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The Top Architectural Beauties of the World

Every place has its own best architecture, which makes the area unique. People use their skills and best construction knowledge to create beautiful architectural designs. Some monuments of ancient relics come from the best architectural wonders and have become a favorite sport of tourists. 

Historical architectural beauties are made by people full of skills because those creations are much better than today’s people’s creations. Modern architectural beauties are also going to make history in the future. Let’s talk about some Top Architectural Beauties of the world.

Names of the Top Architectural Beauties of the world:

#1. Mount Rushmore National Memorial:  

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You might hear about the famous faces on a giant mountain. This architecture is present in South Dakota, USA. The mountain contains four faces of the famous president of the United States. The names of the presidents are Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and George Washington. Doane Robinson made the creation.

The whole mountain with its face is spread over 1,278,45 acres, and the height of the architecture is 5,725. Now, most people know about this beautiful architecture all over the world, and it comes among the Top Architectural Beauties of the world. This architecture has also been shown in many movies from different countries.

#2. National Museum present in Qatar: 

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The collection of artwork is one of many things that make the Qatar National Museum different from others. The architecture of the museum is unique to others. Jean Nouvel designed it with his great imagination. The museum is located on Al Aaliya Street in Doha.

The museum recreates the desert rose beauty. The crystal formation and even the unique small details attract tourists from all over the world. The whole museum is spread over 430,500 square feet. It’s a great example of developing technology and creativity.

#3. The Big Ben:

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Big Ben, a giant clock tower, contains more than 13760 kg of weight. The clock tower’s height and impressive clock and design make Big Ben unique. The beauty of the tower is enhanced during sunset or sunrise. The clock tower is present in London, United Kingdom. 

The tower is near the river Thames, which automatically enhances its beauty. It’s one of the oldest buildings, designed in 1844. Big Ben is shown in many movies or shows. It’s another famous tourist spot, but visiting under the tower is not allowed.

#4. Khajuraho:

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Khajuraho is present in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is full of historical monuments and architecture, and one of them is Khajuraho. The temple in this area represents the love of the Hindu gods Shiva and Parvati. Khajuraho shows a lot more things about Indian Hinduism and Jainism.

The walls of Khajuraho represent different Apsara and demigod stories. Details on the walls represent the beautiful architecture and hard work of the workers who made this beautiful monument. The place was also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

#5. Burj Khalifa:

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Burj Khalifa is a very popular architectural structure all over the world. It’s present in Dubai, UAE. It comes in modern architectural wonders. It’s the tallest building in the whole world, and it has 2717 feet of height. It looks luxurious and classy. The construction of this building started in 2005.

Tourists always remember to visit this place whenever they visit Dubai. It also contains the highest elevator, which covers the longest travel distance. It’s one of the best attractions in Dubai, and the Burj Khalifa gets mentioned in movies or songs.

#6. Parthenon:

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 The location of this Architectural Acropolis, Greece. The Parthenon was built in the 5th century, and architecture was built in ancient times. The temple was built following a Doric order. It may look like an imperfect design, but it’s a pure masterpiece. It’s perfect in size, dimensions, or perspective. Some people believe that it’s planned to ignore some parodies in the vision of humans.

People who know construction and technology can understand the technology gets used in this and how it is perfectly imperfect. The Callicrates and Ictinus constructed it. It can be a must-visit place in Greece.

#7. Leaning the Tower of Pisa:

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the oldest buildings in the world and shows how creative the human mind can be. The build work was completed after the war in 1399. The architectural style is present in Duomo Square, Italy. The Leaning Tower of Pisa came in one of the famous tourist places with a Romanesque style.

Gherardo di Gherardo, Giovani di Simone, Bonanno Pisano, and Giovanni Pisano gave their best to complete this art. The unique angle of the tower shows its beauty and creativity. It is 60 meters in height. The tower has eight stories and a total of 207 columns.

#8. Grand Mosque:


The most impressive architectural structure in Kuwait is a grand mosque. It’s the most visited place by tourists because of its creative creation by Islamic architecture. The whole mosque is spread over 46,000 square meters, and it covers 20,000 square meters.

The whole area gets used for prayers, religious activities, and also during Ramadan. It welcomes all people who want to enjoy the beauty of this mosque. Women have to wear long pants with a long-sleeved shirt to enter the mosque. Traditional Robes and a hand scarf are also necessary to enter the mosque.


The world is full of amazing architectural beauty, and covering them all is not possible. Each place has its own best monument, like Egypt has a pyramid. All architectural areas are visited by a large number of tourists every day because they are not unique in a particular place but unique in the whole world.

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