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Success Story Of Mark Zuckerberg

Success Story of Mark Zuckerberg is the name behind the popular social networking website “Facebook.” Many of you might have been using Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp for quite a long time, but have you ever thought about who is the brain behind these companies?

If you do not know the name of the genuine, don’t worry. We will put some lights on the individual who made social media more accessible to everyone. The success story of the Mark Zuckerberg is fascinating because it started as a small project and eventually spread to a larger area accounting for bringing billions of users within a few years.

Facebook was the product of perfect timing, fast adaptation, and genius marketing techniques that made the simple-looking social media site one of the most engaging platforms in the world. Mark is a good decision maker that made him earn what he deserves in small age.

After dropping out of Harvard University, Mark decided to work on this social platform called FaceMash. The website is meant to rank the girls on their attractiveness. In the early development, it was restricted to the students who studied at Harvard University. The site got a massive response from the student, which was the first occurrence when Mark depicted that he could do extraordinary things that no ordinary people can achieve at his age. However, the launch did not go as Mark imagined. He was suspended for using the photos of the student and hacking the Harvard server.

After the Facemash blast, Mark had an idea to connect people with their loved ones and allow them to interact with each other. He wanted to build a social network website for the entire world where everyone could connect with their family, friends, and loved ones to stay in contact. The idea of Facebook was revolutionary at that moment. Less competition in the market was the key to the success of the new social networking site.

Also, widespread high-speed internet facilities boosted modern businesses. The landscape was suitable for giant sites like Facebook. Soon after Facebook was launched, millions of people thrive on the site to register and connect with the people they know in their network. The news spread quickly, and Facebook got its first million users. It was the beginning of the social era where people started sharing their activities on social media sites. 

Online interaction, image sharing and video sharing with loved ones gave the users unique experiences. Moreover, the like and favorite button under each post boosted the content production on Facebook. 

These buttons work as a hook that causes people to come back to Facebook to see how many people have liked their photos and published post. As fresh content started pouring into the social media site, Facebook became a revolutionary social platform globally. 

Since then, Facebook is still at the top spot in social media. It has opened another vertical on Facebook, designed specifically for the Brands. New features are introduced more often to keep the people engaged. 

Brands are producing a good number of compelling content to engage the users. Freshness in the content and interaction with the unknown people on the active discussion board gives Facebook its unique identity.

Early Life Success Story of Mark ZuckerbergSuccess-Story-of-Mark-Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was born in White Plains, New York, on May 14th, 1984. His family was well educated. Mark is the second child out of four children. He is the only son in the family. Marks’ father, Edward Zuckerberg, is a dentist. His mother, Karen Zuckerberg, is a psychiatrist. Mark’s four siblings, Arielle, Randi, and Donna, lived together in a small apartment in the Dobbs Ferry, New York.

Mark was actively learning to program. His passion for coding was developed at an early age. At the age of twelve, Mark Zuckerberg created a messaging program called “Zucknet.” He used this messaging application for an inter-office communication system in his father’s dental practice.

He started learning computer programming when he was in high school. At an early age, the spark in his action and readiness to do anything showed the sign of success. After observing Mark’s love for computer programming, the parents decided to hire a tutor to teach mark computer programming as a side skill. 

Furthermore, Mark showed excellent results in the literature and science. Also, he got a degree in classics. After getting the degree, Mark Zuckerberg join Harvard University. Moreover, the parents also help him enroll in the prep school in Hampshire.

Dedication and love for programming

Mark was persistent in his attempt for an extended period. He kept building different programs that helped the community to run a specific task and reduce the time in operation. While studying at Harvard University, Mark creates a similar program to CourseMatch. It allowed the student to find the right course. 

Facemash gave him early success in terms of popularity in the University. But it did not go well as Mark was using the pictures of girls without their consent. He landed in trouble after the site received massive users within a few hours, and his website caused the Harvard server connection to crash. 

Some of these events caught the attention of two brothers, who asked Mark to build a social network website called Facebook. 

Roads were still bumpy even after getting a good response from the users. He had trouble dealing with the early co-founder who introduced the idea to Mark. However, after all of these controversies and struggles, Mark Zuckerberg managed to keep the pace going. His perseverance, hard work, and knowledge made him the youngest billionaire.

Mark demonstrated that he is a good decision-maker in his life. He knows how to create something with the available knowledge and make products that billions of people will use. A website that started as a University project is now worth billions of dollars. 

Success Story of Mark Zuckerberg is an inspiring personality and a good decision maker for all the programmers who dream of starting their venture someday. Facebook has acquired top social networking sites, Instagram, and messaging app Whatsapp. Mark has shown that a well-executed idea could make you a successful entrepreneur. You have to believe in yourself and keep making progress.

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