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Dr. Prashant Pansare: A Transcendental Visionary with Futuristic Foresights

Dr. Prashant Pansare: A Transcendental Visionary with Futuristic Foresights

The future is here. Technological advancements in automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and extended reality are increasingly mimicking human intelligence. At the heart of this ever-evolving synthetic smartness is the power of data which is flowing like blood to the artificially clever machine mind.

Using this revolutionary power of data, an innovator at heart, mentor by mind, an entrepreneur by foresight, and a transcendental visionary, Dr. Prashant Pansare, the Founder and CEO first bootstrapped Inteliment Groupa data-driven business insights provider–in 2004 and Rubiscape Pvt Ltda visual data storyteller–in 2020.  

According to Dr. Pansare, as economies are reviving, demand for digitalization and automation has accelerated; everyone wants to increase productivity, automation, flexibility, and agility. Data is rapidly evolving the way businesses think, operate, and create an impact.

Dr. Pansare holds D. Litt, Honorary (Honoris Causa) in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, from George Washington University, USA; a triple MBA (in International Marketing, Business Finance, and Strategic HR); a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and is presently doing a Ph.D. in Innovation Incubation and Management. His strengths are identifying and investing in next-generation technologies, building disruptive products, and fostering an innovation culture across the teams.

Unleashing Insights

Dr. Pansare has been the driving force in growing Inteliment from its inception in 2004 to today’s globally respected Bigdata Analytics Company. He is responsible for the overall leadership, strategy, and management of the Company, operating through its subsidiaries in Australia, Singapore, and Europe and providing innovative solutions to 100’s of fortune companies. Inteliment has been a winner of the Deloitte India Fast 50 Company, Zee Business and TIME Award, Business Excellence Award by CII, and EXIM Bank.

Inteliment provides business innovation to some of the most forward-thinking companies, helping them maximize business impact through their data. Dr. Pansare explains, “We are focused on building a knowledgeable and sustainable society for our future generations.” Inteli-Labs has, to date, brought hundreds of ideas to life. Each one of them has been unique.

Shaping the Future

Dr. Pansare states, “We build scalable, technology-agnostic, multi-disciplinary solutions in a collaborative partnership ecosystem by leveraging our IP assets – Tools, Accelerators, and Frameworks – for faster implementations and assured results.”

Inteliment is a business innovation company with a strategic focus on cutting-edge technologies, providing Visual and Predictive Analytics, Data Science, IoT, Mobility, and AI ML solutions.

He adds, “With proven capabilities and experience of over 15 years in the analytics industry, our deep domain knowledge, strong focus on emerging technology trends commitment to fostering innovation, empowers stakeholders across industry verticals, enhancing their competitiveness and making them future-ready.”

These solutions are provided to some of the most forward-thinking Fortune 500 companies, enabling them to derive trusted insights, make faster and better decisions, and maximize business impact through their data.

Dr. Pansare informs, “Our Global Delivery Models leverage our centers across geographies, in Australia, Europe, India, and Singapore, that are certified as per global standards.”

Reflecting Eternal Elements

Revealing Inteliment’s vision, Dr. Pansare says it is ‘to be the catalysts of an experience economy, where the pace of learning is greater than the rate of change! While their mission is to be a collaborative innovation partner with leading enterprises by helping people and organizations create new value from diverse data and simplify techniques that scientists, artists, and thinkers deploy, enabling excellence.

Speaking about their core values, Dr. Pansare mentions, “Our values underpin our direction of growth, our internal ethos, and the way we do business. At Inteliment, we use the Yogic interpretation of the characteristics of the five physical elements found in the Vedas, a historical Indian text. The elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space, are believed to be the basis of all creation, including the human body.”

These five elements are reflected in Inteliment’s

Authenticity: Earth, characteristic stability, support. Authenticity defines the high standards of conduct that Inteliment sets for itself in its work. Inteliment acts with authenticity in all that it does by being consistently trustworthy and accountable. “We conduct our business fairly, with openness and transparency. At Inteliment, we walk our talk, maintaining consistency between beliefs and behavior,” reflects Dr. Pansare.

Innovation: Water, characteristic well-being, and fluidity Innovation describe the high value they put on creativity. They foster an environment that encourages collaboration and, learning, fluidity in thought and action. This commitment results in greater customer-centricity, allowing them to exceed customer expectations in quality, domain-specificity, and affordability.

Leadership: Air, characteristic compassion. They treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity. They seek to learn and listen to each other attentively and compassionately and communicate often and openly. Dr. Pansare says, “Our vision and understanding of customer needs enable us to drive thoughts and trends in the business intelligence domain and deliver state-of-the-art solutions.” This maximizes their clients’ business performance, strengthening their market presence and expanding their circle of influence.

Dynamism: Fire, characteristic power Dynamism represents the power of information and understanding they bring to the table. They seek to constantly evolve with changing needs and business dynamics to effectively meet and surpass their customers’ expectations.

Excellence: Space, characteristic knowledge, and intuition. Dr. Pansare shares, “We strive to attain excellence in our solutions and methods and ensure the highest standards of commitment to our customers and partners. We are passionate about the work we do, always promoting meritocracy.”

An Award-Winning Gem

Rubiscape is India’s first unified Data Science Product Company, emerged as a winner of

  • Atmanirbhar Bharat Award 2021,
  • Aegis Graham Bell Award for Innovation,
  • IEEE’s Award for Start-up of the Year,
  • CIIs IP Innovation Award and many more.

