Biography of Ratan Tata

Biography of Ratan Tata – The Noblest Businessman

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Biography of Ratan Tata

Being a focused man with kindness in his heart, Ratan Naval Tata is the man behind Tata Group’s expansion and a huge success. As a member of the prominent industrialist family (Tata Family), he was born in Mumbai to Naval and Sonoo Tata.

When Ratan was just 10 years, his parents separated and he was adopted by his grandmother through J.N. Petit Parsi Orphanage. He went to Campion School of Mumbai till 8th class. Then, he completed his elementary education at Cathedral and John Connon School and Bishop Cotton School in Shimla. After this, he graduated from Riverdale Country School in New York.

On completing graduation, he went to Cornell University of New York for attaining a degree in Architecture in 1959. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he joined the Tata Company in 1961 and worked on the shop floor of Tata Steel.

Further to this, he did a seven-week Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School in 1975 and returned to India for working in Tata Group. Ratan Tata was an intelligent son of Naval Tata, who was adopted by Jamsetji Bhai Tata (founder of Tata Group). When he joined the company to work, his sole motto was the expansion of business and extensive productivity on the global front.

Ratan Tata’s Career in Tata Group

Ratan Tata joined Tata Steel in 1961 after completing his studies at Cornwell University. After working hard towards boosting the sales of Tata Steel, he was promoted to management level in the 1970s. Ratan Tata gained extensive experience in handling various businesses of the company that earned him the position of director-in-charge of National Radio and Electronics Company in 1971. Though, the company crashed down in an economic slowdown; he succeeded J.R.D Tata as the Chairman of Tata Group. As he entered the new phase of his career, lots of opponents were ready to give him a tough competition. He, also, had to face stiff opposition from senior personnel in the company. But, nothing could deter his focus.

In the wake of bringing new talent and boosting the business, Ratan Tata started setting a retirement age for the employees. Further to this, he made separate companies that were supposed to report operationally to the group office. His idea of inspiring active participation of employees in the company processing earned him accolades from many professionals in the business. It was under his leadership that overlapping business processes were restructured properly. This made people in the company enhance their productivity level and ensure a secured position.

Ratan Tata was one of the most successful businessmen in the company, who worked towards the expansion of the business. In his career of 21 years, the revenues of the Tata Group grew more than 40 times and the profits increased to more than 50 times. This shows the fact that Ratan Tata has excellent working methodologies, which made productivity highly simplified. It is because he never believed in complex tasks and always vouched for simplicity in life. He had also conceptualized the Tata Nano car to serve Indian markets that focused on budget-friendly cars. Indeed, Ratan Tata has been considered the most humble industrialist.

In December 2012, he resigned from the post of chairman and appointed Cyrus Mistry as his successor. Cyrus Mistry was the son of Pallonji Mistry of Shapoorji and Pallonji Group and related to Tata Family. After some time, the company lost trust in him and Cyrus was sacked as the Chairman. Then, Ratan Tata was appointed as the interim chairman of the company. Later, after the court orders and discussion amongst the board of directors, Natarajan Chandrasekaran was appointed as the chairman in February 2017.

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Awards and Accolades Won by Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata has always been a supporter of the education, rural development, and medicine sectors. Indeed, he was considered a philanthropist, who worked for the development of capacitive deionization for providing high-quality water to deprived areas. Throughout his career, Rata Tata earned so many awards and accolades from different countries. Starting from the Honorary Doctorate of Ohio University in 2001 to Honorary Doctorate from Swansea University, he has been many awards. In fact, he has also been awarded Knighthood from the United Kingdom Government. Besides this, Ratan Tata has received Padma Bhusan and Padma Vibhushan from the Indian Government.

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