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How to Grow Exponentially Interior Design Business?

The interior design business or interior designer market is extremely competitive. That is why it is crucial that one knows some exceptional ideas to increase their online presence, increase sales, and make profits. 

In today’s world, everything is getting digitalized, which is a fact. The pandemic has taught us the importance of using technology to get work 24/7. Below are some pointers that help a firm to grow phenomenally in the interior design market.

Having a professionally designed website and an excellent work portfolio

One must have a professionally designed website. The website should not be ordinary looking or bland. When a firm wants to get a high-paying clientele, then the design of the website is the first thing that should come to mind. 

Some of these clients are ready to pay close to 4-5lakhs in commission and 50-60 lakhs in interior designing projects. The firm must be willing to make a worthwhile investment in its website. The reason for that is the client does not know the firm personally. 

The website represents the firm, and that is why it should be able to highlight everything about the firm. As the saying goes, the first impression is the best impression. So impressed clients will go ahead and browse the website.

Otherwise, they will close it and move on to another interior designer website. As mentioned above, the interior design market is one of the most competitive endeavors, and it takes a lot to stand out from the rest.

A poorly designed website with no work portfolio will affect the interior design firm badly. That is why the interior design business must have a good portfolio. A portfolio is one of the first things a customer will look at when hiring an interior design firm. 

The portfolio must help the firm stand and be more than merely a collection of projects in a single presentation. One needs to design a separate portfolio for commercial and residential. Some ideas to include would be:

  • Proper images. 
  • Some 3D renderings, if possible.
  • Ideal boards and colors.
  • Make sure to have the portfolio organized.

Moreover, the interior design firm must answer the following questions:

  • Does the firm specialize in residential or commercial interior design?
  • What is the design style, whether it is modern or contemporary?
  • What is the work niche?
  • What are the other unique services offered by the firm?

The basic idea here that many firms seem to fail to notice is creating their own USP. Since there are tons of interior designers out there, one must have their own unique identity to get noticed easily. 

This is the best way to get the client to sign on the dotted lines effortlessly. Visitors tend to get amazed by the amount of information that is present online. Most of the time, large corporations and organizations tend to steal the attention of smaller firms. 

This is when having a unique identity with a fantastic logo, work portfolio, and work experience can help the company stand out.

Some ways to do that are given below:

  • Find out the target audience. 
  • Cement the company’s brand.
  • Choose a mild color scheme and design. 
  • Have a unique name for the firm. 
  • One must be consistent with the image of the brand.

Why social media marketing is a critical point for any interior design business?

Secondly, there is the marketing aspect for any interior design business to grow exponentially in an already competitive marketplace. This is known as social branding. It can be done with the help of creating content on social media.

One can highlight their earlier projects, prepare noteworthy videos, and make time-lapse. The idea here is not to bring clients but to inform visitors about the work that has been done by the firm. 

What happens when a visitor wants to find an interior designer in a particular town, city, or country? Then the firm’s website might show up. When the visitor clicks on the website, it is even better. 

Please understand that no visitor can convert into a client at the first glance of the website. It will take some time to gain trust and be convinced. The visitor makes a call or emails the firm. But the firm can re-market the visitor using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

This enables the visitor to view the work that the firm has done, develop the trust, and then make the conversion. 


These were some powerful ideas for an interior design business to grow exponentially in the market. So, a firm should focus on the design of the website, the work portfolio, and the social media marketing campaign. 

Doing that can enable them to grow significantly well in the market, attract more high-paying clients, and make stupendous profits.


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