Rubiscape has established a Center for Excellence at various IITs and leading engineering institutions for AI-Data Science Research and Innovation programs. An award-winning, versatile low-code, no-code, pro-code data platform, Rubiscape enables intelligent data-driven decisions through co-creation and continuous innovation. Rubiscape adopts a functional approach with a comprehensive assembly of integrated tools, functions, and techniques that empowers people, processes, and technologies to re-align together within an industry-agnostic environment.

Let the Data Lead You

Data is the soul of business transformation. Rubiscape, a pioneering Data Platform with its Data Literacy offering, empowers forward-thinking enterprises to be Data-Smart across the Data Engineering–Data Science–Data Visualization value-chain.

Rubiscape is designed for everyone – from data, enthusiasts exploring new frontiers to data scientists solving complex data problems. Some of the leading progressive enterprises run Rubiscape to maximize their business impact.

RubiSight: Visual discovery simplified

Dr. Pansare says, “Our product RubiSight is a visual data storyteller.” It provides a drag-and-drop interface for creating visually appealing interactive dashboards. It also offers visual data analytics and exploration to understand data and hidden insights better. It helps in creating crisp presentations and assists data-driven decisions.

He furthers, “It tells you better, brighter stories that see the bigger picture with data.” RubiSight makes it simple for businesses to connect their data, explore it, and gain insights so everyone can make insightful and informed decisions. RubiSight Engine provides a prebuilt UI canvas for creating intuitive and interactive dashboards without code. Select a data source, and RubiSight intelligently creates chart editing controls based on the dataset columns and datatypes. “With us, you can make analytics a joy,” promises Dr. Pansare.

Other Rubiscape products/services/solutions include,

RubiFlow: Deliver data experiences at the speed of business

RubiFlow is a best-in-class visual data-flow designer and orchestrator with drag-and-drop capabilities for data wrangling, blending, and analytics processes. Whether your data is big or small, on-cloud or on-premises, RubiFlow brings simplicity and self-service capability for data enrichment and pipeline management.

RubiStudio: One MLOps Platform for all your Analytics needs

RubiStudio is a Visual Designer (no-code/low-code, drag, and drop) with self-service AI-ML capabilities within a flexible, centralized environment that spans the analytics life cycle. RubiStudio boosts your MLOps productivity with an engineering culture and practice.

A Die-Hard Innovator

Dr. Pansare has helped several start-ups and researchers as an investor, advisor, and mentor. He has served numerous positions at various Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations and has made significant contributions and high socio-economic impact through CSR projects. Various leading magazines and newspapers have featured him for his exemplary work in Technology Innovation and Education.

On the personal front, Dr. Pansare is married to Trupti (MBA), Director of HR at Inteliment Group. She also has been a visiting faculty on Human Resource Management and has conducted workshops at various industry associations. They have two sons, both studying in Shri Shri Ravi Shankar School Pune – Aadit – is a national football player, a Maths Olympiad winner, and finished his 10th standard. Arvin is studying in 8th standard, a winner of the Maths Olympiad.

Dr. Prashant Pansare’s Hall of Fame

Awards and Accolades:

  • Aegis Graham Bell Award for Innovation for RubiScape
  • GS Parkhe Award for Product Innovation by Maratha Chambers of Commerce
  • IEEE’s Award for Outstanding Start-up of the Year for RubiScape
  • Innovation in Education Award for Rubiscape’s Edtech Product, by The Entrepreneur Magazine
  • CIIs IP Innovation Award 2021 for RubiScape
  • Recognized as ‘CEO of a Fast-Growing Company’ by Deloitte
  • Twice Won EFQM’s Business Excellence Award by CII and EXIM Bank in 2016 and 2012 for Inteliment
  • Selected for Govt of Finland’s Global Innovators Program R&D Funding for Inteliment
  • Established American Business Corner (ABC) under the US Department of Commercial Services in Pune
  • Analytics Innovation Partner of the year 2017 by SAP India
  • Awarded as Distinguished first-generation Marathi Entrepreneur by State Govt, 2015
  • Featured in NASSCOM’s Top 20 Emerging Product Companies at NPC 2015
  • Government of Maharashtra’s SME Innovation Award 2011
  • India Bizz 2010 Award by World Confederation of Businesses: WORLDCOB, USA
  • Winner of Deloitte’s India Technology Fast 50 in 2008 and Asia Fast 500 in 2008 and 2009
  • Named ‘The Paul Harris Fellow’ by Rotary International USA for Social Leadership
  • Awarded as “Vidyarthi Gaurav” at the hands of the Chief Minister in August 2004


  • Former Chairman of the Indo-American Chambers of Commerce, Pune
  • Corporate Member and National Knowledge Committee Member of the Confederation of Indian Industry
  • Corporate Member of NASSCOM and National Product Council Member
  • Charter Member & Mentor of TiE, Pune
  • Former Member of Govt of Maharashtra’s Chief Ministers Transformation Council
  • Past President (2005-06) of Rotary Club of Pune Model Colony
  • Mentor and Advisory Member Atal Mission 2020 Program
  • Global Partner Analytics Advisory Council by SAP Labs, USA.
  • Accredited Management Professor by AIMA, Academic Advisor & Visiting Faculty at reputed institutions
  • Vice President – Software Exporters Association of Pune (SEAP)
  • Vice President of Pune Management Association
  • Life Member of All India Management Association (AIMA) and Computer Society of India (CSI)


  • Litt, Honorary (Honoris Causa) in Data Science and AI, from George Washington University of Peace, USA
  • D. in Management, from TMV Pune 2019-22
  • Masters in Business Administration, Human Resources, 2019, TMV-Pune
  • Masters in Business Administration, Finance, 2010, IME-Pune
  • Masters in Business Administration, Marketing, 1998, IME-Pune
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, First Class, 1996, IST-Pune


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