Top 10 Motivational Movies Should Watch Every Indian

Top 10 Motivational Movies Should Watch Every Indian


Top 10 Motivational Movies

Here are the Top 10 Motivational Movies: Motivational Movies commonly known as Bollywood is one the best cinema industry of the world also it gives maximum releases in every year and if production is high then surely result is high. So, Bollywood also gives highest hit as well as highest flop of the world. The Bollywood is one of the richest sector of world movie making industry and also has the highest no. of actors. Since, it provides many movies some are hit some are flops which also give many knowledge as well as information for society with a good message and few movies provides motivation in common life. So, let’s talk about the Top 10 Motivational Movies-

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Top 10 Motivational Movies Should Watch Every Indian
#1. Dangal-This is one of the most famous movie of the world with very high gross rate and collection as well. The movie was directed by Rajkumar Hirani with one of the brilliant actor of Bollywood ‘Amir khan’ the story was based on true incident which was held in Haryana. The movie gives very good information to society about girl equality from a small village to international level with lot of critics from the society and family as well. Finally, they overcome the situation.

#2. Toilet Ek Prem Katha- this movie also provides a brilliant message to society about sanitary system and how it is very important this movie gives critics among the ethic of the society and its negative impact. The movie gives a very good message to society and also strong motivation to those who are of such mentality and also for those who is working against it.

#.3 Padman- This is also a perfect motivational movie for Indian society. In this movies it is shown that how a women suffer during the period which very natural and always present in the society. Actor Akshay Kumar works very brilliantly in the movie and is always known for his work.

#4. Manjhi the mountain man- This movie is based on true incident from Bihar in which it is shown that how a poor man change and make revolution after working on it to fulfill your dream not to depend on other just from where you are and reach where you want. It is a perfect eg. Of struggle and hard working of a poor illiterate villager of Indian society who lost his beloved wife in an accident and that change his whole life.

#5. Bhaag milkha bhaag- This movie is actually a biography of Indian athlete milkha singh who lost his everything during the division the India Pakistan at the time of independence. After that he started a new life in society after losing everyone except his sister. This movie is great motivation for anyone who has lost all his hopes.

#6. Taare jamin par- this movie is an all time favorite or the one of the great movie the bollywood which show story of a boy who has interest in some other thing but forced to get education and also suffer from a disease but no one had found what had happened to him always forced for education which was quite tough and later with help of a teacher he finally make everyone shocked with his tremendous performance.

#7. Iqbaal- This movie is totally different from the league. The story moves around a boy, who was dumb and deaf but want to be a cricketer. Later, he had learn everything from an ex-player and later become successful.

#8. Guru – The movie has story of a village boy who want to do better at any cost and always has a planned and also has to plan to execute the plan. The movie very different story it is one of the best movie of Abhishek bacchan with brilliant acting he started business from very low level and after a long struggle achieved all the goal of the society.

#9. Lagaan- The movie is made on the time of british rule on India. In this, a boy from the village who don’t want to pay high tax and forced to pay has revolted against the rule and later accepted the challenge to defeat in the cricket and he made all this possible with lots of struggle and work. Later, he became successful.

#0. Munna Bhai MBBS – This is one of the best movies of Sanjay Dutt’s career. The movie consists comedy and funny scenes a lot also provide a good lesson in society. I think everyone must love to watch this.

So, these are some of the best motivational movies of Bollywood. Many more are available and this list may vary with opinion and choices. Thanking you!

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