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10 Best Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

Best Ways to Get More Traffic

Whoever writes and publishes blogs, whether on their website or some blogging platforms like Medium, Blogger, WordPress, LinkedIn, etc., surely wants to promote it and get more traffic or readers on their blog posts. Promoting blog posts helps it reach a wider audience and helps the website where it has been published grow. And for some valid reasons, it is necessary as well.

Because just writing and publishing a blog is not enough, to help it become successful, one needs to promote it, too. Until you promote your blogs, people or your audience will never know about the blogs you have put effort into creating and publishing online.

Today we are going to discuss and learn the same – how to promote your blogs and get more traffic. And to discuss and learn this, ahead we have listed the 10 ways to get traffic and promote your blog.

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Best Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog
Best Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

So, continue your reading ahead as this is going to be helpful for you in your blogging journey.

#1. Re-Imagine Your Content

Here, re-imagine means to figure out which of your blogs have performed well in comparison to the rest of the blogs on your website, after you are done with it, re-create it in some other forms. Those other forms can be an infographic, YouTube Shorts or full-length YouTube videos (as convenient), podcasts on the platforms like Spotify, or you can even divide them into a few slides and then upload it on social media platforms like Instagram.

This is also known as content repurposing and is helpful to increase traffic on both your website and blog post.

#2. By Link-Building

Building links on your site is to get backlinks for your site, which is an essential part of SEO and it provides you with long-term benefits. But before you proceed ahead to build links for your website to get more traffic, make sure that you are building links or getting backlinks (both are the same) from relevant sources. By sources, I meant the websites that are relevant to your niche.

For example, suppose that your blog post is addressing some smart strategies to grow a business, it would be beneficial for you if you could get a backlink from a website, which has posted similar content or such content that is, in some way, interlinked with your blog. These backlinks are called quality backlinks, which enhance the quality of your website as well.

#3. Social Media Promotion

Promoting your blog on social media platforms is a great way to drive traffic to your website and reach a wider audience. You just cannot ignore the potential that social media holds. Because we all are aware of the fact that people on average spend around 147 minutes, which amounts to 2 hours and 45 minutes on social media platforms or channels, daily. As per this Statista report’s graph, dated August 22, 2022.

So, using social media platforms as a promotion tool for your blog or website, or both will not only help you to get good traffic but organic and increased traffic as well. One useful thing that you can do to make your social media promotion effort worthwhile, especially on Facebook, is to join relevant groups and post your relevant stuff there but make sure that they allow the members to promote in the group.

#4. Post Responses on Quora

There is no doubt that Quora provides great promotion opportunities for blogs. It does not matter what topic you discuss or address in your blog posts, you will always find like-minded people on Quora asking or posting relevant questions. You can address their queries there, by including your relevant blog’s link in your answer.

For example, suppose you have written a blog helping psychology students find some best psychology colleges in Delhi/NCR, you will find people asking similar questions on Quora. Now, while answering that question on Quora itself, you can include or embed that related blog’s link somewhere in the answer.

But to be able to do this all, you need to create an account on Quora and start answering the questions that are relevant to your niche, consistently.

#5. Use Flipboard

Flipboard is a social media network that collects from the internet and then stores them on its cloud for the readers to read. It enables bloggers to share their blogs with their followers on Flipboard and let the followers read them right from the platform.

Flipboard can also help you to drive more organic traffic to your website which will further help your site to become more popular and will also help with the branding of your website.

#6. Contact Influencers

Reaching out to influencers can be significantly beneficial for you to get your blogs promoted by them. Find out the influencers who are from your niche, and ask them if they are willing to promote your blog in their network or connections. But is not that easy, you may get several rejections from them before succeeding.

But once they agree to promote your blog, you will find that it is worth doing or worth the wait if you succeed after too many rejections.

Getting your blog promoted by influencers can easily get you increased website traffic and widen your audience, as they have notably huge fan-following on their social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter.

#7. By Writing Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to promote your blogs and earn quality backlinks for your sites, but it is also not an easy task to do. Guest posting means reaching out to blogs of your niche and pitching them ideas to publish on their blogs.

It is a beneficial way for both of you – the blog host where you will do guest blogging and you. What they get is a unique and fresh post and you receive a backlink for your website, which will further boost the credibility of your website leading to improved ranking on Google search results.

The more backlink your website gets, the better it ranks on the search engines.

But to write a guest post and get quality backlinks, you are required to create quality-rich blogs, which require a lot of time and research on the topic you are writing.

#8. Networking on Other Blogs

Though it does not effects your search engine rankings it is still helpful for your blogging journey. When you visit others’ blogs, leave your views in their comments. Say relevant things in the comments and don’t spam their comment section with self-promotional comments, compliment that blog or share your honest feedback, instead.

It will develop a genuine interest in them to visit your profile and eventually will come to read your blogs, as you will come to their notice. And it will also help you to build positive relationships with the other bloggers in your industry or related to your niche.

And who knows, your this relationship with those bloggers makes them find something so useful and interesting in your blogs that they share and promote it with their networks by themselves. Sounds cool, right?

#9. Online Paid Advertising

It is also one of the most widely used ways to promote content on the internet. Because it delivers quick results, people do not hesitate to use it. But the drawback of this method is that for using this method, you need to have a good budget. Without a proper budget, market research, and planning, you might end up exhausting your funds, which will make things difficult for you.

But if you are having a proper budget and have taken all the necessary precautions before proceeding with paid advertisement, it will worth the effort.

Paid advertisement will make your content reach the right audience and by using this method you can also target your audience based on their location, age, profession, etc. This process is popularly known as search engine marketing.

#10. Last But Not Least – Write Consistently

It is no less important than any of the above-mentioned ways, so do not take it that way. Write and publish unique and fresh blogs consistently and regularly. There more blogs are on your website, the more chances are there for your website’s ranking to be improved.

And once your site ranking has been improved, blogs on your website will also get promoted along.

Writing and publishing blogs continuously might get you collaboration offers from other bloggers from your industry or niche. So, keep writing and publishing new blogs on your website and update the existing blogs on your website with the latest information, stats, or data relevant to that particular blog. This will help you generate more traffic for your website and blogs.


So, here we have discussed the 10 ways to get traffic and promote your blog. These methods or ways will help you get traffic to your blog and your blog can be promoted. We hope that it was a helpful and informative read for you.

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