Consumer Wearable Brands In India

Best 5 Consumer Wearable Brands In India


Consumer Wearable Brands In India

Nowadays, consumer wearable brands in india are in the trend, isn’t it? Almost everyone wants to own at least one of them, whether it be earbuds, collar headphones, wristbands, or smartwatches.

The Consumer Wearable Market has certainly gained excellent growth over the past few years, indeed. In the first quarter of 2022, the consumer wearable market has witnessed 20.1% growth, a report by IDC said, which stated by Gadget360, an NDTV venture.

According to the latest report by IDC, there is a YoY (Year-on-Year) decline of 17.1% in the Average Selling Price (ASP) of the overall wearable category. Watches have gained their fastest growth in the Indian wearable market, by getting 3.7 million units shipped. Its growth percentage score was 173. According to IDC India’s Senior Market Analyst, Client Device, Anisha Dumbre, the customers are being encouraged to spend on wearable watches by heavy discounts, new features, and sturdy push of the partners of channels and brands.

Due to the second wave of COVID-19, overall shipments of the wearable declined by 1.3 percent (refer to the report’s link at the starting of this paragraph, for detailed information).

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Now, ahead is a glimpse of the top 5 consumer wearable brands.

#1. Noise

Being the second most popular wearable brand in India, Noise is the 10th largest seller of smartwatches in the world. Why? Due to its affordable price rates, a notable celebrity base featuring one of the top actresses Taapsee Pannu and one of the most loved cricket players, Rohit Sharma, is endorsing its products. It also has partnerships with eCommerce giants as well as with financial institutions.

#2. BoAt

1/3rd of the market shares have been captured by this brand, it is the 5th largest wearable brand in India. And it is also the winner of the consumer wearable market in India, you can check this related chart by IDC, for your reference.

#3. One Plus

Being the third on the list of top consumer wearable brands in India, One Plus delivers best-in-class wearable products by using technology and innovations.

#4. Fire-Boltt

Within just 3 months (or 90 days) of its launch, this brand has become the fourth bestselling brand on Amazon. Fire Bolt is a highly popular smartwatch in India. It can be integrated with Boltt Paly App and has strong battery life.

#5. Realme

When we talk about the prime mobile phones and/or wearable products, we cannot forget to mention Realme, this brand was officially founded and introduced on May 4, 2018, by Li Binghong, popularly known as Ski Li, who is also the former vice president of Oppo Electronics. Just within seven months of its launch in India, it has bagged the third position. It has very impressive battery life.

So, above were the top five consumer wearable brands that have made their unique spot and have earned exceptional fame all over the world.

As of now, we have come this far in our exploration of the top five consumer wearable brands, let us take a look and learn its pros and cons as well. As there are unavoidably pros and cons to everything we do, have, and own in our lives.

First, we will be discussing the pros or the benefits of consumer devices, and then we will be discussing their cons as well.

Pros of Consumer Wearable Devices:

Pros are the feature of these wearable technologies, which enables us to monitor our health, sleep routine, stress and anxiety levels, GPS location tracking, etc. As all of these features are portable, we are no longer required to take our phones out of our pockets or purses/handbags.

Though these mentioned features were possible to avail before wearable devices as well, it was not at all hassle-free and always required devices, and this was sometimes inconvenient also. And since these wearable devices came to the market, it has made our work a lot simple and more convenient.

Now, with the help of these wearable devices, we can check our messages, notifications, health, BP, etc. without effort and at any time.

Cons of Wearable Consumer Devices:

Advanced wearable devices have quite short battery life in comparison to Fitbit Trackers, which tend to have good battery life. It is possible for the ones wearing these wearables, to forget to remove their devices and put them to charge. To solve this problem, developers are trying to find wireless charging solutions for these wearable devices.

Furthermore, wearable consumer devices are often reported to present inaccurate health-related measures, which certainly can be problematic for people having heart-related issues with them.


We discussed the top 5 Consumer Wearable Brands In India and their pros and cons. We hope you, or readers will be benefitted by knowing or reading this.

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