Best Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs

10 Best Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs


Best Business Magazines in India

Business magazines are something that are very vital source of information or updates related to business, startups, entrepreneurs, and everything in between. Especially for the business owners and the aspiring entrepreneurs.

Business magazines are being widely read for the purposes of gaining knowledge, stay updates, and to get a deeper insight into the relevant fields.

But the challenge we face is that there are a lot of business magazines out there in the market, and so we find ourselves unable to decide which one of those many magazines is worth to buy and/or read.

So, with the motive to help you out in choosing the right and read-worthy business magazine, we are presenting you with this article-cum-listicle so that you can be guided and choose the best for you.

Below in this article, you will find the names of top ten magazines that are currently leading the business magazine in market, you will also get to know about each of their brief history such as their first issue date, year, etc.

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So, let us begin with or list of 10 Best Business Magazines in India for Entrepreneurs:

#1. Entrepreneur: Since its very beginning in 1977, Entrepreneur Business Magazine is a well-renowned business magazine. Stories that are being covered by this magazine are about business and entrepreneur.

Including India, in the countries like Hungary, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Philippines, this magazine publishes ten issues per year. It helps entrepreneurs globally by providing necessary insights, guides, advice, and profiles.

#2. Business Today (India): This is another one of the best business magazines in our list. Business Today India was established in 1992, and since then only, the industry is being ruled by this magazine. Bing the most widely circulated business magazine publication, it is popular for publishing most updated reports regarding liberalized Indian business. It also provides information regarding society, according to some reports.

#3. Business India: In 1978, Business India was founded by three brothers – Ashok Hotchand Advani, Hirro Advani, and Rajkumar Advani. As a forerunner of India’s best business magazine, these three brothers’ initiative is widely appraised.

Business India was initially started in English, but later it became available in other Indian languages.

#4. Forbes: Well, Forbes is a name that does not need its introduction. It oftentimes tops the list of best business magazines. Forbes, which is based in America, publishes articles related to industry, investment, and marketing.

Its contributions to the industry’s viewpoint are significant. Forbes India showcases everything from startups to corporate giants. The first issue of Forbes released on September 15, 1917.

#5. Startup Insider: More than 300 startups have been published in the issues released by Startup Insider. Being a booming business magazine in India, many people prefer this magazine. Numerous of business owners and leaders are being benefited by this monthly magazine, it provides them with a wide range of services.

#6. Outlook Business Magazine: With well-founded management, Outlook Business Magazine is a notable name in industry, and provides necessary insights into the ecosystem of business. It covers all the vital issues of business such as monetary framework, stock finance, cash, fund, fiscal industry, etc.

Numerous of data destinations globally have been inspired by Outlook Business Magazine, which is also a multinational award winner. Outlook Business Magazine was established in July, 1995.

#7. Fortune: Owned by a Thai Businessman, Fortune is a New York based multinational business magazine, which is in the existence since 1929, founded by Henry Luc. Fortune, being a leading source of information related to finance, corporate, business news & strategy; it is a strong competitor of Forbes.

#8. Bloomberg Businessweek: Being the highest followed magazine all over the globe, Bloomberg Businessweek provides an in-depth insight into the startups, entrepreneurship, business, and escalating visions impactful enough that they can bring revolution.

The first issue of Bloomberg Businessweek published in September 1929.

#9. Wired: Being a monthly magazine, Wired is popular and is one of the most read magazines. It is a tech-oriented magazine. And additionally, it has infused brilliance knowledge related to numerous aspects of technology enthusiasm.

It is a monthly magazine, which was established on March or April, 1993.

#10. The Economist: The Economist was established at least 178 years ago, in 1843. This magazine is famously known for its amusing intelligence regarding economics, and for this reason, this magazine is being read and admired internationally.

It has its own unique reputation for its detailed reporting on and covering the topics regarding startups, entrepreneurship, and business.

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