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A Journey of Entrepreneurial Excellence: Mrs. Jharna Dhar Shares Her Story

Decision Maker: Please provide a detailed background about yourself and your company.

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: I have accumulated 20 years of experience in the industry. My journey commenced with the establishment of a single clinic located in Chhatarpur, Delhi. Over time, our presence expanded to encompass a total of nine clinics, positioning us as a pan-India organization.

ISAAC Luxe is a network of aesthetic clinics spanning Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Goa, and Hyderabad. Our focus is on delivering a comprehensive range of high-end skincare and aesthetic services, all geared towards a holistic approach to skincare and haircare, including facials, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, skin brightening, anti-ageing procedures, hair restoration, and body contouring.

Our journey began in Delhi, and within a span of eight years, we have achieved nationwide coverage, extending our reach to multiple cities across India. My academic background includes an engineering degree in electronics and telecommunications at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Maharashtra. Originating from Srinagar, circumstances led to our family’s relocation to Jammu.

The journey from Srinagar to Jammu and eventually to Mumbai was marked by numerous challenges. Throughout this journey, my parents provided unwavering support and guidance. They instilled in us the values of hard work, knowledge, education, and the importance of values. Their enduring support and the opportunities they provided were instrumental in shaping my educational journey and ultimately led to the platform I stand on today.

Decision Maker: How did your interest in entrepreneurship evolve, and what were the initial stages of your journey?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: Entrepreneurship is a dynamic endeavor, ignited by a multitude of motivating factors. In my case, it was propelled by a deep-seated yearning to manifest my creative visions into reality. This creative impulse was intertwined with a profound urge to address a specific problem and bridge a noticeable gap within the industry. The aspiration to innovate and introduce something novel also played a pivotal role in my entrepreneurial journey. This amalgamation of creative fervor, problem-solving zeal, and a thirst for innovation converged to birth and drive my entrepreneurial pursuit.

My journey in entrepreneurship formally commenced when I joined Intracardiac , focusing on medical equipment. Subsequently, I transitioned to Clinic Lumberdale , initially as a counselor and later progressed to a clinic manager and eventually a cluster head. However, the pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial journey occurred in 2016 when I joined REWA, a company owned by Wave. It was at this juncture that I delved into comprehensive planning, execution, monitoring, operations, sales, marketing, and digital strategies. This shift in 2016 marked a turning point in my entrepreneurial journey.

Decision Maker: Please provide insights into the primary offerings of your company and the manner in which your services benefit clients.

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: Our core focus lies in the field of skincare, offering a comprehensive range of products and services. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to addressing the specific needs of our clients. We frequently encounter concerns such as PCOD problems, hormone imbalances, pigmentation issues, acne, acne scars, and postpartum depression linked to weight fluctuations.

To address these varied needs, we adopt a personalized approach, tailoring treatment plans to each client’s unique requirements. Our dedication extends beyond mere service provision; we prioritize gaining a deep understanding of each client’s distinct needs and concerns.

The brand’s reputation is founded on its steadfast commitment to remaining at the forefront of skincare technology. This dedication is exemplified by groundbreaking offerings like Emsculpt Neo and Emface, which introduce revolutionary treatments for non-invasive body sculpting and contouring. These technological advancements not only showcase the brand’s expertise but also reaffirm its position as the unrivaled industry leader.

Decision Maker: Could you elucidate the primary demographic of your clientele and your strategies for maintaining their satisfaction?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: Certainly, we serve a diverse clientele, encompassing individuals of various age groups and catering to both men and women. Notably, our client list includes well-known figures like Pallavi Mohan, Roshni Chopra, and Leena Bhushan.

Building and sustaining the trust of our clients is rooted in several key factors:

  1. Expertise and extensive experience: Our team’s profound knowledge and years of hands-on experience in the skincare and aesthetics industry play a vital role in establishing trust with our clients.
  2. Tailored, results-oriented approach: Recognizing that each individual has unique skincare needs, we provide personalized solutions to effectively address those needs.
  3. Positive word-of-mouth: Our commitment to delivering exceptional service has resulted in satisfied clients sharing their positive experiences, contributing to the reputation of our brand.
  4. Exceptional customer service: Going the extra mile in delivering attentive and responsive customer service is integral to our approach, ensuring that each client enjoys a memorable experience with ISAAC Luxe.

