Strong Personal Brand

How Important Is a Strong Personal Brand As An Entrepreneur?

Personal branding is becoming more popular in business because it gives unimaginable success to the brand you are connected with during your entrepreneurial journey. People with excellent social influence take the brand to the next level by connecting with the company.  Modern companies are leveraging these benefits by hiring popular personalities and CEOs to capture […]

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Hitesha Deshpande

Hitesha Deshpande CEO of RedMonk Media

Hitesha Deshpande is acknowledged and admired for her expertise in social media management and digital marketing skills. She has over a decade of accomplishments under her belt, including accolades for her directorial achievements in the world of filmmaking. She has a Midas touch which benefits the projects she undertakes. A Serial Entrepreneur who chanced upon […]

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An Advanced Marketing Arm Catering End-to-End Services to Organizations, YouEx

Marketing is a must to grow any business or organization, we can say that without marketing, no business or organization can survive in the long run. And for marketing to be successful, organizations need a strong marketing team that can effectively make it happen – successful marketing. This is what exactly YouEx does, it provides […]

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Content Marketing

5 Best Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy In this article, we talk about the Content Marketing Strategy. If you have heard the famous slogan “Content is King,” you may already know that it is true in modern-day marketing. The rapidly growing web is dominated by good content. A large number of users are spending their time on the web […]

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Why Start-ups Entrepreneurs Choose WordPress? – Must Know Facts!

Why Start-ups Entrepreneurs Choose WordPress Today we talk about Why Start-ups Entrepreneurs Choose WordPress. Being a startups entrepreneur of your own website is tough. A right start and perfect platform to bring your startup online are of paramount importance. Sending pitches, getting leads, and connecting with direct customers are all basic startup checklists. A good […]

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Tips to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

5 Best Tips to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy

Tips to Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy What is the meaning of video marketing strategy? Almost half of all internet users watch videos online every day, making video marketing one of the essential tools at your disposal. By creating videos that focus on your niche and your products or services, you can reach a wider […]

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