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In this article we talk about how we can remove ego problem in an organisation. The ego is costing you as well as your organization success. Today, we will explain how to be more aware of the ego and to remove the barriers it puts in the way of your success. The Word EGO is used here to represent or refer to the collection of thoughts and beliefs that people identify with and regard as who they are and their knowledge and aim.

It is the basis of the idea of a self separate from anybody else. So the word is used here as it is in spiritual wisdom traditions. It is neutral a natural survival mechanism. The ego is not wrong always. It depends on conditions and the type of ego.

Positive ego and tendency of achieving success is good and very helpful to do and achieve your target. The ego has many subtle and not so subtle payoffs such as pride and a feeling of superiority. But the rewards of letting go of these payoffs are much more than the costs.

A good individual and organizational energy and resources are utilized by the ego game. The more that this energy can be released for genuine productivity, the higher the reward for the organization and the individual. In contrast, egotistical behavior tends to affect and undermine the structural integrity of any organization.

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Sometimes, many of businessman estimate ego costs their company 5 to 15 % of annual revenue, some believe that estimate is far too conservative.

So how can we address this, the key is to be aware of the ego’s trap of game. The more blatant displays such as aggression are easy to spot. When anybody want to remove this, he must have idea that where it affects him much and the conditions which had made impact their calmness and cool temper. Here are some of the examples of it-

  • I have my own goals and achievements- If you achieve something big that will be very good for you and you enjoyed it most that’s right. But, you must give some appreciation to your team members and if anyone is lagging behind you a little try to appreciate him to and never try to make insult of anyone this will be the most effective way.
  • Don’t judge anyone– Before giving any task to anyone never judge or perceive anything from him both in negative or positive ways.
  • Don’t relate your perceive and expectation with reality and if you are doing so, then calculate it in your mind and appreciate the person what he had done for you, if he fails to achieve the aim keep yourself calm and say it to him in different way like some suggestion or saying it in little different way and also offer help to him.
  • My efforts made it possible– Try to avoid such types of feeling while working in a team it might be yours it might be true but never try to make this over on your mind.
  • Right answer of every issue- This is one of the most affecting feeling which you will harm you tremendously. Sometimes, answer may vary according to you so avoid such types of feeling and thinking. 

So, these are some of the points which can help you to overcome on the Ego problem and that may help you to work properly with good efficiency and tension free mind.

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