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Why did English Become the Global Language?

There are more than thousands of languages spoken around the world. While each language is important and valuable on its own, the language that is leading all the fronts of today is the English is a global language.

20% of the world’s population speaks the English language, according to the statistic that was shared by Babbel Magazine.

English is not only one of the most popular languages in the world but is also the language that is most commonly studied as a foreign language.

Do we know how and why did English become the global language?

Have you also gone through the same thought in your mind?

Here, in this article, we are going to explore the same. But before we start our exploration, let us know its history, very briefly.

The English that we are speaking today, is very different from its origin, which dates back to the 5th century. Modern-day English is a combination of numerous foreign words included in the dictionary of English.

Now, we will move ahead and will learn why did English become the global language.

#1. Hollywood

The role of Hollywood movies is very huge and significant in making English the global language, as they have the largest audience on the globe and are often dubbed into many regional languages for people to watch. They are very helpful for people who are willing to learn English or want to enhance their vocabulary or pronunciation.

Hollywood movies are also helpful to adopt the accent they communicate in.

#2. Business

English and Business go hand-in-hand as globalization is happening all around the world. Being the global language, English makes it easier for top-notch corporates to communicate with their employees spread overseas and the people they are doing business with.

#3. English Songs

English songs have been influential for a long time. Just like Hollywood movies, English songs are also playing an important role in making English the global language because people all around the world listen to English songs with great passion, whether to look cool among their friends or for any reason but English songs are loved, internationally.

English songs are also helpful in gaining flow while English speaking, especially when listening to RAP songs by some famous rappers.

#4. Books

The English language is not only widely spoken but also a language that is widely read and is the most preferred language for written publication. Most of the books that are written in regional languages are translated into English.

#5. Simplicity of English

Well, opinions might vary here but if we compare English to any other language, it is easier to learn because of its not-so-complicated grammar. For anyone who wants to learn English, spoken English classes are there to help them because such classes give them an environment of English speaking.

#6. Trade Sectors

English is the language that is commonly used in all sectors or fields such as science, technology, mathematics, finance, tourism, business, etc.

And this is one of the reasons why English is the present global language of the world.

#7. Versatility

The vast vocabulary of the English language has made it one of the most versatile languages in the world. In English, there are several ways to express the same thing. There are a few categories in the English language – formal English, informal English, conversational English, and slang.

#8. Internet

The most used language on the internet is English, according to Internet World Stats. Most of the content that is produced online is in English.


So, above we have discussed some of the reasons why did English become the Global Language. English is the language that all of us can understand and communicate in, while other languages cannot be understood by all except native speakers of the language.

And because English can be understood by all, it has earned its position as a global language.

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