Popular Women Magazines in India

10 Popular Women Magazines in India


Popular Women Magazines in India

There are a variety of magazines out there in the market, and they all are theme based. Like some of them are sports-related, some of them are fashion-related, and some of them are related to business and/or startups, etc. Like any other magazines, women’s magazines are also popular in India. For women, women’s magazines work as both their entertainers and educators. They provide quality information and useful advice regarding the issues that are related to women and their lives.

This article, as you can guess by its title, is going to be about women’s magazines. The top ten popular ones.

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So, let us begin with our topic, the 10 best women’s magazines in India.

#1. Vogue India

This is one of the widely read magazines around the world. This is a fashion and lifestyle-related Popular Women Magazines in India and is also known as the fashion bible, which provides insights on all the latest fashion and lifestyle trends from around the globe. This magazine connects fashion and culture.

Vogue Magazine first started as a weekly newspaper but later converted as a magazine, monthly subscription based.

New standards for journalism and fashion photography have been set by Vogue. It empowers women and encourages them to be bold, through many important social messages in the magazine.

It publishes numerous reviews of celebrities, making it easier for the readers to know about their favorite celebrities’ lives in quite good detail.

#2. Femina

Femina is a name known to every magazine lover, especially women in India. This is a bimonthly Popular Women Magazines in India, which, including English, is available in three Indian languages, i.e. Femina Bangla. Femina Tamil, and Femina Hindi. It covers a variety of topics from health to relationship advice.

#3. Vanitha

It is strictly a women’s magazine, which is Malaya Edition published by Malaya Manorama Group. This Magazine’s name, ‘Vanitha,’ means ‘woman’ in Malayalam. This magazine, according to Wikipedia, is said to be the largest magazine in India with qualifying sales of approximately 687,915 copies (as of 2013). This magazine inspires women to lead their lives with modern thinking.

#4. Elle India

This magazine publishes beauty ideas, fashion trends, celebrity news, wellness tips, etc. The word ‘Elle’ in its title means ‘she,’ or ‘her’ in French. This magazine has 46 global editions in more than 60 nations.

#5. Grihshobha Hindi

In India, Grihshobha is the leading women’s magazine available in 8 languages, and is published by Delhi Press. It publishes engaging articles on numerous topics such as beauty, fashion trends, health and fitness, relationship stories, etc. On the mentioned topics, useful and practical tips are provided by Grihshobha. And for this reason, it is a one-stop source for women to get all kinds of information and updates regarding the mentioned topics.

#6. Cosmopolitan

This is one of the widely selling magazines, globally, having 200 million readers yearly. Cosmopolitan is available in 26 languages and 100 countries. In every issue of this magazine, it features names of the reputed celebrities on its cover page.

#7. Filmfare Mag

This is a Mumbai-based magazine, which is published by World Wide Media. Filmfare is a name that does not require any introduction, it is this popular, internationally acknowledged entertainment magazine.

#8. Sarita

In existence for more than 6 decades, Sarita publishes articles on various topics related to health, career, economy, literature, relationship, life issues, personal development, etc. Readers will find a refreshing cartoon or satire in every issue of Sarita.

#9. Woman’s Era

After Femina, Woman’s Era is the 2nd most popular women’s magazine in India, which reaches 3 million people, and is published by Delhi Press. This magazine is in existence since 1973. This magazine provides beneficial and insightful content to its readers.

#10. Verve

Being a luxury magazine, Verve is famously known for its in-depth interviews of well-known people, stories related to Bollywood, and for discovering new talents. Verve is a home-grown magazine that was established in 1995, by Anuradha Mahindra.


These were the 10 best women’s magazines in India. In this article, we explored them and got to know a bit about these exceptionally popular magazines. Through this article, we tried our best to provide you with the correct and relevant information.

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