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Chai Sutta Bar Success Story

You must have seen a small teapot many times on the roads, but have you ever tried to think that this teapot can be transformed into an innovative idea? This means a startup whose outlet is not limited to just one small street in one city but can spread from every significant area of the country to even outside the country. Yes, Chai Sutta Bar is one such chain of tea shops.

Chai Sutta Bar: An innovative idea for selling tea

Chai Sutta Bar Outlet

Chai Sutta Bar is an innovative tea shop that started keeping innovation in mind. Two startup students established a chain of innovative bars nationwide, such as Chai Sutta Bar. This decision of these two young businessmen took a lot of work. Both of them had to face a lot of problems. But instead of getting disappointed, both turned every day into a better trial and ultimately succeeded in making their dream come true.

Two failed students who became successful businessmen.

Chai Sutta Bar is the dream of two young business people whose aim was never to work. Both of them did not have to do 9 to 5 jobs. Instead, he had to do something in his life through which he could recognize himself and provide employment to many people. With this foresight, Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak started the tea business and laid the foundation of Chai Sutta Bar.

Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak’s Dream: Chai Sutta Bar

Today, we will tell you about Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak, the founders of Chai Sutta Bar, and how they dreamed of this tea bar and made it a reality. Anubhav Dubey is the founder of Chai Sutta Bar, and Anand Nayak is the co-founder of this bar.

Together, these two young minds laid the foundation of Chai Sutta Bar in 2016. Before 2016, Anubhav Dubey would never have imagined that in his life, he would give a tea shop such a shape that the business of selling tea would turn into an international franchise.

Chai Sutta Bar Foundation

Anubhav Dubey

Anubhav Dubey, founder of Chai Sutta Bar, was born in 1996 in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh. Anubhav Dubey’s entire family is business-oriented. But Anubhav Dubey’s father wanted Anubhav to become an IAS. Anubhav tried to pass the IAS exam, but something else was written in Anubhav’s destiny.

After the continuous exam failure, Anubhav realized he was not made for a 9 to 5 job; business was in his blood. Eventually, he found a like-minded partner in Anand Nayak.

Anand Nayak is a B.Com graduate who wanted to start his own business. Ultimately, Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak decided to start a business together. Although both needed more money to start this business, there was no lack of vision. He arranged for ₹ 300000 and opened the first tea shop in front of the Girls Hostel of Indore.

Chai Sutta Bar: The fruit of foresight and hard work

A city like Indore where there is a reasonable amount of tea shops. Opening a tea shop there was risky for both of them initially. But both of them were sure that the vision with which they were opening this shop would make everything from making tea to serving tea artistic. And both decided to pay full attention to health while making tea at their shop. That means every item used in tea will be of high quality.

Smoking will be strictly prohibited in their outlets. Overall, they decided to make their outlet wholly organic and healthy. When it came time to name his shop, he wrote Chai Sutta Bar by hand on a piece of wood—a bar where you will get tea, but there will be a ban on sutta.

Why is it different from others?

Due to the vision of both of them, the tea shop was established, but how did it attract customers? Simply banning betting and using better-quality products does not attract customers. So now there was such pressure on them to do something different from others so that customers would come to their outlet to drink tea.

So, both of them decided that Kulhar would be used to serve tea at their outlet. Different smokey tea flowers will reach customers whose prices will be kept comparatively low.

From here, both of them separated from other tea shops, and by connecting tea with tradition, they launched a series of teas in 20 different flavors in the market. Both bought second-hand wooden furniture to make seating arrangements at the outlet.

The interior of the outlet was kept very basic yet traditional. Although the decision was risky, the basic interior used at the outlet, the ambiance, and the earthen kulchas used remained the same in attracting the customers.

The initial journey of Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak was quite tricky. Because they had to grow organically due to tough competition and fewer financial resources.

In such a situation, both of them decided to offer tea by connecting the emotions of the customers, and despite the lack of resources, both of them never compromised on the vision and quality, and ultimately, the crowd of college students coming to their outlet increased day by day. And where college students reach, progress is unavoidable because once the youth is attracted, no one can stop the progress of that place.

The dream of making others successful along with yourself comes true

The success of Chai Sutta Bar started from here.

With no compromise in making tea, both decided to serve it in Kulhar at Chai Sutta Bar. Due to this, about 250 potter families also got the contract to make Kulhars through Chai Sutta Bar. Due to this decision of Anubhav and Anand, their Chai Sutta Bar became more famous. Where more than 1500 people also got employment.

Out of these, more than 300 employees belong to underprivileged families. They have also hired disabled and economically backward people at their outlets. Due to this, both of them’s dreams of employing others also started to become a government.

Over 450 national and international outlets

Starting a business requires both vision and quality. Anubhav and Anand never compromised with these two rules. Both of them had the foresight to start the company, which led to their gradually earning profit despite having fewer resources. In exchange for this profit, they also took forward the process of employment generation.

This started by Anubhav and Anand, has over 450 outlets in over 195 cities in different nations like India, Nepal, Dubai, and Oman. In each of their outlets, tea is sold only in Kulhar. Although there are many variations in their tea flavors, even today, they have the quality of the tea.

 Chai Sutta Bar Profit and Success

Today, if we talk about their total profit, it has become a company with a revenue of Rs 100 crore. Who have their own registered company, who have their logo, pr. They have their outlets and have their franchise policies. Overall, Chai Sutta Bar has now become a brand.

It is a vision that has not only succeeded in changing the lives of Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak but has also changed the lives of the employees working here. While the founders of Chai Sutta Bar have become owners of crores. The employees of Chai Sutta Bar also have their own apartments and book flight tickets to travel today.

Overall, this success story of Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak is a lesson for all those unemployed youth. If you have a vision, foresight, and the strength to fight failure, you can do anything.

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