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Inspiring Success Story of Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman Kent RO | 2023

Success Story of Dr. Mahesh Gupta

In this article, we talk about the Success Story of Dr. Mahesh Gupta. There are many RO companies out there in the world and India as well. And in India, Kent RO is a brand that is known to all and most of us use it as well. But, do we know the story behind Kent RO’s existence and about its founder-chairman, Dr. Mahesh Gupta? Maybe, very few of us are aware of him but not all of us, right? Especially, we common people.

Today, we will explore the success story of Dr. Mahesh Gupta, also known as The Pure Water Man, and will know his story of founding Kent RO Systems. Keep reading it till the end and explore it all!

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Dr. Mahesh Gupta’s Education and Career

In the year 1975, Mahesh Gupta completed his study of mechanical engineering at IIT Kanpur and became a graduate and then pursued his masters Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), Dehradun. And when he completed his masters in the year 1978, his exceptional academic credentials got him a job in the sales department of Indian Oil Corporation. But growth over stability was his preference so he quit that job in the year 1988 and began to manufacture the instruments for conversational oil under the banner “Kent Oil Market,” which is still running successfully in the market.

Dr. Mahesh Gupta Came Up with the Idea of Kent RO and its Continuation

Due to drinking polluted water, Dr. Mahesh Gupta’s two children were suffering from Jaundice, which made him realize the call of the hour to fix the issue or find a solution. He also found out that the available water purifiers then were either of no quality or way too costly for the masses of people to afford. And one more thing that he found in those costly water purifiers is that they were not able to refine the dissolved bacteria in the water. Here is where he came up with the idea to create hand-made, and to do this, he brought some components from abroad and proceeded forward on his way to create hand-made purifiers then in the year 1988, the first domestic RO water purifier has been launched by Dr. Mahesh Gupta, after which, Kent Ro Systems was established, from the scratch. The competition was highly tough in the market due to the big players in the RO industry were already on the playground, but still, no matter how tough the competition was and how well-established the players were, Kent RO faced it all and managed to outshine them all in the market and today it is the leading water purifier brand and one of the most trusted water purifier brands in the country (India). Also, it has 40 percent of the market share in the segment of water purifiers.

The exceptional contribution of Dr. Mahesh Gupta made him earn the title of “The Pure Water Man of India.”

In an interview with News 18, when the interviewer asked him about his satisfaction that what he has done to get that, “not 100 percent,” Dr. Mahesh Gupta said. There is more that he wants to do as he acknowledged that his Kent RO has reached only 2 percent of the population, and thus, a lot there are a lot of people who are not able to use quality water purifiers as they are too expensive to afford. Instead of purchasing highly expensive purifiers, one can get a Kent RO Purifier at just two thousand and five hundred rupees (2,500).


So, this was all that we had to explore in the inspiring Success Story of Dr. Mahesh Gupta RO Chairman. Hope that this was an inspirational and informative read for you.

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