Decision Maker: What distinguishes your company from competitors in the market?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: Our unique position in the industry is defined by our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are relentless in upholding the highest standards, refusing to compromise on the quality of our services, the technology we employ, or the expertise of our healthcare professionals. ISAAC Luxe operates on a solid foundation that spans various facets, encompassing administration, operations, marketing, and technical proficiency.

Moreover, we’re at the forefront of innovation, actively integrating artificial intelligence into our processes. This strategic move is part of our broader vision to offer our clients a comprehensive system, ensuring that they experience holistic care from the very moment they engage with us.

Our legacy of innovation, coupled with a consistent track record of introducing cutting-edge techniques, solidifies ISAAC Luxe’s reputation as a trailblazer and industry leader that others look up to and seek to emulate.

Decision Maker: Could you share your thoughts on the experiences of women in what is often considered a male-dominated industry?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: The landscape of this industry has transformed significantly in recent years, and it’s no longer predominantly male-dominated. Women from diverse backgrounds and experiences have risen to prominent positions, assuming leadership roles and shaping the industry’s narrative. Their presence and influence are profoundly felt, reshaping the industry’s dynamics and bringing fresh perspectives to the forefront.

This transformation is more than just a shift in demographics; it’s a testament to the incredible strides women have made in breaking down barriers and attaining positions of authority and influence. Their contributions, stemming from a wide array of experiences and expertise, are instrumental in steering the industry towards greater inclusivity, innovation, and success.

Recognizing and celebrating the invaluable contributions of women in this field is essential. It’s about acknowledging their resilience and championing their ongoing efforts to pave the way for future generations. Our approach is akin to planting a seed, tending to it, and facilitating its growth. We are committed to nurturing and empowering all individuals who come to us, helping them feel confident and comfortable in their skin, regardless of their gender.

Decision Maker: What, in your view, are the most challenging issues faced by business women today?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: Businesswomen encounter a myriad of challenges in their entrepreneurial journeys. Access to capital is a prominent issue, with traditional funding avenues historically being less accessible to women entrepreneurs. Breaking the proverbial “glass ceiling” is another prevalent obstacle, demanding the navigation of workplace dynamics and societal norms.

Balancing the demands of work and personal life is a common struggle, necessitating robust time management skills. Despite these formidable challenges, the resilience and determination of businesswomen not only contribute to their personal success but also play a crucial role in advancing gender equality in the business world. It’s a multifaceted landscape where they continue to make significant strides.

Decision Maker: Could you describe a typical day in your life as an entrepreneur?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: My daily routine is structured and fulfilling. I begin my day with meditation and some time spent in culinary activities. Upon arriving at the office, I engage in planned meetings and oversee various operations. My work is a source of energy and joy, motivating me throughout the day.

Decision Maker: How do you strike a balance between your personal and professional life, given your numerous responsibilities?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: As a woman in business, my approach to work-life integration is all about aligning priorities rather than chasing a perfect balance. I firmly believe in creating a flexible environment that supports the well-being of everyone involved, whether personally or professionally. This approach recognizes that there will be moments when the demands of work require more attention and focus, while at other times, personal matters will take precedence.

It’s all about understanding that life is dynamic, and sometimes, certain aspects require more dedication, but it’s an ebb and flow that ensures we maintain a sense of equilibrium overall. In my daily routine, meditation and leisurely walks play a crucial role in recharging and rejuvenating my energy, and staying connected with friends is a source of both happiness and relaxation, which helps me navigate the various challenges that come my way.

Jharna Dhar, CEO Isaac Luxe

Decision Maker: What lessons have you learned on your entrepreneurial journey?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: The importance of maintaining composure and the ability to respond rather than react to situations cannot be overstated. Entrepreneurship has taught me that women are capable of achieving remarkable feats when they focus on their goals and maintain inner peace. Support from family and embracing personal growth opportunities are integral to success.

