What is SEO and its Most Important Strategies? 2023


What is SEO and its Most Important Strategies

In this article we talk about What is SEO and its Most Important Strategies. If I ask you how many of you are aware of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), almost everyone will raise their hands or will say, “Yes, I know,” in unison. This response is obvious, though. Because we all are familiar with and heard the term “Search Engine Optimization” a zillion times, whether we have anything to do with it or not.

But, if I ask you about it in detail, like, “do you have an in-depth understanding of what is SEO and what are its strategies?” there will not be many people who will say yes to this query as we all, almost all of us, are aware what is SEO. SEO stands for but not has its comprehensive knowledge of its strategies, right?

What we are going to do ahead is, we will discuss and learn the same and will also try to understand SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. Is it sounding interesting to you? Are you also curious to develop an in-depth understanding of SEO? That is great!

Continue your reading ahead and let us improve our cognizance regarding SEO and SEO strategies.

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What is SEO
What is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is the method that is used or applied by websites to rank themselves or their piece of content rank higher on Google search results. And there is confusion among some people that SEO and Crawling both are the same. No, they are not the same. Crawling and SEO are part that comes under SEO but these are not the same.

And one thing to keep in the mind is that SEO is free, the one who does SEO has not to pay even a penny unless they hire an SEO professional to do SEO on their behalf or for them. SEO is organic ranking.

In simple words, SEO is to make Google show your content, your website, or both on the top of its search results when people search for similar queries.

For example, suppose you have written an article about the top 5 laptop brands and you want it to appear on the top of the Google search results when people search for top laptop brands, now the process that you will go through to do it or make it happen would be called search engine optimization (SEO).

Doing it is not a cakewalk, though.  And this is what exactly SEO is. And from here, things will start to become more interesting for us. Because we are going to go a bit deep into our topic.

SEO’s Core Elements

As I said in the above paragraph that things will now start to become interesting, we will now take a look at the core elements of SEO. Is not it interesting enough?

Well, in the world of SEO, there are two types of SEO – On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. The latter one is quite difficult, though. Anyway, we are going to cover both, you do not need to worry.

  1. On-Page SEO: This is very simple to understand. When you create content regularly and consistently so that your site’s ranking could be improved, it is called on-page SEO. But here is a catch in it, guess what? Creating content is not enough, the content you are creating should be of high quality, too, which also should integrate with keywords in it.

    You need to make sure that you are including the proper keywords and in the proper places while you are creating or writing your content. You need to take care of your meta tags as well that they are also keyword-rich.

  2. Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO is the optimization that happens outside of your website, and as I said above that “the latter one is quite difficult,” off-page SEO requires you to do some legwork because it happens through earning or getting backlinks, and so it takes a lot of time to happen or even to start happening.

    And it also requires you to create such content that people want to share with their contacts or in their networks. Even though it is more difficult than the first one, i.e., on-page SEO, this one is extremely beneficial as well as important for your website’s success and ranking.

    If your off-page SEO is of quality, you know that your website will rank higher and will gradually reach the top of the search results when people will search for things relevant to your website’s contents.

As we are now aware of what SEO is and the core elements of SEO as well, we will now move further to understand and learn the strategies of SEO.

Strategies in SEO

There are two ways to do or achieve everything and anything, one is a good and slow way, and the other is a quick way which gives you positive results soon but temporarily. And the same is true for SEO as well, and these ways in the SEO world are known as White hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, the latter (Black Hat SEO) gives you short-term success.

In simple words, Black hat SEO means applying some clever tactics such as keyword stuffing and link-scrapping to rank on Google, quickly. But this game never ends well with Google, it penalizes such websites and Google can even blacklist such websites as well who choose to go with Black hat SEO.

Also, Google will make sure that your website never ranks on its search results. So, this strategy of Black Hat SEO is never recommended by us, we do not endorse it.

And White Hat SEO is all about getting your website or a piece of content on your website ranked naturally by time, gradually. White Hat SEO takes enough time to show you your desired results, there is no doubt, but it is worth the time and effort you put into it.

To help you understand Black Hat SEO a bit clearer, below are some of the activities or examples of Black Hat SEO:

  • The Duplicity of Content: It is trying to get ranked on Google’s search results for certain keyword(s) by duplicating the content of your site. Doing it makes Google penalize that website, which is trying to do it.

  • Stuffing of the keywords: Keywords stuffing simply means using certain keywords repeatedly or forcefully in content. And sometimes, people who practice Black Hat SEO do stuffing of several keywords at the bottom of their articles and make those stuffed keywords of the same color as the background color of the article. Google has no tolerance for such activities, which forces it to blacklist your website at the soonest.

  • Poor Practice of Earning or Getting Links: As I said somewhere above that there are two ways to do or achieve anything and everything, the same applies here as well. The wrong way to do is to purchase or get thousands of links in exchange for some money. In this way, you end up getting links to no relevant websites, which takes no time for Google to smell and then take against your website.


The world of SEO is continuously evolving and is way too vast and interesting that you will find no end to it.

However, you can still learn it in parts and sections. But learning SEO and SEO strategies will help anyone who is planning to start a business or startup.

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