Expensive Packed Water Bottles

Top 5 Most Expensive Packed Water Bottles


If I say to you think about some of the most expensive things in the world, what are the things you would think of? Well, you will probably think about luxurious cars, exported watches, branded shoes, diamond necklaces, pens, etc. but would you ever think of expensive packed water bottles? Probably not, would you?

Yes, you read that right! Even packed water bottles can also be way too expensive. There are a good few such expensive packed water bottles available in the market, their price tag will make you think whether what you are seeing is real or not. Though some of us may already be aware of the existence of such highly expensive packed water bottles. But most of us do not.

So, here is a list of the top 5 expensive packed water bottles. Read this article till the end because this article is going to be an informative one.

#1. Fine – $5 (₹413.7225) per 750ML

This packed water bottle comes from Japan, naturally filtered through ancient volcanic rock from deep below Mount Fuji, which makes the water completely free of pollutants.

With a subtle distinct flavor, it is soft to the pallet. The company was started in 2005 and bottles quality-rich spring water.

Fine is one of the most expensive bottled waters in the world.

#2. Tasmanian Rain – $5 (₹413.7225) per 750ML

The origin of this bottled water is the Island of Tasmania, which is a state in Australia. It is as pure as the rainwater falls from the sky, and is bottled into sleek and stylish bottles. This bottle contains rainwater that never touches the ground and is directly packed and then infused with bubbles, making it enjoyable and soft.

#3. Lauquen Artes Mineral Water – $6 (₹496.359) per 750ML

This bottled water, also known as The Artesian Spring Water, comes from San Carlos Barilpoche’s mountain-fed aquifer, located in the southernmost region of Argentina.

The spring is 500 meters below the ground and surrounded by an untouched forest of 20 acres.

Until bottled, this mineral water never comes in touch with the environment.

#4. Aqua Deco $12 (₹992.718) per 750ML

This bottled water is known for its most unique artistic bottle, the water inside the bottle comes from an untouched, unspoiled spring in Canada.

In 2007, this bottled water has bagged gold for being the best non-carbonated drinking water. This bottled water is one of the favorites of water enthusiasts.

#5. Kona Nigari Water – $402 (₹33,256.053) per 750 ML

About Kona Nigari Water, it is believed that it helps lose weight and is capable of enhancing the quality of your skin and energizing you.

This water comes from Hawaii Island, which is located a thousand feet below the surface of the ocean. Containing naturally occurring deep ocean electrolytes, Kona is said to be more satisfying for quenching thirst.

Some of the most recognized fitness trainers and dermatologists recommend this bottled water.

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