Work Culture

Why is Informal Work Culture Better than Formal Work Culture?

What is Workplace Culture? Work culture is the workplace environment’s collective values, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. It may include the physical environment, technology, and organizational structure. An organization’s culture is shaped by the leadership team and their choices in how they engage with their employees. While applying for a job, most candidates look for a […]

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Workplace Behaviour

5 Myths and Truths Surrounding Workplace Behaviour

People working in various works in different fields will have several thoughts about their workspace behavior; among them, most of them will be myths, and some may be true. So, people with several beliefs about workers and their workplace can know about these myths to understand how people work hard to achieve more in their […]

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Top 5 Ways to Improve Efficacy in Teams at the Workplace

Are you passionate about working in teams? Teamwork is possible when each of the teammates dedicates themselves to overcoming obstacles and supporting each other to gain rewards. We have discussed several ways to work in teams and achieve desired goals below. It is indeed rewarding and stimulating to work as a team? There is a […]

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