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Story of Lizanne Dsouza, the Founder of Liz Lyn Careers


The idea to start Liz Lyn Careers emerged when Lizanne Dsouza (Founder) moved to India from New Zealand in 2012 and noticed a huge void in the recruitment market. With her expertise and specialization in Human Resources, she took it upon herself to help bridge this gap.

It was the startup era, with new businesses springing up, new ideas, and new processes the only problem that these companies faced was manpower. The candidate market was looking down at the startup industry and inclined towards working with credible multinational companies. It was an industry that no one knew the future of and for clear reasons were skeptical about it.

Lizanne started her journey by hiring friends and family, with only a laptop and the drive to find the perfect fit for her client and of course give someone their perfect job. Like any other recruitment agency, Liz Lyn Careers is here to find you, employees.

What sets us apart is the process and our path to hiring the perfect fit for a company. We take a client-centric approach to human resources, starting with an in-depth understanding of our client’s business, identifying gaps, and finding the perfect match, not just in terms of the job role, but ideologies and aspirations too. To ensure that neither side is misled, maintaining a level of integrity, honesty, and transparency is a priority for us.

We think of ourselves as holistic HR partners to our clients, so there is always accountability if a problem does arise. This helps explain why we have a high client retention rate. What distinguishes us from the competition is also our constant effort to sustain a great work ethic.

Being in the field that we are in, Resumes and CVs have been a primary part of our process but as a team, we have eliminated paper and have gone completely digital. We believe that environmental consciousness is imperative for the future, especially at the enterprise level.

Of course, there are a lot of challenges we face as a startup ourselves, from hiring for our team to problem-solving when a candidate doesn’t show up on their first day at work. All of these fires have only added to our skills in the real world. It has molded us to be intuitive and add multiple filters to ensure a seamless, problem-free experience for the client and candidate. We started our podcast, Hire. Fire.

Inspired this year to impart and have our knowledge, and wisdom easily accessible to all. Even though we are a small organization, we try our best to create an employee-centric environment with the best work policies, protocols, guidelines & processes. After all, we have to inspire our clients to have great HR policies and make their workplace a great one!

Looking at how far we have come now is a huge triumph for the team, we started by working on small roles for small companies. Today we are working with some of India’s biggest brands and agencies along with having our database system in place.

We can proudly say that the marketing and business development for Liz Lyn Careers has mostly been through word of mouth, as our work speaks for itself. The only way forward for us is up and we will be a part of the change that will come through in the HR systems in India.

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