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Savjibhai Dholakia- Success Saga of a Diamond-Hearted Person

The Real Diamond of India, Mr. Savji Bhai Dholakia.

Savjibhai Dholakia began his journey with Rs.12 and built an Rs. 12,000 Crore empire with dedication, determination, and self-belief. Born and brought up in the Dudhala village of Gujarat’s Murbi district, he started working at the tender age of 12 years. He became the most renowned diamond exporter based in India.

As a founder and chairman of Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd., Savjibhai Dholakia began entrepreneurship in 1992 with his three brothers. He gradually nurtured this business into the biggest diamond manufacturing hub globally. His leadership and vision curated a myriad of glorious opportunities for his company and helped them grow into a million-dollar empire!

Savjibhai Dholakia acquired immense recognition and applauds for his generosity and philanthropic efforts to make his employees feel special. From gifting cars, flats, and jewelry sets to the employees on Diwali as the loyalty program to making them feel like one big family at Hari Krishna Exports, he stood strong with integrity and compassion. Rewarding over 6000 employees with such luxurious gifts brought him to highlight, and his fame knew no bounds since then!

Savjibhai Dholakia- A Man of Integrity and Discipline

He is also a well-known motivational speaker and is renowned as an influential personality in the diamond industry worldwide. Humble yet confident, simple yet full of wisdom, is what makes him a man of honor and dignity.

His presence is active in various social initiatives through the Dholakia Foundation, which is constantly a part of many socio-welfare activities. Education, women empowerment, environmental conservation, education, healthcare, and mass wedding ceremonies for employees are a few notable works of his foundation.

Savjibhai Dholakia was honored multiple times with prestigious national awards like Padma Shri in 2022 and the fourth-highest civilian award in India by the nation’s Government. He holds many other exemplary awards and titles for his generosity, social work, business leadership, and philanthropist skills that greatly impacted the lives of millions of people around him.  

Inception, Achievements, and Journey of Savjibhai’s Dream Venture

Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (HK) was a brainchild of Savjibhai Dholakia, built with his brothers Tulsi, Himmat, and Shyam in 1992. At present, they are the leading diamond exporters in major cities like Mumbai, Surat, New York, Dubai, Antwerp, and Hong Kong.

They hone the best quality diamond manufacturing unit with world-class state-of-the-art facilities inaugurated by the Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji. They produce an expansive range of certified and non-certified polished diamonds across many cities and countries.

With a glorious track record of the past 30 years, HK holds 80% of supplies directly from the miners. They have a diverse range of diamond collections from 0.18 carats to 50.00 carats in over 9 fancy shapes. is the link where buyers can navigate their vast inventory with over 60,000 diamonds with images, certificates, and videos, including the grading details.

Insights of Hare Krishna Pvt. Ltd.

  • Only company to get awards for 18 consecutive years by the Gem and Jewellery Promotion Council of India (GJEPC) for producing top-quality polished and highest-cut diamonds under distinct categories.
  • Turnover of over US $1.5 Billion
  • 24/7 custom support offers in over 86 countries
  • 80% Repeat Clientele
  • Fair pricing policy and a massive manufacturing infrastructure of over 43 acres.

Important Highlights of SavjiBhai’s Life Journey

  • Born in Dudhala Village, Amreli District, Gujarat.
  • At 12 years of age, he started exploring his fortune by migrating to Surat for a diamond business. By 1984, he started his setup in the diamond industry
  • It took him 10 years of rigorous work and efforts in diamond polishing to create Hare Krishna Exports in 1992 along with his brother.
  • He explored the demands for raw diamonds and started expanding in Mumbai and many other cities in India and abroad.

Savjibhai Dholakia is a man of words and lays a strong foundation as a humanitarian leader. He beholds profound empathy, sheer commitment, and unmatchable love for the diseased, unemployed, uneducated, aged, and terminally ill people.

His charity work knows no bounds, and the Dholakia Foundation is enriched with many such milestones on these grounds. He is a driving force for the entire community and nation, with dedicated activities favoring society and nature.

  • Planted over 2.8 million trees and developed 140 lakes in various Gujarat regions through the Mission100 Sarovar initiative.
  • Prioritizes biodiversity and environmental protection acts.
  • Provides scholarships to underprivileged students
  • ‘Unique Loyalty Program’ for employees of HK
  • Contributed to the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ by participating in various cleanliness drives
  • Hare Krishna Library boasts a massive collection of over 2000 books that will benefit 40,000+ students through its facilities in the coming years.
  • Savjibhai organizes mass wedding ceremonies for financially poor families of HK groups and has, to date, helped 466 couples to start a new life.
  • He supports women’s empowerment and extends the required skills and employability to give them opportunities for a bright future.

Summing Up

Savjibhai Dholakia
Savjibhai Dholakia Success Saga Of A Diamond Hearted Person

Savjibhai Dholakia is the epitome of a successful business leader and a diamond-hearted person who values relationships and unity in life. His journey in the diamond industry inspires many young minds who preach loyalty and perform acts to spread prosperity.

Such people can encourage many such industrialists who not just believe in business productivity but also outshine with their humble deeds with noble causes for the welfare of society. Keep reading here for more such success stories of renowned personalities and individuals!


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