Modern Trends in Education

What are the Pros and Cons of Modern Trends in Education?

Modern Trends in Education system is focused on developing an overall personality with specific skills. Globalization has forced the institute to look beyond the borders and teach the student the future of technology. The next generation of youth will be smarter than the average human living on the earth today. The use of technology, sports, […]

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Women Entrepreneurship

Story of Sucharita: The Founder and CEO of Catalyst For Women Entrepreneurship

Story of Sucharita: The Founder and CEO of Catalyst: I had a vision to make women successful entrepreneurs and financially independent, but no funding was in place. What I had was a strong vision, mission and a plan. 4 eminent  industry leaders came forward as Ambassadors and backed me with Rs 5 Lakh contribution each […]

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Doubt Solving Platform

3 Childhood Friends On Mission to Build Doubt Solving Platform

Childhood Friends On Mission It was June 2021, and three friends from the same boarding school had been brainstorming for 2 months over different ideas on how to build a doubt solving platform EdTech platform to improve learning outcomes for the next half billion learners in India. Frustrated by the current offering, one of them […]

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10 Prospects of Education in Digital World- What to Expect?

Education in Digital World Let’s start how Education in Digital World change world education. Isn’t digitalization the new way of learning? There’s no field left where digital implications are not evident, and education is one of them. Digital learnings aid in reshaping the future of young minds and enhancing their educational practices. New teachers and […]

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