Woman with Wings: A Community of Powerful and Motivated Women


‘Woman with Wings’ is coming together of like-minded, powerful, and motivated women who collaborate, empower and back other women who have a dream but not the means.

Mistaken be not by the name, it’s not a ‘Nari Shakti’ movement with feminists up in arms, out to prove a point in the Man’s World. Shaifaly’s vision behind Woman with Wings was to create a nurturing, safe and comfortable platform for women to harness their strength and collaborate with other women who have a similar dream to make a Winning Team, as Together Everyone Achieves More.

Often women playing myriad roles like daughter, sister, wife, and mother et all in their day-to-day lives forget to play the most important of them all, being a Woman. Her identity comes from this and this reinforcement is very critical to help her find her true self and practice ‘Self Love’. WWW fosters this by believing in their talent, nurturing it, and giving them wings to fly. No dream is too small or too big to envision and every dream is achievable, but it is imperative to muster the courage to Start.

WWW believes that #everywomancounts, women need to back each other, every woman needs to love herself and has the right to be Happy. So, Dream Of all you imperfectly perfect yet unique women because ‘Flawsome is Awesome’.


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