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Deepa Kannan- Insights of an Evolving Executive Leadership Coach and Mentor coach for aspiring leaders

Deepa Kannan

Deepa Kannan, the founder of DeeKay Excellence, holds over 2 decades of experience in favouring employees and organizations with her excellent leadership skills. She explored this venture to offer exclusive coaching services to aspiring managers and executives to unlock their potential. Let’s spill some more beans on her life, professional journey and business growth model.

Give us a bit of background about yourself and DeeKay Excellence.

I hold ownership of DeeKay Excellence, where I help organizations or budding entrepreneurs as an Executive leadership coach to unveil their maximum potential. We built progressive corporate leaders and new-age proprietors who instil self-awareness and realization towards their business objective. I train them with my skillset and executive leadership coaching that enables them to acquire desirable success!

As an ICF-credentialed PCC working towards MCC, I put my 22 years of IT and coaching experience on the table, including top corporate giants and MNCs on the list with global exposure. DeeKay Excellence is also honoured to engage with many aspiring coaches through ICF Accredited Coach training program.

I can help professionals explore numerous career horizons and conquer vision and strength through consistent coaching and consultation programs. My journey of evolution from an engineer to an IT leader to a social cognitive Neuroscience expert to a Yoga Practitioner and now a healing person and a Leadership coach has helped serving the client to overcome challenges, roadblocks and exhibit resilience in odd hours to sail through the crisis and emerge as a Leader.

Being a healer, I connect to the power of positivity and seek vibes from the universe that direct me in the right direction in life. We believe that transformation towards leadership roles is an inspiring journey, and we provide ICF-approved Level 1 and Level 2 coach training here at DeeKay Excellence. I am also the author of the book, ‘Evolving as a Leader and Coach,’ which enables professionals to seek motivation for Self-transformation.

Give us insights into the significant offerings of the company. And how does the company support people with its offerings?

3 Primary offerings by DeeKay Excellence include:

  • Custom Group Leadership Programs exclusively designed for corporates.
  • Self-awareness programs for aspiring coaches and leaders (ICF Accredited Level 1 and 2 ACC/PCC Program)
  • Private one-to-one Executive Leadership coaching designed for C Suite Corporate leaders.

At DeeKay Excellence, we guide people to emerge as conscious leaders who achieve significant milestones in the real world after undergoing our leadership and coaching process.

What makes DeeKay Excellence stand out in the market?

DeeKay Excellence has a unique recognition and reputation for promoting self-awareness among aspiring business leaders. After thoroughly reviewing their requirements, We also provide customized services for various corporates and individuals.

Companies also approach us for tailored leadership programs designed to meet the specific needs of the corporate experts and leaders. Our coaching system is well-designed to offer personal attention to our clients by identifying their strengths and empowering them to tackle bigger roles in the corporate sector.

How do self-made women entrepreneurs feel in the male-dominated industry?

I believe there is no vast difference between self-made women leaders and male counterparts if they hold vision, passion, diligence, and persistence to pursue their goals. Those who take up challenges as an inspiration to overcome them can excel them seamlessly.

Exploring opportunities against the odds is an ideal way to excel in life. I belong to a conventional family where I was the first generation of women professionals and business founders. Self-made women entrepreneurs learn very deeply about life and pat themselves to come a long way with the support of their loved ones!

What do you think is the biggest problem for women entrepreneurs?

It is mainly the risk-handling ability that is the primary concern for female entrepreneurs. Assessing risks and keeping them in moderation is the key to consistent growth and success in your life.

Who are your clients? How do you keep your clients happy and satisfied?

We offer expert coaching skills to senior leaders and executives, SVPs, VPs, corporate C-suite leaders from midsize IT firms and startup entrepreneurs to prepare their next set of leaders. All our clients get a custom training plan that facilitates them to get familiar with Leadership Style and approach through Self-awareness.

Is it difficult for women entrepreneurs to start a business in India?

No! All you need to become a successful women entrepreneur is the courage and determination to prepare for a journey. Destiny will put things right across your way through sources, and instinct always helps. Look up to other networks and groups who have crossed the path and attain success in this area.

How do you achieve a balance between your personal and professional life?

My checklist to achieve an equilibrium between personal and professional life includes the following:

  • Concentrating on one thing at a time and prioritizing what’s important at that specific moment.
  • Handle the prioritized task calmly without multiple thoughts hushing into your brain and with presence
  • Explore distinct aspects of life and dedicate time for work, leisure, family and travel, as everything holds its unique importance. Exploring every bit is imperative to live life to its fullest potential.
  • It is advisable to prioritize energy instead of tasks and time as it enables us to understand what makes us feel better and navigate highs or lows. It proves helpful in planning your day accordingly.

What have you learned about entrepreneurship in your journey?

For me, entrepreneurship is connecting yourself with your vision and achieving it with patience, commitment and persistence. It is okay to face failures before achieving success in your life. Hold on to your dreams without giving up, as it helps seek progressive growth. Create contact with people who can stay with you in the long run until you emerge as a successful entrepreneur. Let your destiny master your path.

Almost 6 months before becoming the coach, I started framing the content, and my laptop crashed. I had to start from scratch again, but my output this time was more refined and productive. This incident allowed me to re-frame my vision and thoughts and curate content to a much better level before starting my journey as an executive coach.

List the awards and milestones won by the company.

  • 2500+ hours of coaching
  • 300+ Individual and Organizational clients
  • Serving clients across 6 countries
  • 5000+ personal followers for Deepa Kannan and 1200+ company followers at LinkedIn
  • All 60+ 5-star ratings about the company at Google.

As a source of inspiration for many, what would your advice be for female entrepreneurs planning to start a business?

Each one of you out there inhibits the untapped potential to do something great. Do not restrict yourself and channelize your energies into creating something unique that empowers you to bring out a better version of yourself. Universe will indeed align to support you and get the best of you.

Do not use children, family, finances, environment, or support system as excuses to keep yourself in that comfort zone. Be a firm believer in your talent and be the inspiring butterfly getting out of Cocoon.


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