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Electric Vehicles as the Solution for Indian People 2023

Electric Vehicles as the Solution for Indian People

Electric vehicles are the most awaited revolutionary future vehicles that are new to India but are normal in western countries. But, India needs these vehicles to cope up with climate change and price hikes in fossil fuels.

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There are several aspects where electric vehicles can serve as the best solutions.

Emissions from fossil fuels-based vehicles play major roles in increasing pollutants in the air. Because of the extreme use of fossil fuels, the AQI (air quality index) of Indian cities is getting worse. As a solution, electric vehicles are beneficial for the environment since electric vehicles don’t emit anything.

Electric vehicles are the best option to replace the vehicles running on fossil fuels. At present time, for our vehicles, we are totally dependent on fossil fuels like- petrol, diesel or CNG.

Now, let’s come to the reality and discuss the parameters which determine the future of electric vehicles in India.


Why Electric Vehicles Are A Challenging Task For India?

1. Not Pocket-friendly For A Common Indian

Nowadays, the most recent electric vehicles are being launched by Tesla. But, let’s cast an eye on the price range of Tesla cars. The base model of Tesla costs about 38000 USD in the US but in India, you have to pay almost ₹28-30 lakh for this. The top model may go over the price tag of ₹60 lakh. This price is far more than that of many Indian luxury cars. For a middle-class Indian, his budget doesn’t allow to have a car of twenty lakh rupees, then forget about sixty lakh or above.

The prices of Tesla cars in India and the US differ this much because these cars are imported in completely built-up condition from the manufacturer nation for sale in India. Such vehicles come under 100% custom and import duty that almost doubles the price for Indian customers.

Solution:  Government has decided to establish manufacturing plants for electric vehicles in India. It will not only reduce the extra burden on customers’ pockets but also create employment opportunities for youth.

2. Charging Stations And Electricity Sources

Do you think that electric vehicles can completely eradicate the portion of air pollutants generated by fossil fuels? If yes, then you’re wrong. In India, the largest part of electricity is being generated by burning coal, which is a fossil fuel. In the charging stations for electric vehicles, a continuous electricity supply is required. It will result only in burning more coal in power stations. Again, it will harm the environment.

Solution: In place of conventional charging stations, the government should focus on establishing solar-powered charging stations.

3. Lithium-ion Batteries And Import From China

Apart from these challenges, another big challenge is that India will have to import lithium ion-based vehicle batteries from other countries which will increase the cost of electric vehicles. Another alternative can be that India should import lithium from somewhere as we don’t have a significantly large lithium reserve. Then, with that imported lithium, we should start the production of batteries here. But the hilarious situation is that we’ll have to import lithium from China, the largest lithium producer.

If India could cope with these issues, another challenge is that the environmental damage while producing electric vehicle batteries is more dangerous than the combustion of fossil fuels.

Solution: Indian researchers should think about some effective alternatives to lithium-ion batteries as well as some quick charging solutions. To be very frank, it’s not possible with a regular theory-based curriculum of the Indian education system, including that of pioneer engineering institutes of India.


From the above discussion, it’s clear that electric vehicles don’t guarantee 100% green vehicles. Still, they are far better than petrol and diesel-based vehicles. Over time, electric vehicles will become more efficient in power consumption, power retention, lowering faults, etc.

Every year, we’ve to import crude oil of almost INR 7 lakh crores. Further on, the government spends lots of money on the refining of crude oil. Eventually, electric vehicles will lower the demand for crude oil and thus, our country will save almost 300 billion dollars.

In the longer run, electric vehicles will help in protecting the environment with developing technologies.

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