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Top 10 EdTech Companies in India 2023

EdTech Companies in India

Today we talk about the Edtech Companies in India: It’s the combined use of computer technology, programming, instructive hypothesis, and practice to aid learning. When EdTech refers to companies that make instructive innovation or develop Education Technology, it is usually used to refer to organisations’ business that makes instructional innovation or create Education Technology.

With cutting-edge technology, students can now gain a more personalised perspective and better understand concepts, as new technology allows them to deliver graphical introductions to a few disciplines. Students can also store their instructor-led training material, videos, presentations, and other materials in the learning material portal. They can watch the videos or participate in interactive sessions whenever they need to learn or understand the topic. They now have the flexibility to tailor their concentration on schedule to their adaptability.

Ed-tech has empowered teachers, which has provided them with digital grading, digitalised classrooms, and the ability to assess the student’s critical areas to work on more meticulously.

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#1. BYJU’s

It is an e-learning company that is India’s largest Ed-Tech company. The company provides highly versatile, likeable, and successful learning programs for children in LKG, UKG, classes 1–12, and serious tests like JEE, NEET, and IAS. BYJU’S offers a learning app named “BYJU’S – The Learning App,” which was created and distributed in 2015 for grades 4 through 12. Their app now has 75 million enrolled students and 5.2 million students.

#2. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education was one of the first in India to promote technical and competency certifications. The institute has valued the gap between the current academic program’s instructional and the industry’s specific requirements. These courses also aid both aspiring and experienced professionals to study the untapped labour market, which relies heavily on precise spatial information and a wide range of competencies. Henry Harvin has Industry Deep Rooted Trainers with extensive preparation experience for its students and clients.

Henry Harvin Education specialises in interactive content for progressive E-Learning Portals (LMS). On-demand counselling and instruction are available. Henry Harvin has earned the trust of over 1100 top corporations and 60 premium colleges. Henry Harvin’s teaching is based on the GCAO Learning Model, emphasising application.

#3. Cuemath – The Math Expert

It employs a “learn-by-doing” strategy. It also entails encouraging “out-of-the-box thinking” and love of arithmetic in younger kids.

Cuemath also supports female mentors and provides them with considerable job opportunities. Until the moment of writing this post, Cuemath had around 1200 teachers. Cuemath also supports female mentors and provides them with numerous job opportunities. Until the moment of writing this post, Cuemath had about 1200 teachers.

Their remarkable learning outcomes have attracted financial supporters such as Google Capital.

#4. Flintoclass – Preschool @ Home

The organisation offers a learning package that includes easy-to-follow pre-recorded sessions with flexible scheduling. Also, offer a board month-to-month pack that allows students to learn at home. There are activities based on Waldorf, John Dewey, Multiple Intelligences, and the Playway Method. There are over 560 incredible multi-tactile experiences that encourage unfettered development. On a term-by-term basis, packed and delivered at your doorstep (at no additional expense). Attractive exercises that focus on developing the 16 formative capacities.

Flintobox is an extracurricular kit for kids who like unstructured play, while Flintoclass@HOME is a complete early learning programme that brings preschool training to your door.

#5. Unacademy -India’s Largest Learning Platform

It provides learning resources and video addresses for India’s major placement examinations. Unacademy is a top choice among understudies for JEE, NEET, and UPSC.

Unacademy now boasts over 12,000 instructors who offer a variety of free and paid courses. They assist you in practising and re-examining. You may listen to recordings, watch shows, and even download instructors’ PDF notes. Every day, Unacademy hosts live classes. One-on-one interactive sessions with teachers, where you can ask questions, participate in live surveys and have your questions answered while the class is in session.

With their training area, mock tests, and talk notes supplied as PDFs for your reading, Unacademy’s learning isn’t only limited to classes.

#6. Toppr

Clients, topper values Happiness -Achieve a positive result in the lives of our students; Honesty – Maintain a level of openness in our cycles and duties. Speed – Do now what we might be able to do tomorrow; Advancement -Shift the most established industry and find better ways to do it; Effectiveness – Find quick and clever solutions to fulfil our goals. Greatness With each accomplishment, aim higher and strive to reach it; Compassion – Keep pupils in mind by putting themselves in their shoes. Transparency – Do what must be done and say what needs to be spoken.

It features about 1.5 million learning elements, including a wide range of practice problems, arrangements, ideas, and recordings that all work together to provide 360° learning. Toppr uses computerised reasoning to put together AI calculations about the top of this sturdy foundation to make students’ wants easier.

#7. Brainly

Brainly is a knowledge-sharing community where 350 million students and experts get together to solve their most difficult schooling problems.

The core beliefs of Brainly bind us together across geologies, communities, and levels. They represent our shared view on how we work at Brainly – how we make decisions, collaborate, treat one another, and consider the value we add to our local community of students, guardians, and instructors. Each question is approached with zeal by Brainly.

They open up about what went wrong and freely share what they’ve learnt with others. They welcome the unexpected and look for new ways to view change as an opportunity. They shake things up and are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, our job, and our team.

#8. com is a comprehensive web search tool for students, parents, and educators seeking information on advanced education topics in India and overseas. is a reliable source of general, concise, and relevant information on schools and colleges.

CollegeDunia was created to fulfil a dream of educating understudies so they can make more informed decisions about their profession and alma mater. Students can use as a one-stop shop to research their dream school, available courses, the application process, and other more user-friendly tools to improve the most prevalent method of locating a matriculation institute. is a non-traditional platform that focuses on delivering quality to enable them to meet extremely active competition.

#9. WizIQ

WizIQ is a simple way to learn and prepare on the internet. It’s a cloud-based learning delivery platform with several built-in features, such as a virtual homeroom, course directors, content creation, video streaming, tests and evaluations, experiences and examinations, and distant learning.

WizIQ is a simple-to-use, versatile, and clever innovation that allows instructors, specialised schooling co-ops, and corporations to deliver and monitor live and self-guided learning.

#10. PlayShifu

Two old friends and new dads set out to realise a dream: to make screen time more meaningful while also gaining greater compassion for the next generation. It’s where PlayShifu got its start!

According to grades K to 5, applications adapt to content-based learning. In addition, the app displays math, geography, the arts, social science, ecological investigations, and much more.


India is expected to be the largest internet-based education buying market in a few years. Since school has been closed due to Covid-19, the changing landscape of work and education in India has accelerated. The finest tech companies listed above are changing the way students study. It makes learning more convenient and accessible to everybody, at any time and from any location. The following are India’s top EdTech companies.

Edtech has enormous potential in the next years, so financial investors rush to get a piece of the action before it’s too late.

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