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Success Story of Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft | 2023

Success Story of Bill Gates Founder of Microsoft

In this article we will tell you Success Story of Bill Gates: The founder of Microsoft Corporation and one the most influential man in the world, he was born in the year 1955 on 28th October in Seattle, Washington D.C. One of the most inspiring personality of the history. He had a life filled with successes. Today we will know about everything that you ever wanted to know about him and his success story of this great personality.

  • The American Programmer, entrepreneur, investor as well as philanthropist, he founded Microsoft which is most premier software of the world. With an estimated net worth of $91 billion, Bill is the second richest person of the world. But, how he managed to do so and how he was able to build this wealth, does he ever face challenges and difficulties. Let’s see-


  • While Bill had to work hard to become what he is presently, his story is not exactly a rags to riches one as he was born into a wealthy family. He was born with silver spoon in mouth. Bill’s father was a successful attorney while his mother was school teacher who went to become member of the Board of directors of the 1st interstate Bank. Bill was a bright student from his childhood and performed very well in academic as well as other fields. But, has a keen interest in mathematics from his childhood. The example is that once he had score 800 pints that young Bill scored in the mathematics in an intelligent test.
  • He develops a passion for computer and programming as early as 12. At the same age, Gates enrolled in the Lakeside School, a private preparatory school. While Bill was still at the school, the school administration decided to buy a computer from the electronic company- General Electric Company. After seeing, his flare in programming, the school administration excused Bill from classes to allow him to carry his interest. On the GEC machine, Bill built his first ever computer program.
  • In the school, once Bill met Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft) and they started working together to find bugs in a system belonging to computer center corporation. In exchange for computer time and royalities, Bill and Paul along with two other students wrote a payroll program for information sciences. This led to Bills’ school becoming aware towards his talent that scheduled students in the classes.
  • Bill and Paul continue to build softwares and just at the age of 15, B ill sold a software to optimize traffic fo $20,000. Few years later, he made another software and again earned $30,000 after selling this and this was the start of the journey of Bill Gates to play in dollars and in billions.


In the year 1975, Bill and Paul co-founded a software company and they named it Micro-soft. Firstly, the company delivers small software products to different firms and start ups. The company didn’t have enough platform to hire a sales manager, this function was performed by Mary Maxwell- the mother of Bill. Not much longer, Gates and Allen found that the Microsoft had dropped to the lowest affordable point.

The company was in a financial crisis and this is mainly due to the use of some pirated software. Then the two owners did not lose hopes and they launched MS-BASIC, which helped them at a lot to stand again and to make a profit of $55,000. In the year 1979, IBM one of the American MNC, launched the world’s 1st PC (personal computer) and offered Microsoft to develop a program for it. At that time the company didn’t have the resources to create an operating software and thus recommended another company –DIGITAL RESEARCH to IBM for building their OS.

After some months later, Microsoft bought an OS system called ‘MS-DOS’ and made it as the main operating software for their 1st ever personal computer that they were about to launch. The offer was accepted by IBM and Microsoft was able to overcome over Digital Research- the company Bill and Paul had recommended. In the year of 1980, Microsoft and IBM signed the contract and with a year Microsoft becomes Microsoft corporation.

At the same time, IBM launched their first ever PC with MS-DOS and a few other Microsoft products such as MS-BASIC, MS-PASCAL, MS – COBOL much more. After the huge success of all this the accomplishments kept pouring in for the company founded by Bill and Paul, with many notable accomplishments consisting the invention of the 1st mouse for personal computer and the development of Windows operating system, the launch of Windows was what helped Gates to develop the fortune he currently boasts.

As known Windows NT was the 1st window to be launched. After this, a series of Windows launched by them in over the next few years consisting the launch of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, XP and VISTA.


  • For a few years now, Bill hasn’t been involved in the day to day operations of Microsoft and he has dedicated most of his time towards philanthropy and community projects, Paul Allen had died. Bill and his wife Linda run a NGO.They also found THE GIVING PLEDGE- a foundation that encourages wealthy people to donate and contribute a majority of their wealth towards philanthropic causes. At least $365 billion of giving has been pledged by 139 persons, with a combined 2016 net worth of $730 billion. Bill has pledged more than 80% of his total wealth to charity after his death.

So, these are the stories of Bill which give a perfect message and lesson to society. You may learn a lot of things from this and stay motivated always. We wish a long life to Bill and his family. We will love to hear what about him and his life inspires everyone.

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