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Story of Growth Wizards: An Affordable Marketing Partner

The Problem We Saw

Small Businesses are typically run by Technocrats who have expertise in their domain and have built a product or a service that solves a great customer problem. Growth Wizards work with customers they know and grow with referrals and word-of-mouth publicity. However, with product maturing and competition coming in margins start to deplete and the only option left is to grow the customer base to be able to grow

However, the business owner who is an expert in his domain does not have the expertise on the latest available marketing tools to help him find new customers. With the scale of the business, it is difficult to hire talent with expertise in the latest skills in marketing and built a marketing team that can help them grow and the business starts to stagnate

The Solution We Offer

I and Co-Founder Mr. Rajesh Tawani having worked in the B2B Sales and Marketing domain saw this problem and thought of building an organization that has a team of marketing professionals with expertise in various marketing domains and can offer marketing support to small entrepreneurs who do not have expertise in marketing and find it difficult to build a marketing team because of budget constraints and bandwidth issues as an outsourced service

We decided to start GROWTH WIZARDS, to help small and medium-sized B2B businesses leverage the latest available tools and technologies available in the marketing domain with shared resources that can help them accelerate their business growth.

We at Growth Wizards help B2B Business leverage the latest available tools and technologies at an affordable cost and ROI which is measurable

One Size does not fit all that is what we believe in and hence unlike other Digital Marketing agencies in the market, there are no standard packages that Growth Wizards offers. We start with the goal of the business in mind and reverse engineer the marketing strategy to achieve the business goals. To create the right marketing strategy, we analyze the current scenario by getting feedback from the customers and other sponsors. Study the potential markets available, analyze what the competition is doing and create a marketing strategy that yields the anticipated results. Once the strategy is created we build the key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor the progress regularly. The key performance indicators are regularly reviewed to ensure that the strategy is progressing in the right direction. If there are any shortcomings we correct them by monitoring the results at regular intervals.

The sole aim of Growth Wizards is to help Small and Medium Scale Industries (MSMEs) leverage the strength of marketing to help their businesses grow. Marketing is just not lead generation, it is much more than that. It is everything that a business does to build relationships with customers, attract prospects, make brand awareness, and many more… The most intellectual thing a small business owner can do is to take time to develop a marketing plan that will set them apart from the competition, which in turn outlines how they can reach the ideal customer by effectively implementing the marketing strategy. Prima facia, the challenges faced by small businesses are defining a marketing plan and executing the same time constraints, with the availability of trained resources, and never forgetting; the budget.

Small business owners spend lots of their time tinkering with their products or perfecting their services. They know them inside out and have a clear understanding of how they work. But what about the people who will get benefited from the products and services, they don’t have any clue about the same. Marketing gives you a chance to educate people about your products and/or services and to show them why they need to buy them from you.

Outsourcing the marketing services to Growth Wizards frees up a lot of bandwidth for small businesses to focus on their core competency.

Growth Wizards helps the business carve out the perfect marketing strategy, and experiment with the latest tools and technologies to come out with the strategies that matter the most and take their business to the next level.

Growth Wizards not only helps with crafting and perfecting the right marketing strategy but, also to translate the strategy into a marketing plan and executes the plan to drive profitable growth.

Other advantages of outsourcing marketing to Growth Wizards are

  1. New perspectives and skills
  2. Greater speed of Implementation
  3. High efficiency
  4. Access to skilled manpower at a fraction of the cost
  5. Use of the Latest Tools which otherwise can be expensive
  6. Regular communication, Reports, and support
  7. Moving from tactics to strategy
  8. Control costs and personnel
  9. Achieve better results
  10. Cross-pollination

About Founders:

Growth Wizards

Rekha Satidasani (Co-Founder) – Ms. Rekha Satidasani is an Electronics & Communication Engineering Graduate from the Rajasthan College of Engineering for Women, Jaipur.

She has an experience of 10+ years in B2B working with an Indian company in Sales and Marketing with industrial products such as Test & Measurement Instruments, Process Control Instruments, Security solutions, etc. Excellent at convincing customers about the products, and services; she has successfully created and executed marketing strategies for several new and existing products. She also has used Digital marketing very effectively.

Mr. Rajesh Tawani – Founder – Mr. Rajesh Tawani, the founder, is a mechanical engineer from The Birla Institute of Technology and Science. With 35+ years of experience, working with various Indian and multinational companies in various capacities managing Products, Marketing, Business Development, and Sales. He has ever since gained deep knowledge and insights into the Indian Market and customers

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