Success Story of Kiran Bedi

Success Story of Kiran Bedi, The First IPS Officer of India | 2023

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Success Story of Kiran Bedi, The Woman of Steel and First IPS Officer of India

In this article, we will tell you the Success Story of Kiran Bedi: Dr Kiran Bedi needs no introduction as she became the first IPS Officer of India in 1972 who holds dignity, pride, and complete work commitment. Apart from being a rebel, she has also been a former Inspector General and has many other top-graded rankings in her portfolio.

An outspoken and fierce woman who does not tolerate injustice and has depicted perseverance in deriving human rights and women’s rights. She played a pivotal role in amending and fulfilling police reforms successfully.

Kiran Bedi’s life has been a legacy and motivational journey that many aspiring women in the coming centuries would look up to. Her stepping stones towards politics to bring a change to society were backed by decisive judgments and a heartfelt approach towards justice.

The gist behind the title ‘Woman of Steel’ lies in her accomplishments, and she is a global icon of the modern age.

May it be her career, character, work, or life, her decisions dodged others’ judgments making her a living sensation and inspiration for the millions. Let’s revive the journey till the date of the living legend and a woman of substance, Dr. Kiran Bedi!

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Life of Kiran Bedi

The epitome of finesse and excellence, Dr.Kiran Bedi pertains to recognition, fame, respect, and success in all walks of life. She was born on 9th June 1949 in Punjab and was second amongst the four daughter siblings.

Her childhood journey was free from grudges and imbibed beautiful memories from the past. After completing education through the Belgian Catholic Nuns from Sacred Heart School of Amritsar, Punjab, she comprehended other activities like embroidery, knitting, and sports.

Along with studies, Kiran Bedi joined the National Cadet Corps and spent time honing her lawn tennis skills. After graduating in B.A. English Honors; she also availed Master’s degree from the Punjab University, Chandigarh, in Political Science.

Kiran joined the Police Force and, even after that, received her LLB Degree by completing her education at Delhi University.

Her caliber and a zealous attitude to achieve milestones in life made her fetch a Ph. D. through the Department of Social Sciences from IIT, New Delhi. She married Brij Bedi, a wonderful husband but unfortunately demised on 31st January 2016 with a sudden cardiac arrest.

Work and Hardships

Moving on to the real-life struggles of Kiran Bedi, like it was never a cakewalk for her. The initial phase started when she began with the police training at the Mussourie National Academy of Administration after completing the foundation course training. This went on for almost 9 months in Mount Abu city of Rajasthan.

At a small age of 24, she notched it by being India’s first even IPS offices by passing out from a batch that consisted of 1 woman and 80 men.

Her prioritized area of expertise was prison management, law enforcement, and teaching. She has always been a source of inspiration for the young entrants, with her belief that if you slog hard enough to shine out, god’s grace will shower you someday. Bold, fearless, and dignified lady, Kiran Bedi is grounded and yet touched the sky height achievement mentioned below.

Recognition, Awards, and Accomplishments

Kiran Bedi always gathered attention for her disciplinary solid actions and honesty in work. She started her career as a lecturer in 1970 and then displayed active participation by joining Police Service in 1972.

Her crucial job roles include:

  • Traffic Commissioner In New Delhi
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police in Mizoram
  • Advisor to Lieutenant Governor in Chandigarh
  • Director-General in the Narcotics Control Bureau
  • Inspector General at the Tihar Jail

Not just this, Kiran Bedi also received multiple appreciation and awards for her remarkable contributions to society. List of her prestigious awards included:

1979- President’s Gallantry award

1980- Women of the Year

1991- Received the Asia Region Award For Drug Prevention and control

1994- Magsaysay Award for Government Service

1995- Mahila Shiromani Award

1995- Father Machismo Humanitarian Award

1995- Lion of the Year

1997- Joseph Beuys Award

1999- Pride of India

2005- The Mother Teresa Memorial National Award for Social Justice

The list of her achievement continued when she got transferred to the Tihar Jail in the ’90s and ran a host of meditation programs over there. Her invincible courage and valor also fetched the popular Magsasay Award and helped her register a place in Indian history.

Her bravery is worth a thousand applauds, and she is a real influencer for the young women of India.

With her introductory reforms and result-yielding practices, Kiran Bedi indeed is the epitome of perfection, whether it’s professional or personal life. Her deep interests in sports, meditation, and yoga also led to developing a personal relationship with polished politicians and the jail inmates. She is undoubtedly a living inspiration for all the women out there!

Current Life and Social Achievement

Kiran Bedi is the principal founder of ‘The Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation’ that got renamed ‘The Navjyoti India Foundation.’ This foundation has made a lot of accomplishments, like providing treatment to over 20,000 alcohol and drug addicts.

This foundation also began several crime prevention programs like educating slum kids and street children.

There’s a dedicated school set up for over 200 single teachers, advanced health care facilities, counseling spaces, and vocational training centers set up by her.

She always aimed at simplifying situations for the distressed sections of society and, majorly, women. Her concentrated efforts helped in the collective development of both rural and urban communities.

Another feather in her cap is the ‘Serge Soitiroff Memorial Award’ by the UN regarding drug abuse prevention action plans. Kiran runs several NGOs that provide soft skills and vocational training for skilling the Indian Youth.

She was also active in social missions such as ‘Mission Safer India’ to record citizen complaints and run India Against Corruption (IAC) movement.

Did you see her in the popular reality show from 2009-10, ‘Aap ki Kachehri Kiran ke Saath’ that went live on Star Plus for almost a year. Kiran Bedi was an avid writer, and her presence was existent in many columns and books.

Some of her popular columns were showcased in Times of India as ‘What Went Wrong?’ and a weekly column in the Punjab Kesari known as ‘Chetna.’

Other Recognitions of Kiran Bedi

On 29th May 2016, Kiran Bedi resumed services in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. Her strong opinions made her a rival to Chief Minister V Narayanasamy, which led to her removal by the President in February 2021. And this was merely 3 months before the assembly elections were to be conducted.

Kiran Bedi is a powerful name and well-known social activist who nailed it in any task she picked up.

Even on a global level, Bedi worked with the United Nations and represented the country on various International forums for pertinent issues like drug abuse, crime prevention, and other women-based issues.

She also derived other attractive awards like the “MSN most admired Indian female icon 2011” from Navbharat Times in 2012 and “India’s most trusted woman” from Readers Digest in 2010. She also won a very prestigious ‘Roman Magsaysay Award’ with equal importance, like the Nobel Prize.

Final Words

In this article we talk about the success story of Kiran Bedi, I hope you like it: Kiran Bedi made it to the success books with many achievements, and her role in the administrative and political sector of the nation is evident. She is thoroughly dedicated to being the big change-maker and motivating everyone.

Her life is a masterpiece that imbibes dedicated passion and persistence to correct everything in the system that is wrong and unethical.

Kiran is a perfect symbol of hard work, hope, and dedication to show shining outcomes! She sets a great example that success is bound to follow you if you move in the right direction.

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