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Top 10 Young Women Entrepreneurs in India

Young Women Entrepreneurs in India

In this article, we talk about the Young Women Entrepreneurs in India. People have brilliant ideas, but only some can convert their ideas into wholesome businesses. It is one single genius thought that creates a whole new story. There are millennium women in the present times who have changed the way of doing business. Further, they have innovated unique products while creating a niche market.

These female entrepreneurs have bridged the concept of having the idea and developing it into reality. They have changed the face of start-ups in India with zeal and determination. They have made it against all odds and created a name in the market. 

Despite facing gender discrimination, their passion made their dreams come true. Modern women have outperformed their male counterparts and made their name globally.

They have altogether broken the glass ceilings and faced all challenges. Women have contributed drastically to the Indian economy and have given the industry a fantastic breakthrough. Women entrepreneurs run only about 14% of the businesses. 

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Top 10 Young Women Entrepreneurs in India

#1. Anisha Singha

Anisha Singha is not a stranger at all to the entrepreneurial world. She had gone through several ups and downs before receiving fame in her life. Anisha began working on Capitol Hill to advise all the entrepreneurs. Additionally, she is the co-founder of Mydala.

Then she joined a software company in Boston, where she started learning about ecosystems. She hails from New Delhi and is one of the top businesswomen in India. She is confident, and she speaks her mind. 

#2. Shradha Sharma

She is the founder of Your Story, which tells inspiring stories of students. She is the basis behind digital media to tell untold stories of entrepreneurship. Further, she has made an outstanding team that writes compelling stories. They have written stories about 40,000 entrepreneurs and have received numerous awards. 

#3. Priya Paul

Priya Paul is the Chairperson of the Apeejay Surrendra park hotels. She completed her studies at Wellesley College in the US and started working with her father as a marketing manager. Further, when she was in her 51st, she became an influential woman. 

Pratibha Singh Patil awarded her the Padmashree. Priya Paul deserves the ovation since she has contributed so much to society. 

#4. Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar is a well-known fashion designer who began her career in Kolkata. She specializes in making bridal wear and clothes. After decades of being in the market, Ritu went forward to the international markets. She has been operating her business in various cities like New York and France. 

Because of her profound work, she was awarded Padma Shree by the Government of India. Moreover, Ritu Kumar is widely recognized, and people love her clothes. 

#5. Suchi Mukherjee

Suchi Mukherjee started with the Limeroad company in 2013. She is the founder and Chairperson of the company. The online website is known for its trendy and stylish clothes and apparel. She went to London to get an economics degree and later pursued a Master’s degree. 

She has been presented with many awards like Coolest Startup Of the Year, Unicorn Start-Up Award, etc. Suchi Mukherjee worked with patience, and she achieved her success through her hard work. 

#6. Sairee Chahal

She is the founder of Sheroes. It is the only women-only network that provides resources to women for prosperous lives. It is such a trusted space where women discuss health, relationships, and life stories. 

Forbes has proven that it is the first company that got approval from USFDA. She gave her best to make the biotech firm one of the best in the world. Kiran Shaw is the 54th most affluent female and 64th influential person globally. She got her master’s degree from Melbourne University and her graduation from Bangalore University.

#7. Falguni Nayar

She worked as an investment banker with Kotak Mahindra for 20 years. After that, she left the job in hopes of pursuing her dreams. In 2012, she started Nykaa, and it is one of the best platforms for buying cosmetics. Presently it also sells many WellCare brands. 

Nykaa offers more than 850 brands with about 35 physical stores. Falguni Nayar is a self-made businesswoman, and she worked hard to get the position she is in today. In 2017, she earned the title of “Most Powerful Businesswoman.” It was given by Business Today, and she rightly deserved the title. She has been a partner of Femina since 2014. 

#8. Vani Kola

Vani Kola is the founder of Kalaari Capital. She has done her master’s from Arizona State University. She worked for 22 years in Silicone Valley, where she received significant recognition. 

But in 2006, she returned to India in the hope of starting something on her own. Vani Kola was in partnership with NEA as a Venture Capitalist. Then in September 2012, Kalaari Capital began as a 150 million dollar fund. Vani has received a lot of awards which she rightly deserves. She even won the title of the 5th Women Entrepreneurship Summit Award. 

#9. Radhika Ghai

Radhika Ghai is the co-founder of It is India’s first largest e-commerce market that is fully managed. It has a wholly grown marketplace with over 7 million visitors each year. The company serves more than 9,000 cities, and people love 

Radhika Ghai has done her graduation from Washington University. She gained an MBA degree from the university. She has achieved a lot which puts her on the list of tech women entrepreneurs in India. 

#10. Aditi Gupta

She is the co-founder of Menstrupedia. It is a comic book in illustrated form to teach young girls about menstruation and how to deal with it. The illustrations are just too humorous, and girls like them a lot. Then they went on to create a website called in 2014. 

Aditi and her husband, Tuhin Paul, joined hands with Whisper to contact schools to get the programs functioned. As a result, touch The Pickle was a movement in over four different cities. Further, the book has been translated into Nepali and Spanish. This is because so many schools use comics to teach the importance of menstruation and its proper understanding. 


Women have worked hard and led small-scale businesses into larger ones. Women are trying to change the world, and they can do it. Women can do whatever they plan in their minds. These are some of the best women entrepreneurs in India. They have broken the social stigma that has come up in their lives. They are an inspiration for the younger generations. 

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