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Interview with Adarsh Pandey: Transforming Passionpreneur

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Interview with Adarsh Pandey: Transforming Passionpreneur

Decision Maker Magazine had a great chance to have a discourse with Mr. Adarsh Pandey, owner of Mahadev Medicos. Ahead is the pleasant discussion that we had with him.

Decision Maker: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Adarsh: My name is Adarsh Pandey and I am a Pharmacy graduate and have an MBA in Marketing. I have 10 years of Experience in the healthcare industry.

Decision Maker: Tell us about the industry you are working in.

Adarsh: Right now, I am working with the Healthcare industry with a Manufacturing and Marketing Company for their business growth. I also help them with sales and marketing plans.

Decision Maker: Share us about the most memorable milestone that you have achieved while providing your training services.

Adarsh: Yeah, sure. I have trained a pharma marketing team for their sales and marketing. That Company got increased revenue by 10% within 6 months and right that company also tied up with me for their business growth.

Decision Maker: In your opinion, what is the scope of the training industry?

Adarsh: Everyone knows, the training industry is booming with 14% growth per year and every organization needs mentorship and Trainer for their personal and business growth.

Decision Maker: What you would be doing if you were not in the training industry?

Adarsh: Simple, I would have been running my health services like Pharmacy and Distribution.

Decision Maker: What is your plan for the future, and what do you want to achieve in the future?

Adarsh: My plan for the future is to help all business owners with their business growth and solve their business problems. I want to become a best Sales Trainer in the pharmaceutical industry.

Decision Maker: What motivates you to keep going?

Adarsh: My vision and mission always motivate me and whenever I solve my customer’s burning problems that also motivates to me a lot for the next step.

Decision Maker: Are you a smart working person or a hard working person?

Adarsh: As per the current Scenario, both are important for person.

Decision Maker: What you are currently doing to expand or grow your training services?

Adarsh: Right now, I am in my learning phase and taking training from a lot of business coach and mentor for my self-development and implementation so that will provide my best services to my client.

Decision Maker: What are the companies you gave training in, so far?

Adarsh: Last 2 years, I gave training to Bestead Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Tredmaod Pharma Company and KD Pharma Pvt. Ltd., etc. Also, I provide training to some small business owners and Retail businesses.

Decision Maker: Are there any charges included in this training or is it free of cost?

Adarsh: Dear, I think no one offers services free of cost, so definitely I will charge my fees and will provide my clients with the best content and training.

Decision Maker: How people can reach you if they want to get training from you?

Adarsh: They can connect with me through my Facebook page, Instagram Page, through my WhatsApp, and contact number. I am available on all of the platforms to connect.

Decision Maker: Share your interview experience with Decision Maker Magazine.

Adarsh: I have great experience with Decision Maker Magazine. It’s my pleasure to get interviewed by Decision Maker Magazine. Also, I am grateful to meet Mr. Rajeev Ji, he is a great person.

Decision Maker: What message do you want to give or convey to the newly built startups to grow?

Adarsh: Always focus on your vision and mission and solve the customers’ burning problems. Whenever you face challenges, always think about why you have started this startup.

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