yellow. It also forms plaque in your mouth that is not easy to remove. And this is the reason the more you consume cold drinks, the more chances are there for you to get plaques in your mouth. Cold Drinks can cause your teeth to decay as well.

5. Cold Drinks Can Give You Premature Death

Yeah, I know it just gave you a shock to read that but it is the truth, the harsh truth. JAMA Internal Medicine’s Research found that just consuming two glasses of cold drinks whether they are normally sweetened or through artificial sweeteners, can put us at the risk of premature death by 17% more than those who consume it lesser.


So, now after discussing the cons or you can say the dark reality of cold drinks, we are very well aware that how drinking or consuming cold drinks in excess and be problematic for us and they can even cause premature death, according to the findings of the research by JAMA Internal Medicine’s research about the same.

We also got to know the 4 major health-related issues that we can face if we consume cold drinks or soft drinks.

And at the end, we hope that it was an interesting and insightful read for you all, and it might have enriched our knowledge as well.

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