Success Story of Business Dr Vivek Bindra

Success Story of Dr Vivek Bindra- Lesser Known Facts Revealed! -2023

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Success Story of Dr Vivek Bindra

Today we talk about successful entrepreneurs and businessmen Success Story of Dr Vivek Bindra: Is it hard to recognize the most talked about the business coach of India? It is none other than Business Guru Dr. Vivek Bindra. He is a famous leadership coach and the CEO of renowned The contribution of this motivational leader and business coach is thought-provoking and life-changing for many. Let’s find out more about him.

Dr. Vivek Bindra- Who is he?

A reputed business consultant and influential leader, Dr. Vivek Bindra is an explorer of various avenues in the business industry. He gives a mind-jolting thesis on how to multiply your business revenue, and small traders are yielding many benefits from it. With his top leadership programs, many startups in the country are seeking inspiration and honing their skills to emerge as successful entrepreneurs.

Dr.Vivek Bindra is an eye-opener to the aspirants who are willing to make it big in the business books and register records of their successful careers. Apart from being Asia’s leading business consultant and coach, he is also awarded the honorary Ph.D. Degree.

He has a long list of 1500 corporates for whom he works as a trusted business advisor.

The motivational theories and guidance of Bindra helped many entrepreneurs to climb ladders of success. He pursues excellence and provokes business owners to take the organizations at the level apart.

Dr. Vivek Bindra provides remarkable CEO coaching to more than 100 CEOs all across the country. Considering this, he bagged several titles like the best leadership trainer in Asia by Marshall Goldsmith at the World HRD Congress. He holds an experience of more than a decade in business consultancy, and his journey started by working with the social entities as an individual.

Born without any godfather or silver spoon, this man empowered himself with knowledge and skills to carve out a perfectionist in business mannerisms. Vivek started with the dream organization Global Act and the aim in mind of ‘Empower the manpower’.

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Early Life of Dr.Vivek Bindra

None of the success stories is completed without some distorted phase in their lives, and Bindra is no exception. Vivek also had to go through this Litmus test where he walked across the harsh patches of life before gaining all the glory and success we are discussing about.

The birth of this business professional took place on 5th April 1982 in New Delhi, India. He lost the strongest pillar of the family, his father, at the tender age of two and half years. Unfortunately, he was also unable to stay for long with his mother for some unidentified reasons.

Dr. Vivek Bindra completed his schooling at New Delhi in the St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary school. His academic excellence was evident from the initial days, and gradually he began to develop a unique liking for business. This was the moment when he knew that he would do something business in this field. He completed the MBA from Amity Business College in Delhi. During his college tenure, one of his Gurus gifted him the Bhagavad Gita, which brought about a massive transformation in his life. This brought a major transition in his thought process, and you can see his fondness for Bhagwad Gita in several videos today.

What did he do to Make a Living?

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a self-made man, and you can figure it out from the bits and pieces of his life history. Very few people are aware that he used to sell dictionaries during his childhood time and spent that amount for his studies and the payment of school fees.

Besides this, he also used to provide tuitions for children not more than the age of sixteen years. This was the time when he got acquainted with the business concepts, and the practical learning made him unbeatable in this field. He then planned to travel abroad for seeking further studies. However, the money crunch beholds him from travelling abroad, thus leaving him shattered and distorted by heart.

The Ascetic Life of Dr. Vivek Bindra

Now comes the life-changing part of his life! After multiple failed efforts to study and equip himself with knowledge, Vivek finally gave up and thought of retirement. Thus, he quit everything and headed to start a monk life.

He preached Bhagavad Gita to the students at several schools and college institutions as a sage. His grasp over every bit explained in Gita was phenomenal, and his Guru soon recognized this. He then suggested Bindra to serve people by leading as a normal human being. Post this, he gave up the ascetic life and revived back again in the world by starting his own company.

First Venture of Dr. Vivek Bindra

Vivek started his first company, known as the Global Act, in 2012, which later on gained popularity as He first began working as a business coach, and the path was not very smooth at first. After multiple hindrances and difficulties, he managed to somehow begin working in a small room. However, holding back employees was again a big task as he had no proper infrastructure and facilities.

His humble nature and down to earth attitude is visible through the fact that once there was a water shortage at his room office due to a hole in a tank. To prevent his employees from the hustle, he carried buckets of water to ensure that all his employees received ample supply.

Dr.Vivek Bindra is a believer of dreams and a thorough visionary who knows how to get the best of the worst. His business tactics and leadership skills led to the J-curve growth in his company. However, prone to roller coaster rides; he again had to face a massive loss and lost all the contracts during that time. Clients cancelled payments, and he was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Above that, he was liable to pay salaries to his employees on the 7th of every month and ensured they stayed unaffected by selling his house away. Some of those employees are still associated with the biggest business expert in India.

Dr. Vivek Bindra never gave up and took complete care amidst the severe financial crisis. He turned back many lucrative job offers and continued with his business approach. Though he started with the training program fee of Rs.1.25 lakh, later he reduced it to Rs.19,000 for the small business owners and Rs.9000 for the students.

Journey of Dr. Vivek Bindra to 4 Million Views

As Vivek came up with his YouTube Channel, his biggest challenge was getting views. He barely managed to get 4-5 views in the first few videos. Irrespective of that, he did not deter himself and continued making good motivational videos for business aspirants.

Slowly, his enigma showed true colours, and he derived 4 million views. Not just that, he reached a whopping 12 million active subscribers marking his journey from rags to riches.

Fast Facts About Dr.Vivek Bindra

  • He is the CEO of Bada Business and the greatest business influencer globally. They bagged 7 Guinness World Records to give the largest webinars on various business-related topics and corporate training.
  • He holds the No.1 position regarding the number of subscribers for his YouTube Channel, which is all about Entrepreneurship and leadership development.
  • Vivek has over 17.5 million subscribers globally, gets 120 million views each month and the count increases from 15-20k every day.
  • How across the world.
  • Bindra is the author of 10 highly inspiring books that comprehend lessons on business training and how can a person become successful by transforming their passion into a business idea.
  • He also got his name embossed in the ‘21 Technopreneurs to watch out for in 2021’.
  • Vivek’s personal life has always been a secret, and he never shared their glimpse publicly.
  • The YouTube channel by Bindra is termed the ‘Free Digital Learning University’ where aspiring business enthusiasts learn and grow in life.

Final Say

In this article, we talk about Success Story of Business Dr Vivek Bindra. Dr. Vivek Bindra is a man of substance, and his religious belief in Bhagavad Gita took him away ahead in the life race. He is a real source of inspiration for people who tend to give up in life due to small matters and do not realize that it’s bound to come to you if you believe in something. He toiled every hour with complete determination, morale and positivity to come back in the league and fulfil his startup dreams.

You can also visit his YouTube channel and refer to his videos to build a castle out of stones and make your business dreams come true. After all, every person in this world has an unmatched calibre, and a single push is all they need to gear up and hit back harder at life with success and fame!

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