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Lalika Sharma- Aspiring Journey of a Businesswoman, Success Secrets and Challenges Unveiled!

Lalika Sharma- is a Director of Sales and Marketing in MMA Design. The MMA Design Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2016 with the aim and vision to provide world-class furniture made in India. 

Give us a bit of background about yourself and your company.

I grew up in a small town, and despite the limited resources, I always harbored numerous dreams and aspirations to achieve something meaningful. The desire to become an independent woman fueled my ambitions. Despite the challenges of coming from a modest background, my dad gave us ample exposure. My dad strongly believes that girls should be financially independent and has consistently advocated for the importance of financial independence for women. In our family, he took a stand, ensuring that his daughters received a proper upbringing with access to opportunities not readily available in our small town.

I earned my Master’s degree, setting the foundation for my professional pursuits.

Post-marriage, my spouse played an instrumental role in my entrepreneurial journey. His encouragement has significantly contributed to my journey as a business professional.

Established in 2016 by my husband, MMA Design is committed to creating high-quality furniture that enhances luxurious living spaces.

Throughout our substantial presence in the industry, we have embraced a forward-thinking approach, guiding the business toward remarkable accomplishments.

Where does your interest in Leadership come from – how did you start?

Since childhood, I have been an aspiring young girl determined to become an independent woman! MMA Design Company paved the path to success for my leadership journey. It was all created from scratch, so my determination was the only driving force to help me succeed.

An open-minded perspective and a sincere approach to finding the correct direction brought me to my current position. I indeed had the support to propel me forward, allowing me to believe in my aspirations and turn them into actual accomplishments.

My Leadership journey started with experience in the aviation industry, where I honed my skills and learned perfection in my work. It was a transformative experience marked by continuous learning and notable achievements. This journey served as both inspiration and a valuable asset in my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Give us insights into the significant offerings of the company. And how does the company support people with its offerings?

MMA Design Pvt Ltd is a leading furniture supplier that offers top-quality furniture products with supreme detailing. We offer entirely made-in-India products and stringently adhere to European specifications. 

We supply furniture to corporate offices, hospitals, restaurants, and airports across India.

For us, the customer is more valuable! Hence, the outcome is not a need-driven product but an Aspirational product. We focus on designs that meet our customers’ needs and demands. With top-notch fabrics and excellent specifications, each piece reflects our commitment to durability, innovation, and craftsmanship.

We have earned referral business and repeat clients due to our excellent pre-sale and post-sale services. We have over 7.5 years of glorious track record in offering top-class products to clients and delivering unmatchable quality!

How do you make your company stand out in the market?

MMA Design Pvt Ltd was established with a vision to provide high-quality integrated loose furniture/, coupled with a mission to showcase and promote Indian culture and skills.

We distinguish ourselves in the market through our extensive presence across India, with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Pune. This widespread network, combined with a diverse and dynamic team of individuals with industry expertise and varied backgrounds, contributes to realizing our vision and mission.

Emphasizing key factors such as quality, reliability, and sustainability, I ensure smooth business operations and stand out in the competitive market. In essence, led by my exceptional team of achievers, the company has carved a distinctive niche in the furniture industry.

What do you think is the most challenging problem for businesswomen?

Balancing personal and professional life at a consistent rhythm poses the most significant challenge for a female entrepreneur. Numerous societal expectations and caregiving duties often constrain women, preventing them from fully pursuing their career passions.

As a businesswoman, one must adeptly navigate various roles, encompassing being a business owner, a caregiver, and maintaining a leadership role in the community. Juggling work and personal life becomes intricate, especially for women with numerous family responsibilities. Successfully managing family and caregiving roles concurrently proves to be a complex and demanding endeavor for women, akin to riding a roller coaster.

What’s a day in your life like as a Leader?

I believe in setting my targets clear for each day and achieving them wholeheartedly. A crucial part of my job as a leader is to retain the business offers and bring new ones to the table. It leads me to an impeccable level of self-satisfaction as I fulfill my responsibilities as the firm leader.

We diligently work towards achieving our targets with the entire sales and marketing team. This involves various activities such as training team members, conducting research, providing mentorship, and analyzing data to develop and strategize business plans. We follow an inclusive policy where every employee is encouraged to embody the qualities of an ultimate leader. We uphold the ideology “Solutions Close More Deals.”

Our consistent efforts and daily activities contribute to fostering a familial atmosphere at MMA, ensuring client satisfaction and aligning with customer requirements.

How do you achieve a balance between your personal and professional life?

It is crucial to understand that perfection is not always possible in life. You can try hard to attain equilibrium in your personal and professional lives, but at times, it is essential to quit specific tasks and responsibilities. It aids in retaining balance and sanity with the management of techniques to schedule work and allocate time for each and everything.

My to-do lists and calendar help me plan vacations and spare time to disconnect from the world and spend good time with friends and family. Being fully present when you are with family members is very important and helps strengthen the bond further.

Share with us some of the most notable milestones and Achievements you’ve attained throughout the years.

Throughout my extensive career spanning many years, this journey has been incredibly eventful and marked by glory in various aspects. Through my enduring experience, I consistently immerse myself in diverse fields, fostering continuous learning and improvement daily. Despite using elaborate terms, at its core, this remains a people-centric business.

Understanding the needs and challenges of individuals is essential, but determining the best fit for them is an ongoing process. There is no fixed definition; instead, it involves consistently upgrading personal techniques to establish a robust supply/demand chain connecting your brand, artisans, customers, intermediaries, and everyday users.

It’s a noteworthy milestone for me when a satisfied client becomes a loyal business partner. This represents a significant achievement: when content customers either return for more or share their positive experiences, leading to further business growth.

Tell us something about the award you have earned recently.

Yes, I have demonstrated my abilities by excelling in business and establishing this venture. In 2021, I was honored as one of the top 10 Chief Sales Officers. I consistently engage in various business activities each year, contributing to the growth. With gratitude to God, the organization is experiencing positive expansion as we with our team continue to bring more business to the table.

We recently added another accolade to our achievements: The India Business Achiever’s Award (IBAA). This award is conferred upon Indian businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated outstanding efforts in their respective fields of business, emerging as winners.

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