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OneToBeam: A Leading Sales Tool for Realtors and Commercial Space Owners

OneToBeam is India’s leading Virtual Tour service provider. Our virtual tours are used by Realtors to showcase their inventory (built OR under construction) to their clients and thus enhance various efficiencies and most importantly customer satisfaction. OneToBeam is India’s first company to launch a Subscription based On-Demand Virtual Tour, allowing realtors to now affordably showcase second sale and rental properties using virtual tours.

What is a virtual tour, basically a virtual tour, is a variety of videos and photographic-based media. Panorama indicates an unbroken view, where the customer or the person can have a feel of a walk-Through of a certain place or a location from the comfort of their homes.

OneToBeam as a company provides various services although the basic service that we offer is providing virtual tours where a Client, Customer anybody with a smartphone anywhere in the world can have a visual experience of what a certain place looks like, basically taking walk from the comfort of their homes. Apart from that, we provide services like Video Shoots, photo shoots, Drone Shoots, various types of 3D modeling, and related services

At OneToBeam we mainly focus On providing a better sales tool for realtors and commercial space owners where they can showcase their inventory for example bars, pubs, Gyms, Co-work spaces, etc. without the hassle, hence the sole purpose of our SUBSCRIPTION MODEL, this is the first time a company launching such service to help the Realtors, basically subscription model is where in a Real Estate agents or the property owner subscribes our plan we then create a Virtual tour for several properties throughout the year or a given period and their customers access the view of space from anywhere. Our pricing being the cheapest 1000-2000 INR per property is the biggest add-on where even the small-scale Real Estate agents can have an upper hand in showcasing their inventory.

The additional services that we offer so that a customer who’s in search of a house, villa, or any property or given space, has all the aspects covered when it comes to seeing a place, so our services extend further than the 360 virtual tours, we go one step further and do professional live photo shoots, Drone shoots, video shoots for the property or the commercial space, this helps the customer to access every aspect of the property.  Usually, this solves all the problems and issues that a client experiences.

Our vast and various  services also cover and solve the problems of the builders, developers, and investors who want to be assured that their project or the product has a good and early response where they  get a better understanding of what a client wishes and wants, this is where our 3D modeling services come into the picture, we at  OneTobeam  model a house with floor plan, interior as of a fully furnished and constructed house this helps both the client and the builder to have a better understanding and picture of the under constructed place

OneToBeam plans on achieving to be an entire package for the Real Estate Market where it helps everyone. From a Client’s point of view an easier and hassle-free house hunting without having to go to several places and where most of them do match their expectations when it comes to the Realtors it becomes easier for them to showcase their inventory and have a better understanding of what the client exactly wants, either way, makes life easy for everyone. Exactly what OnetoBeam aims to achieve.

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