As I reflect on my journey as a CEO, I’d like to take a moment to share the three most significant insights I’ve gathered. These insights are not only relevant to my experience but hold universal value for individuals in leadership roles:

  1. Delegation and Trust:

One crucial lesson I’ve learned is that as a CEO, you cannot do everything alone. During my initial months, I often felt the need to be in multiple places simultaneously. However, I soon realized the inherent limits of being human. Trusting your team and effectively delegating tasks are essential skills for any leader. It’s not just about trusting your team’s abilities but also having confidence in their commitment to the organization’s goals.

  1. Leading by Example:

Leadership is about inspiring change and setting a standard through your actions. Demanding qualities such as integrity from your employees while not demonstrating the same can be detrimental. My approach is to lead by example, consistently exhibiting the values and behaviors I expect from others. It’s a simple yet powerful formula: set the example, take the necessary actions, lead the way, and you’ll find others following your lead.

  1. Embracing Change for Growth:

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, change is the only constant. As a CEO, I’ve come to appreciate and even embrace change as a catalyst for growth. Change opens doors to new opportunities and allows us to stay relevant and innovative in the market. As leaders, we should welcome change, understanding that it’s a powerful force that propels us forward and keeps us on the path to success.

Decision Maker: Could you share some of the notable awards and milestones that ISAAC Luxe has achieved over the years?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: ISAAC Luxe has certainly made a mark in the skincare and aesthetics industries, solidifying its position as a leading provider of non-surgical skin tightening treatments. Notably, our clinic proudly holds the esteemed title of the No. 1 Ultherapy clinic. Moreover, we’ve had the honor of receiving prestigious accolades, such as the Zee Award.

Our company’s remarkable achievements and expertise have also garnered extensive coverage in various prominent media outlets, including magazines, news publications, and multiple media platforms.

Decision Maker: What advice would you offer to women aspiring to thrive in competitive industries?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: Absolutely, here are some tips that can be especially beneficial for women in business:

  1. Cultivate Expertise: It’s crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in your industry, particularly in aesthetics and skincare. Continuous learning and skill development are key.
  2. Network: Building and nurturing professional connections can be a game-changer. These relationships can provide support, mentorship, and opportunities that propel your career forward.
  3. Anticipate Setbacks: Challenges are part of the journey, but they shouldn’t deter you. Expect setbacks, learn from them, and let them fuel your determination to reach your goals.
  4. Learn Negotiation Skills: Developing strong negotiation skills is vital for navigating contracts, partnerships, and deals effectively. Confidence in negotiations can lead to more favorable outcomes.
  5. Establish a Personal Brand: In today’s digital age, leveraging digital marketing to create and promote your personal brand can significantly expand your influence. Your online presence can open doors and enhance your impact.

In any industry, women have the capability to excel. To thrive, it’s essential to maintain composure, stay passionate, and remain dedicated. Focus on your goals, work hard, and commit to both personal and professional growth.

Decision Maker: Are you primarily a decision maker or a risk taker?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: I’d say I’m a bit of both. Being a decision-maker means having the ability to assess situations, evaluate options, and make choices. It’s about understanding potential consequences and taking responsibility for those decisions.

On the other hand, being a risk-taker signifies a willingness to step outside one’s comfort zone, embracing uncertainty, and being open to exploring new ventures, ideas, or strategies, even if they come with some level of uncertainty or potential challenges. It often reflects a bold and adventurous spirit, unafraid of venturing into uncharted territories. So, in my journey, I’ve certainly embraced both roles as the situation demands.

Decision Maker: Can you share instances where you had to make challenging decisions or take calculated risks?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: Notable instances include the strategic decisions we made during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic. We maintained high standards of hygiene, provided essential treatments, and introduced innovative technologies. The introduction of M3 Neo and M3s devices  represented a significant risk, but it allowed us to offer groundbreaking treatments that were previously only accessible abroad.

Decision Maker: Can you share a significant moment from your professional life that stands out to you?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: Reflecting on my tenure as a CEO, one of the most memorable and significant highlights has been the multitude of awards and accolades our organization has received. These recognitions include prestigious honors from institutions such as Zee Business, Vogue, and the Times Business Award, which have been truly remarkable in our journey.

Decision Maker: Lastly, in one word, how would you describe yourself?

Mrs. Jharna Dhar: Excellence. I am a fully committed and dedicated person, and whatever I take on, I deliver with a commitment to excellence. It’s something I take great pride in and feel truly blessed to embody.

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