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How To Become A Leader That Others Follow In 2024?

5 Methods to Become a Leader that Others Follow You. Leaders are known as passionate professionals who make vital decisions for the company and keep the ship floating. They possess dynamic personalities and clarity in their vision. Nurture prosperity and direct the organization towards success. Leaders are highly admired in the society for their charismatic […]

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Naina – The AI Superstar Launches India’s First AI Podcast

Naina – The AI superstar launches India’s first AI podcast titled

‘The nAIna Show’ The first episode with Sobhita Dhulipala to be aired on February 8th, 2024 India is set to witness a revolutionary moment in the digital entertainment space with the launch of ‘The nAIna Show’, a unique and groundbreaking series hosted by Naina, India’s first AI superstar. This podcast marks a significant milestone as […]

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10 Famous Powerful Business Women In The World 2024

10 Famous Powerful Business Women in the World

Women in the business are changing the landscape of the modern business. Those days are long gone when we used to see the names of the strong men in the business world. The woman is now the new frontier of industries. Powerful appearance, smart brain, and never-give-up attitude drive the success of women entrepreneurs. In […]

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Vadilal Bhai Shah

Success Behind the Brand of Everest Masala: Vadilal Bhai Shah

Shri Vadilal Bhai Shah founded the Everest Masala in 1967, one of the largest spice-selling brands in the world. Vadilal Shah was inspired by his father, who ran a small spice store. Slowly, he began to get involved in the business, and during this time, he observed the needs of the regular customers. He noticed […]

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Elysian Studios

Elysian Studios creating blissful experiences in Virtual Reality

Arvind started his entrepreneurial journey back in Nov 2015. It was the beginning of becoming. What did he want to become? He did not know but he knew he wanted to start-up. He did not know what he was getting himself into. The roller coaster ride that followed made all the difference. Arvind is an […]

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Vision in Business

What Is a Vision, And Why Important in Business?

Business vision is the goal set by the entrepreneur for the Company. It provides a clear path to the team working towards the goal and keeps them driving even if the situation is challenging. Vision plays a critical role in motivating the team. Thus, a clear vision is essential for every business.    Business vision […]

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Strong Personal Brand

How Important Is a Strong Personal Brand As An Entrepreneur?

Personal branding is becoming more popular in business because it gives unimaginable success to the brand you are connected with during your entrepreneurial journey. People with excellent social influence take the brand to the next level by connecting with the company.  Modern companies are leveraging these benefits by hiring popular personalities and CEOs to capture […]

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Mentor Can Propel Your Entrepreneurial Career?

How a Mentor Can Propel Your Entrepreneurial Career?

Role of Mentor in the Entrepreneurial Journey Having a mentor is one of the most fruitful things you can do for your career. A mentor supports you where you have been to reach where you are now and provides insight, wisdom, and encouragement as you face the challenges and seize the opportunities ahead.  This article […]

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Impact of Technology on Entrepreneurship

The Impact of Technology on Entrepreneurship: Leveraging the Digital Age

Impact of Technology on Entrepreneurship Technology has emerged as a key force in the quickly changing entrepreneurial landscape, reshaping industries and business practices. Aspiring business owners now have more chances than ever to be innovative. Now, the business person can easily gather knowledge about their business with the help of innumerable existing technologies. Even keeping […]

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