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Dhiraj Bhumkar – An Imaginative Architect and Interior Designer Who Transcends Your Life

Dhiraj Bhumkar is a dynamic professional with years of interior design experience. He has worked on various luxurious commercial and residential projects. After completing his education from the Bachelor of Architecture from Pune University (B.Arch), Dhiraj Bhumkar began working with the top architects and industry professionals to get field knowledge. It enabled him better understand the domain and progress in his career.

The principles of Interior architect revolve around interpreting human emotions and expressions. Every element around you radiates a specific frequency of energy. Your response to these energies would be different depending on your sentiments. The interior designer uses the scientific approach to understand your needs and develop a tailored solution to meet expectations.

As we know, we humans have evolved with a sense of reality and consciousness. It makes us unique compared to other living beings found in nature. As we began living in a close environment escaping the life of a wanderer, we started organizing our surrounding to enhance the experience. 

Decision Maker: How would you describe your early years and educational background?

Dhiraj: I completed a Bachelor of Architecture from Pune University (B.Arch). After that, I worked with the top architects, builders, and contractors to receive practice knowledge and a deep understanding of the user’s requirements. It helped me grow my architectural expertise and gain more knowledge of the civil and construction.

Besides that, I was involved in learning interior design and site execution for various luxury projects in big cities such as Pune and Mumbai. 

After getting enough knowledge about the industry, I decided to start my firm, “Architects Atelier,” in 2016 while completing my final year of graduation.

Ar. Dhiraj Bhumkar is the Founder and Principal Architect of “Architects Atelier.”, a renowned architecture company in India. The foundation of the company was laid in 2016. Since then, the company has grown multifold year on year. 

The journey began with the goal of creating beautiful, practical design solutions using an environment-friendly approach. The expertise of the artistic professionals and inspiring individuals join the organization to make a difference in society. 

Decision Maker: What was your entrepreneurship journey like, in a nutshell?

Dhiraj: In the early days between the year 2012 to 2016, I focused on developing experience in executing the projects like Bungalows, Luxury real estate projects, interiors, and offices in Pune and Mumbai under the mentorship of Senior project managers and architects.

During this time, I completed 50 + small residential houses design and planning as consulting architect in Maharashtra.

Till now, I have completed 21+ Industrial Multinational Companies’ turnkey projects in Chakan MIDC, Pune, and Nashik (Design and Executed projects like company workplace areas upto 120 – 150 seats in scale or 12000-15000 sq. ft offices. Along with that, the projects such as a cafeteria, training centers, research labs, etc.)

Also, I got to work with the companies like GE India Pvt Ltd, Universal Gauges Pvt Ltd, Bridge Stone India, Tetra Pack India, TCS, and many more.

Currently, I am working on premium luxury residential projects, penthouses, and bungalows as a design and interior architect.

The Architects atelier is accepting turnkey projects for commercial spaces and offices along with design consultation.

Decision Maker: Give us insights into the major offerings of the company. And how does the company support people with its offerings and services? 

Dhiraj: Architects Atelier offers various services, including design, planning, and Interior architect. The services are available for commercial, residential, and industrial clients. The company is also open for turnkey projects where the entire project is designed from start to key handover to the client. 

We ensure the client’s minimal involvement during the construction so he can focus on other essential tasks. Consultation is offered with the introduction and benefits covered in the package with the fee. Once the client is agreed to the terms and signed the documents, the work begins. I oversee the construction process, contractor teams, material sourcing, and development.

Additionally, the company also facilitates furniture imports from Dubai, Europe, and network companies in Bangalore, Delhi, etc.

Decision Maker: Who are your clients? How do you keep your clients happy and satisfied?

Dhiraj: Architects Atelier has clients from various industries, including corporates, local businesses, Hospitals, real estate, etc. The company serves international and national clients of different industries.

Priority is given to customer satisfaction; thus, personal attention is offered to all design and construction projects. On-site work inspections and site visits are conducted to ensure everything goes as planned. Creative solutions are introduced to create functional spaces by integrating modern-day architectural practices. Innovative modern-day materials and tools make sustainable, green, environmentally friendly solutions.

Decision Maker: What was your moment of epiphany that set you on this path of what you do today?

Dhiraj: My passion for design and painting sparked during my school days. I like the bright color at home. When the family decided to build a new home, I actively participated in developing materials, specifications, billing, and estimating the final construction cost. It was when I got the opportunity to create spaces, select materials, and interact with different teams of contractors. It was the first time I found a connection with the field of architecture.

Decision Maker: What makes your company stand out in the market?

Dhiraj: Architects Atelier has diverse creative international design concepts. The company focuses on client satisfaction and outstanding results of projects. To upgrade my knowledge, I visit international exhibitions and travel to different countries to learn about the growing trend, culture, design aspects, and famous architects. I also experiment with new concepts on every new site.

Decision Maker: What were some of the challenges you faced breaking into entrepreneurship?

Dhiraj: Beginning the entrepreneur journey from scratch was challenging, with no financial support. Also, competing with established companies and creating client diversion in the market is tough.

What would you consider as being the most momentous accomplishment of your career?

Designing a training center of 6000 sq. ft of International Standards for GE India Pvt Ltd what a big achievement for us. We have received a letter of appreciation and thank you note from the Directors and the USA.

Decision Maker: Who are the people you draw inspiration from, your role models?

Dhiraj: I get inspiration from International Designers like Kelly Wearstler, Fosters and Partners, and Companies like HOK.

Decision Maker: What is your definition of success?

Dhiraj: A person having an in-depth knowledge of design, material, and on-site project execution is the key to success. International experience would add more benefits to the profession. I have experience designing projects for UAE, Dubai, and Sharjah-based clients.

Decision Maker: What fuels you to do what you do every day?

Dhiraj: I aim to enter the world’s 1% league and become a renowned international designer.


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