Meet Kamal Kumar, a Passionate Advisor of LIC of India

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Meet Kamal Kumar, a Passionate Advisor of LIC of India

In India, everyone is aware of the LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India). But they are not aware of how many passionate employees work here at this organization – the leading player in its sector.

We, at Decision Maker Magazine, had the great pleasure to have a pleasant conversation with one such passionate, dedicated, and goal-oriented advisor at Life Insurance Corporation of India, Kamal Kumar.

Ahead is the transcribe of the conversation that we had with Kamal Kumar, an advisor at Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Tell me a bit about yourself.

I am Kamal Kumar and I am working as an advisor at Life Insurance Corporation of India, working for 14 years for this organization and providing our services to more than 800 clients. And all of our clients whom we have served, are fully satisfied with the services that we have provided them. None of them has ever complained to us regarding our services.

How you came to this service and when you started it?

In the year 2008, I appeared in the examination of IRDA and successfully passed it. After this test, I began my work in this field but as others were doing, and then gradually, I realized that the work that I am doing has enough potential, and then I started giving more time to this work and kept learning and knowing more about it. I understood its growth opportunities and scopes like its financial market and all other related things.

Why do people like your services?

People like our services because the services that we provide help them with various hurdles in their lives. By the hurdles, I meant financial hurdles that we all generally face in our lives. Our services provide them with the assurance that helps our clients work freely, without worries.

Why did you choose to work in this particular sector and not any other sector, is there any specific reason?

No, nothing as such. There is no specific reason behind choosing to work in this sector.

Who are your clients and what do you do to build a long-term relationship with them?

Every responsible person who understands their responsibilities towards society, themselves, their kids, etc., all of them are our clients. And we build long-term relationships with our clients by providing our product-related services free of cost. And apart from this, we try to help our clients in many different ways. We try our level best to help them. And this helps us to stay connected with them for a long time.

What you are looking forward to achieving in the year 2022 and beyond?

There is the highest achievement in our business is called ToT, which means Top of the Table and it is given to India’s top 20-25 life advisors. I want to achieve it by 2024, hopefully, I will reach that level by 2024. I am confident about it I have also prepared my whole roadmap for the same. There is a book using which we provide our services to our clients or customers, which keeps me on track.

What would you be doing if you were not in this sector? Did you have any side plans or was this the only sector you decided and chose to work in?

I did not give a thought to this, though. But yes, if I were not here, I would be doing some other business or something else. But in that case, also, my target would be the same – to reach the top like top 10, top 25, etc.

What excites you about the future?

When I think about the goal that I want to achieve, it excites me and then I think of the ways to achieve it like what I will be required to do so that I can achieve my goal. These things excite me about the future.

What struggles have you faced and how did you overcome them to reach where you are today?

Well, to achieve anything or reach anywhere in life is not an easy task, one needs to face several challenges and overcome many hurdles along the way of their journey.

And the same was my case, there were many problems and obstacles that I had to face. Problems like physical and financial problems but I refused to give up and kept fighting until I was out of them. Though it took time, still I overcame them all. And I think that when I could overcome those problems and hurdles in my past, I can overcome the future hurdles, too, and will achieve my goals.

How big is the market scope of the services that you provide your clients?

There is a huge scope for our services in the market because everyone takes insurance for their family and themselves. And due to this, there is a great scope and market opportunity for the services that we are providing to our clients.

How can people connect with you if they want to take your services?

To connect with me, people can go to my Facebook page Kamal Ravita Insurance Expert (@kamalravitaofficial), and my website (kamalravita.com). People can find my contact details on my website and can connect with me through any of the modes available on the website, i.e. phone, email, and/or WhatsApp.

What you would like to call yourself, a hard-working person or a smart-working person?

I think both are required. One needs to do hard work as well and smart work as well. If you keep doing hard work but not working smartly, you will not get good results. And if are doing smart work only then you will also not get good results. And so, both are equally necessary for our field – hard work and smart work.

Is there any additional thing that you want to share with or tell our readers?

We work on how one can become financially free within 10 to 15 years, and we make sure of it. We create our clients’ financial pyramid, which ensures the safety of their families.

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