Best Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn from Ramayana

10 Best Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn from Ramayana


Best Life Lessons Everyone from Ramayana

In the Hindu religion, Ramayana is believed to be one of the sacred texts, which teaches the code of conduct (Dharma) to humans. As per Wikipedia, Ramayana is one of the largest epics in world literature. From generation to generation, kids are taught this epic in their daily routine as it is believed to teach morals to them and will help them lead a good life in the future.

Today, we are going to explore 10 such Best Life Lessons Everyone from Ramayana that everyone can learn and apply in their lives, the lessons ahead in this article shall leave a good impact on anyone who reads it.

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10 Best Life Lessons Everyone from Ramayana

#1. Relationships are More Important than Money

If you want to know why you should always value your relationship, you should look at the relationship between Rama, Lakshman, and Bharat. They teach us that relations should always be above everything else such as pride, money, greed, anger, etc.

You will see that Lakshman was always there with his brother Rama, during Rama’s van-vas for fourteen years, no matter what the situations were with Rama. And Bharat, who was given the responsibility of the Kingdom, never called himself the King and handed over the kingdom to Rama when he came back from van-vas after spending fourteen years there.

Best Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn from Ramayana
Best Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn from Ramayana

#2. Truth Always Prevails

Though this not seems practical nowadays, it is still a fact that truth always wins. It does not matter how strong or influential the lie or the evil is, it is bound to be defeated in the end. If you stick to the truth and are true to yourself as well, be assured that you are going to win in the end. This is the universal fate of lies, it never wins in the end. There is no doubt that the lies win in the beginning, but those winnings are never permanent because the storms of the truth finally hit it, and the lies’ emperor of sand loses its existence.

#3. Behave Equally Towards Everyone

This, I think, is the most important lesson that we all can and should learn in our life. And somehow this is what is lacking in today’s era, where people are getting discriminated against based on several things such as their caste, religion, skin color, their financial status, etc.

In Ramayana, Rama can be seen treating everyone equally, no matter if they are rich, poor, younger, or elder. Rama was the same for everyone, and this is what made him earn love and respect from everyone.

#4. Always Be in a Good Company

Here, the word “company” means the friend circle you hang out or spend your time with. It is important to be in the good company of people because they, in some way or another, have an influence on you as well as on your life. So, be careful and pay enough attention when you make friends. Because your good friends will help you to become a better version of yourself, they will push you to excel in your life’s journey, they will uplift you, and they will scold you when they will feel that you are going the wrong way but will forever be there for you, in all your ups and downs.

#5. We Can Overcome Difficulty with Unity

 It is a part of everyone’s life to encounter difficulties from time to time, we can overcome them all when we have unity. Dashratha and his family are an example of it, he had three wives and four sons but they never lacked in love for each other. Even when they were physically apart from each other and their life threw lemons at them, they were always united in their heart.

#6. Never Disrepute the Foe

We should always respect our enemy, for that enemy is also a human, no matter what they have done. This is what exactly has been done by Rama. After the death of Ravana In the war, his body got buried with full respect.

#7. Lures are Hazardous

Temptations can easily attract us towards them and harm us, so be always careful in life to not get indulged or fall into the traps of temptations. Remember, when Sita told Rama to catch that golden deer for her so that she can become friends with that golden deer? And this is when they all got in travel, soon after Rama went to catch that golden deer.

#8. Keep Your Vision Clear

It is very important to have a clear vision of what we want and how we want to do or achieve that particular thing. As Rama had in Ramayana, he knew with full clarity that he has to save his beloved Sita and defeat Ravana. And this is Rama’s clear vision that helped his team or army to get united and put their all in the war to rescue Sita from Ravana.

When we have our vision clear and we are aware of how we are going to proceed further in our mission, it helps us as a guide and keeps us motivated to keep going on our way and succeed at the same.

#9. Devotion

To succeed at anything demands our full dedication and attention unless we seldom achieve anything great. Hanumana is the best example of it. No matter what task was assigned to him, he completed that task with full dedication and sincerity and he used to succeed at them, too. And for this dedication, he was loved by all three – Sita, Rama, and Lakshman.

#10. We Should Not be Hurried

Hurriedly doing things is not the right way to do them, it seldom gives us better results. We should have enough patience and maintain our calm while doing anything, it reduces the chances of possible mistakes and also make us feel less tired after finishing them.


We hope that after Best Life Lessons Everyone from Ramayana now, you have got something useful to read and learn, and worth applying in your life.

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