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Best 5 Things Parents Should Never Do

5 Things Parents Should Never Do

Are you a new parent or a would-be parent? Are you having confusing thoughts related to parenting, and trying to find solutions? Well, your search ends here. Here, we are presenting you with the 5 things parents should never do to their children, which will help and guide you in your parenting journey.

But, before we start with this article, we would like to let you know that this parenting tip is going to be a bit different, as you can guess the same by its title. We will be exploring what you should NOT do to your child or children if you want them to become productive, stable, and loving adults when they grow up.

Parenting Tips: 5 Things Parents Should Never Do

So, let us start our exploration of the 5 things parents should never do.

#1. Do not Compare

Most parents think that comparison will be beneficial for their children, and so they compare their children with someone else’s children. They give statements like, “look at your friends, they all are achieving well in collation to you in their studies/in any field (in anything, whatsoever.), why don’t you?” No, this is not benefiting them.

It develops stress and anxiety, self-doubt, internal hatred for or towards them with whom your child is being compared, low self-esteem, and worse – self-critical behavior because of the feeling of unworthiness. Understand, that your child is an individual and their growth, progress, success, etc. have nothing to do with the growth, success, progress, etc. of someone else’s children. Your child is on their own and individual growth path, they are unique and not identical to anyone else’s growth path. So, do not compare them even with their siblings or with anyone, no matter who and for what.

#2. Do Not Be Friends Just in Words

When you say, “think of us as your friends,” mean it. And be like their friends, in your deeds and not just in words. Know that they cannot be fooled, they will certainly sense that you did not mean what you did say, but you lied to them to make them fall into your honey trap. No, do not do this. It will not go well.

#3. Do Not Love Them Conditionally

We know, you all or most of you, a parent, must have said, at least for once, “our love for you is unconditional,” or “we love you unconditionally,” right? But, is it so, like really? Ask, examine, and honestly evaluate yourself. And make sure that the reality is not contradicting your claims of unconditional love.

#4. Do Not Teach Them the things that You Know are Impractical in Real Life

There are quite a few things that parents usually teach or try to teach their children, but they are impractical in real life. For example, parents usually teach their children to never tell lies but the truth. Well, parents themselves lie to their children many times, reason can be anything, but they (parents) also lie. Here, I would like to repeat what I said earlier somewhere in this article, “they (your child/children) cannot be fooled,” always remember it.

#5. Do Not Judge Them with Their Marks 

Remember, your marks do not define their intelligence, nor do they declare that your child or children will not succeed in their life. Their mark sheet has nothing to do with their success in their life, all that will help them succeed in their life or make them achieve something is their talent, passion, and dreams. History is there to prove that many who were not good in their studies or dropped out of school in the middle eventually earned more fame and success than those who were. Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg are to name a few.


In this article so far, we have discussed the 5 things parents should never do. We, through this article, hope to see a positive change taking place in the parents, and the children of the parents become more comfortable, accepted, appreciated, and loved than ever. Love your child, more. Accept them the way they are and let them grow at their own pace – because they are on the unique journey of their own, un-identical life.

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