Top 6 Technology Magazines Worth Reading


Top 6 Technology Magazines

Before we start with our list of top 6 technology magazines, let us start with a short, topic-related discussion.

Technology is something that generally interests us all, and we wonder how technology is simplifying our everyday lives. We are so occupied and surrounded by technologies that it is impossible even to imagine a single day without them, as every day from morning to night whatever we do, in some way or other, either directly or indirectly, is interlinked with technology.

There are many tech geeks, who are so much interested in reading technology magazines. But due to there are lots of technology magazines out there in the market, it is quite not easy to select the best ones that are worth reading. This article about the top 6 technology magazines will help them make the right decision while choosing from the technology magazines and keep themselves updated with all the latest news or information that has something to do with technology.

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Below are the names of the top 6 technology magazines worth reading.


#1. Wired Magazine

This tech-centered and digital-age magazine is a monthly magazine in English that is focused on the effects of emerging technologies on the economy, politics, and culture. This magazine covers various relevant topics such as artificial intelligence, wearable gadgets, nanotechnologies, etc. Wired magazine also features Hollywood’s future vision.


#2. MIT Technology Review

Published by the MIT Press, MIT Technology Review is a monthly magazine. Being one of the most prestigious technology magazines, which is also one of the valuable sources of news related to technology and its analysis. Evolving technologies and their possible influence on society is the focus of this technology magazine.


#3. PC Mag

This is a globally well-known technology magazine, and it is being used as a go-to resource for numerous consumers. In this technology magazine, complete reviews of the latest gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. are provided. As it is one of the major outlets, so it would be priceless for a business to get featured in this magazine. PC Mag has its regional editions also available, such as PC Mag Korea, PC Mag China, and PC Mag India.


#4. T3 Magazine

 This is one of the leading consumer magazines focused on the latest consumer technology. Being one of its kind UK-based technology, it is benefiting the readers to make the right decision when purchasing IT and entertainment, and consumer electronics.


#5. Digit Magazine

 This technology magazine provides eBooks containing information and update regarding the latest IT and technology, for the readers’ benefit. As per the company’s statement, Digit Magazine has been developed by IT professionals and is available all over India – at any of your nearest bookstores and even online. Stories published in this technology magazine attract the readers’ attention, which makes them popular.


#6. Electronics for You

Running by the EFY group, this is one of the best technology magazines in India. This was the very first technology magazine by the EFY group, now this group has many publications such as EFY Times, EFY Bazar, etc.

As so far, we got to know about some of the technology magazines, and from here, we will be moving forward to know the benefits of reading technology magazines.

So, what are the benefits of reading technology magazines?

Below are some of the benefits of reading technology magazines:

  • One of the obvious benefits of reading technology magazines is that it keeps you or the readers updated with all the latest happenings and innovations in the field of technology
  • These magazines contain high-quality visual images, which are helpful in improving the technical experience. Furthermore, these magazines are easily accessible and can be read
  • Technology magazines carry global appeal and are available in real-time
  • Technology magazines are environment friendly, as very little amount of paper is required in their production, so there is no or comparatively very less negative effect on our environment

In this article, we got to know about the top 6 technology magazines and also discussed the benefits of reading technology magazines.


As we are at the end of this article, we hope that this will be beneficial for all the tech enthusiasts and/or anyone who loves to read technology magazines. And you may be able to choose the right technology magazine, accordingly.

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