10 Best Ways to Cope with Anxiety


Best Ways to Cope with Anxiety

In India, data states that there are 74% and 88% of people suffer from stress and anxiety, respectively. And since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit, stress and anxiety began to increase rapidly. 10,000 Indians were being surveyed for a study intended to understand how they are coping with anxiety and stress. And this study revealed that the levels of stress and anxiety have been increased by the mentioned percentage, at the starting of this paragraph.

Oftentimes in our life, it happens that we become anxious, the reason for which can vary depending on our triggers that make us feel that way. By triggers, we meant the situations in which we become anxious, or feel anxiety. Triggers such as job interviews, giving a presentation in front of a huge crowd, meeting someone new for the first time, school or college examination result day, etc. So, we have found the best ways to cope with anxiety, which are written ahead in this article.

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#1. Practice Deep and Focused Breathing: Do this for 5 minutes – 4 times breathe in and 4 times breathe out. Breathing Practice will make your heart rate slow, which can then reduce your anxiety level.

#2. Monitor Your Thought Pattern: Our thought pattern is also responsible for our anxiety, the more you are having negative thoughts, the more the severity of the situation can get distorted. So, what you can do is, monitor your thought process and try changing it accordingly. Distract yourself from the thoughts or replace them that are making you feel anxious.

#3. Do Yoga for At Least 15 Minutes, or Go for a Walk: Focusing on your body and not on your mind can be the best way, sometimes, to stop being anxious. Hence, exercise can help you cope with your anxiety.

#4. Write it down, the Way You are Feeling: Yes, it helps. Writing will help you a lot, with many things such as reducing your anxiety level, venting out all of your frustrations, and self-analysis, writing helps you create a great bond and a deeper relationship with yourself. With the help of writing down your thoughts, you will get to know yourself much better.

#5. Avoid Alcohol and Recreational Drugs: Such substances never help anyone to cope with tension, stress, or anxiety, as such substance consumers probably think. Instead, it worsens your anxiety level.

#6. Try Stress Management Techniques: Many stress management techniques that help deal with anxiety or stress. Techniques such as exercise (as mentioned in the third point), muscle relaxation, take shower or hot bath, etc.

#7. Do Not Drink Caffeinated Beverages: Caffeinated beverages may cause insomnia, and as we all know that it is necessary to take proper sleep to cope with anxiety or stress, one should prevent themselves from consuming edibles/drinkables that are containing caffeine.

#8. Take Healthy Diet: Diets incorporating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc. can reduce anxiety. So, all of us and not just the ones with anxiety need to take a healthy diet.

#9. Identify Triggers: Until you identify what are your triggers, it will not be easy to cope with anxiety. Because not knowing our triggers means that we are unaware of what are the things that make us feel anxious. Try developing your strategies to cope with anxiety. In this way, you might end up healing yourself. Once we are aware of our triggers, we can easily prepare ourselves for the probable future relevant events or happenings, accordingly.

#10. Sleep is Important: In our busy life schedule and a lot of work pressure, we are rarely getting proper sleep. And this is why most of us feel anxious and/or stressed most of the time. It is the hour of need, nowadays, for us to make our sleep one of our priorities and take a night of proper and sufficient sleep, every day. Consult a doctor if you are not getting proper or enough sleep, even after trying and doing everything that you could. Your doctor will be able to help you with your sleeping problem.


In this article, we discussed some data and information regarding anxiety, and we also discussed the 10 best ways that can be applied to cope with anxiety. We hope that it will help you to cope with your anxiety and stress.

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