10 Popular Google Marketing Tools for Start-up Business

10 Popular Google Marketing Tools for Start-up Business


Popular Google Marketing Tools

Are you familiar with the strength of Monster Google? It acquaints a whopping 3.5 billion searches every day, revealing the amount of traffic and lead generation prospects it could create. Google has now become a lot more than a regular search engine, and the latest upgrades in its tools further ensure a better success rate. An online marketer cannot survive in the virtual world unless they optimise their web pages with popular Google marketing tools.

Is Google helpful for start-up businesses? Indeed Yes! Google beholds a superpower of allocating the right genre of customers towards your products or services. It is imperative to gain maximum advantage from these tools to register an upward surge in your business graph. Entrepreneurs having the vision to do bigger in the online businesses must try these pro-Google tools and skyrocket their profit graphs.

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Let’s sneak out on the list of top tools.google-marketing tools

Top 10 Google Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

#1. Google My Business

Listing your business is the primary step to visibility on Google search results. Google My Business, also earlier known as ‘Google Places’, is the stepping stone to your virtual dynamics. With this, you will also start appearing in the top search results of Google Maps. Google My Listing accelerates the growth of your local business, and with a couple of steps, you can have a dedicated Google+ Page for the business visibility. It is the most common marketing tool used by maximum online businesses.

#2. Google+ Business Pages

Is your virtual existence much more than a local business setup? Google decides to revamp the Google Authorship, and the Google+ Business page is an ideal way to keep your businesses alive here. With this, users can receive the latest updates on your business page’s recent offers and alterations. Google+ Listing is a critical step to go the extra mile for optimising the facet of your online businesses. As Google adds a +1 share button to the top listed sites, they automatically start getting more visitors, and the site starts ranking on the top pages.

#3. Google Webmaster Tools

Want to know your site’s data analytics in the sight of Google? Then start with the creation of the Google Webmaster Tools Account. It would alarm you against the faulty activities that could hamper your site’s ranking on the top search results. This also aids in analysing the existing search traffic, and it directly affects how the visitors can search you.

#4. Google Suite: Sheet, Forms, Doc and Slides

Want to work jointly with the other marketers on a common platform? Utilising these google suite tools is an advanced way to work jointly instead of conventional software products. Smart and Google Friendly entrepreneurs use Google Suit for:

  • Google Docs for Word Document
  • Google Sheets to Use Excel Spreadsheet
  • Google Slide to Create PowerPoint Presentation
  • Google Forms for gathering responses from surveys

Compiling them and using them collectively can aid in retaining the marketing data records, preparing slide share presentations, keeping track of blog posts, and creating surveys. It simplifies the management of crucial projects as the entire team can collaborate on the same pitch at the tap of their fingers through the mobile app.

#5. Google Adwords

Heading up with the next marvels of Google to spike online business marketing and management, Google Adwords is a great option to go for. When any business creates ads and targets a certain set of keywords relevant to businesses, the ads automatically pop up after the appearance of organic search results on top. Dabbling with Google Adwords is a good idea once you get the knack for it.

Owing to its reach in connecting you with the customers directly, AdWords is the most valuable tool as it can render long-term search outcomes. It is also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing and prices vary depending on the actual organic traffic on your website. Acquire in-depth knowledge about this tool to accelerate your efforts in the right direction.

#6. Google DoubleClick Search

Half of your Google marketing is done by AdWords, while the strategizing part is done through the DoubleClick Searches. It is also an integral part of your SEM strategy that can yield lucrative results in future. DoubleClick enables the advertisers to get a tentative idea on hitting the right spaces online. It puts across the best channels for the marketers to understand the power of keyword optimisation and how it can fetch maximum ads and leads to your pages. It works as a powerful tool to calculate the market behaviour of the audiences.

#7. Google Trends

Combination of Google Trends and AdWords Keyword Planner can bring up perfect choices to infuse the right keywords in your site optimisation tasks. Rightful evaluation of important terms and tweaking close keyword variations help seek the popularity of distinct keyword suggestions. Google Trends is also effective in putting across the best topics, content, and news to achieve top positions.

#8. Google Drive

Bothered about the loss of crucial business-related data? Google Drive is the free data storage service by Google that grants a 15 GB of data in its drive, including documents, videos, designs, photos and many more. Google Drive simplifies the task management with your team, and it’s possible to quickly access large size documents or images without the trouble of those tedious email attachments.

#9. Google Alerts

With the mindful use of Google Alerts, entrepreneurs can access the web and identify the existence of certain keywords or phrases. Users can prevail an email alert if web users prompt the relevant phrases. Getting notifications helps divert the efforts on the right tangent and analyse the competitors mindfully. You can slowly develop a great business reputation and head up in the race with its smart use.

#10. Google News

The latest terminology that’s amplifying the marketing strategy of Google is newsjacking. Creating content and stories that get attention is a way of introducing your business to interested readers. With Google News, you can identify the news seeking market attention and come up with similar topics that attract higher traffic and have newsjacking potentials. It is a part of content strategy for most people these days.

Apart from the above stated top Google marketing tools, many other advanced tools could level up your online marketing experience and create a unique brand image for your business. Using Google Voice is again an advanced way to develop customised voicemails or connect with customers for better reachability.

Google also provides a Calendar tool to organise your activities, meetings, events and schedule them on the right path. You can also try using Google Analytics which facilitates the exact metrics on time spent by the customers on your site area. It also shows red flags if there’s a high bounce rate which means you need to occupy leads with better content and marketing strategies.

Wrapping Up

Google Marketing tools bring up a host of important and effective products that can augment the online representation of the businesses and pull off better prospects specifically for the startups. With the growing craze of the internet, advertisers are shelling out a lot of money for online marketing and gaining the advantage of this depends on the right execution of Google marketing tools.

Equip yourself with the latest Google trends and carry out a detailed study on the latest SEM strategies opted by top contenders. Ranking on top pages is not an overnight affair, and you need to put in a large amount of dedication, perseverance and patience for being successful at your work. Google can dig riches for you, provided you hit the right chords at the right time with the correct application of techniques.

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