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Top 8 Electric Scooters in India in 2023

Electric Scooters in India

As the whole world is shifting towards natural resources and their conservation, the shortage of curd oil is a hot topic of discussion for several governments. And the price hike of petrol is also indicating towards the same, due to it, the requirement of electric vehicles is on the rise. And it is also said to be the best for the environment. Realizing this, there are many automobile industries out there that are trying to bring a change through their innovation and technology.

And the central government is also actively promoting this notion of the electric vehicle. Due to the interest of the people in buying electric vehicles, India is becoming a hub of EVs.Here, we are assuming that you are visiting this page either because you are in the mood to purchase an electric vehicle, or you are just curious to know the top or the best ones.

No matter what is your reason for being here is, we have curated a list of the top eight electric scooters in India in 2023, for you to help you out in your purpose.

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#1. Ola S1 and S1 Pro

Though it is the most grounded choice in the industry of electric vehicles, they did not have their start as per the people’s expectations. There are two models are available for this scooter, S1, and S1 Pro. An ARAI-Affirmed scope of 121 kilometers is there in the customary Ola S1, and 180 kilometers range is being offered by the Ola S1 Pro, on a solitary charge.

The speed of the Ola S1 Pro can go 0 to 40 in just 3 seconds, it has a maximum speed of 115 kilometers per hour. And for the Ola S1, the maximum speed is 90 kilometers per hour and it takes up to 3.6 seconds to reach 0 to 40 speed.

This scooter comes with a few features like voice control, a dashboard, proximity unlock, etc. The Ola S1 comes at a price of rupees 99,999 and for the Ola S1 Pro, the price is rupees 1,29,999.


#2. Ather 450X

This is one of the exceptional scooters, which has been uniquely designed and packed with advanced features. Its LCD dashboard measures 7-inch which the rider can use for their route and can also play music. It also enables them to accept or reject incoming calls, isn’t it astonishing enough for you? The maximum speed of this scooter is 80 kilometers per hour, and this speed can reach 0 to 40 in just 3.6 seconds.

There is a mono-shock suspension framework in this scooter and for storing the battery it also incorporates IP67 water-safe aluminum cast. This scooter comes with some more features as well, due to which it will cost you rupees 1.29 lakh (ex-showroom, after subsidies).

#3. Bajaj Chetak

With its stunning look, the Chetak brand of Bajaj has been re-launched. Through this electric scooter, the Brand made its entry into the market of electric scooters. This scooter was uncovered in March 2019. Contrasting with most electric scooters having plastic bodies, the Bajaj Chetak got its body of metal.

It enables the rider to travel 95 kilometers on a single charge. Its charging speed is quite fast and gets 25% charged in an hour. The price of this electric scooter is 1 lakh and thirty-nine thousand rupees.

#4. TVS iQube

Just a few days after the arrival of Bajaj Chetak Electric, TVS iQube made its entry on January 25, 2021. This is the first electric scooter of TVS, which has a 4.4-kilowatt electric engine. The company gives a guarantee about the range of this electric scooter which is 75 kilometers and its speed can reach 0 to 40 kilometers in 4.2 seconds. Its fast battery charging feature enables it to get 80% charged in five hours. The selling price (ex-showroom) of this electric scooter is rupees 1.15 lakh.

#5. Simple One

With a neat design, this scooter, Simple One is an amazing electric scooter. A made-in-India electric scooter. This is a premium quality electric scooter, which has a notable range of 236 kilometers with a maximum speed of 135 kilometers per hour. It reaches the speed from 0 to 40 in 2.95 seconds.

Furthermore, this scooter comes with a touchscreen dashboard, geo-fencing feature, remote access, and much more. This electric scooter costs rupees 1.09 lakhs.

#6. Bounce Infinity E1

With amazing features like three driving modes: Drag, Eco, and Power, it comes with a range of 85 kilometers and its maximum speed is 65 kilometers per hour. Ex-showroom cost of this scooter is 68,999.

#7. OkiNava

This is a Gurgaon-based company, established in the year 2015. Its detachable Li-ion batteries of the scooters enable its riders to charge their scooter anywhere. It also has some cool features like incognito mode, find my scooter, ride stats, etc. This electric scooter has more than 250 suppliers in the country.

The maximum speed of this scooter is 75 kilometers per hour, and it can travel 200 kilometers on every single charge. The cost of this electric scooter starts from rupees 59,000 to rupees 1.09.

#8. Hero

Being a high-speed electric scooter, this scooter comes with two drive modes: Economy and Power. The maximum speed of this scooter is 45 kilometers per hour. This scooter has a riding range of 108 kilometers, and its ex-showroom cost is rupees 80,950.


Above we discussed the top eight electric scooters in India in 2023, and came to know the specs, features, and price range of those electric scooters. We hope that it will help you to choose accordingly.

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