Why Start-ups Entrepreneurs Choose WordPress? – Must Know Facts!


Why Start-ups Entrepreneurs Choose WordPress

Today we talk about Why Start-ups Entrepreneurs Choose WordPress. Being a startups entrepreneur of your own website is tough. A right start and perfect platform to bring your startup online are of paramount importance. Sending pitches, getting leads, and connecting with direct customers are all basic startup checklists.

A good website that meets your list of priorities can help you go a long way. WordPress is a new website destination that uplifts your business face on virtual platforms. But Why Start-ups Entrepreneurs Choose WordPress?

If you ask emerging entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts about their preferred space to create a website from scratch, it’s WordPress. The platform is affordable, hassle-free, and offers eye-catchy themes to give your site a new vision!

WordPress is an immensely popular hub for bloggers and startup businesses. It is robust, user-friendly, lag-free, feature-loaded, and requires minimal maintenance. Let’s learn more about its utility for startup companies!

Why is WordPress Better than Others?

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An entrepreneur is a decision maker in several aspects of business development, and publishing a website is one of them. Statistics suggest that over 33% of the globally created websites choose WordPress as their development partner. Isn’t it a big number?

If you are pondering the latest CMS to develop a site, WordPress ranks as the No.1 Position. With over 74.6 million websites managed by WordPress, it is evident that there are five new posts published by this largest CMS Giant every second!

Another reason startups begin their business with WordPress is that many well-known brands are already occupying this space to run their portals. It includes Facebook, eBay, Sony, CNN, and even Forbes. The names are huge! And so is the versatile list of features that make WordPress a perfect choice to gear up your business pace. The most prominent ones are:

  • Feasible Customization
  • Multiple Plugin Choices
  • Responsive website themes
  • Effective mobile optimization
  • SEO Friendly
  • Easily Accessible

Is WordPress an unnecessary hype? Let’s drool into its details and unleash the exclusive advantages of the WordPress CMS System!

Why is WordPress the Best Choice for the Startups?

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Willing to attract massive audiences for an emerging brand or business? Learn why WordPress can is a suitable option for startups.

  • Ease of use

Ace it like a cinch, and you could be a pro anytime soon with WordPress. Yes, that’s why many non-tech-savvy entrepreneurs can easily create a site with this CMS. Easy functionality, an interactive interface, and quick edit or update options make this platform convenient for most users.

  • Tailored Layout

WordPress leverages users to sneak into its wide library of plugins and themes that help revamp the site. You have a plugin to access everything that helps get a desirable facet of your website. Once you start growing, switching to the premium versions is possible by investing a few dollars into them.

  • Customer Support

WordPress is readily available to assist its customers with the required CMS Support. There are round-the-clock executives to help you with technical or other glitches on the interface. New users can also refer to their explanatory video tutorials, online forums, and various blogs to learn about the process.

  • Multiple Content Management

WordPress extends support through extensive features like pages, posts, comments, and media. Website owners can also develop several custom post types (CPTs) as per their preferred business niche. For developers willing to connect through complex systems, WordPress Rest API is a feasible structure. It enables web connectivity and accelerates site management capabilities all the more.

  • Website Monetization

Startups need funds, and digital platforms reap great profits once you enter the core chain. WordPress enables emerging entrepreneurs to quickly monetize their websites and grants necessary boosts. A recent start for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and WooCommerce replicate the power of this tech platform. Only WooCommerce constitutes 30% of the online selling platform that deals in various digital and physical items. An exciting range of 900+ Free Plugins and 850+ Paid plugins along with 60+ free themes and 400+ paid themes depicts its success.

  • New Age Marketing

WordPress supports the ideology of ditching conventional marketing mediums and creating a robust advertising funnel for new-age startups. Quick interaction with the customers enables the brands to get desirable exposure and a significant market reputation. They promote blogging as an effective technique for connecting and getting a response from customers.

  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization can be a fortune changer for online startups as it can elevate the business graph to a phenomenal level. Thanks to recent changes in Google Algorithms, WordPress sites get a preferential ranking system in the SEO cycle. Developing plugins like Yoast can give them an edge to improve online ranks.

  • Other Marketing Funnels

WordPress runs modernized and sophisticated email marketing campaigns to gather more subscriptions for your startup. Plugins like MailChimp or Mailster can help you with the process. The social media scene is pretty big and if you manage to hit the targeted audiences, fetching lucrative profits is no big deal. WordPress, with the JetPack plugin, can integrate your website with trending social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. With a few clicks, there would be thousands of leads generated for your business.

Final Verdict- Truth or Hype?

WordPress is not at all hype, Period! Website development through WP is probably the best decision startups can make at the moment to grow, flourish and generate revenues online. The above states reasons ascertain that this platform is a one-stop network for content management tools, attractive themes, and great plugins that add value to your business. Aspiring business owners with a vision to expand and reach new heights can count on WordPress as an effective CMS tool!

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