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In our exclusive interview with Shalli Bhasin Bawa, Founder and CEO of Crux Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd, she shares insights into her remarkable journey and the unique offerings of her company. With over 23 years of experience spanning branding, marketing, and communication, Shalli’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to creativity have propelled Crux Creative Solutions to the forefront of the industry.

Could you please provide us with some background about yourself and your company?

With almost 23 years of experience in branding, marketing, and communication, I’ve had a diverse career. I also spent some time in the security industry, where I worked with government stakeholders, police officers, and regulators—an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

In August 2015, I founded Crux Creative Solutions with a clear goal in mind: to create a design and marketing agency that’s both creative and affordable.

Where does your interest in business originate from, and how did you start?

My career journey has been dynamic and exhilarating. It began in a vastly different role as a branch manager, where I dealt with offset printing materials for various formats. Transitioning into the advertising industry for my second job, I had the privilege to work with esteemed brands such as Titan, Tanishq, HP, IBM, Jaquar, and Hindware, among others. The allure of design language and brand positioning always captivated me, fueling my innate ability to craft optimal strategies for clients.

In my subsequent role, I spearheaded the establishment of a brand from scratch. This experience ignited my desire to create something truly impactful, leading to the inception of Crux Creative Solutions. Recognizing a gap in the market for a creative agency that not only delivered innovative solutions but also aligned closely with clients’ objectives, I set out to establish a venture that embodied these principles.

Moreover, my decision to start Crux Creative Solutions was driven by a deep-seated desire to break free from the constraints of traditional employment. Despite having ideas and creativity that could potentially revolutionize the industry, I felt restricted in expressing them within the confines of an organizational structure. This realization propelled me to harness my full potential by initiating a venture where my design ideas and communication strategies could flourish unrestrictedly.

Can you share insights into the major offerings of your company and how they support people with its services?

Our main offerings are creative design and digital marketing, including social media marketing and management, SEO, animated videos, website design, and development services.

We help companies by getting the right attention with out-of-the-box creatives. We make them visible in the online space with our digital marketing services, which allows them to get visibility, leads, and the required engagement and followers for their brand. We believe in an analytical approach, which helps get the right ROI for the brand

What makes your company stand out in the market?

Crux Creative Solutions stands out as a dynamic and forward-thinking mid-size Creative Digital Marketing Agency. We position ourselves as strategic partners in design and digital marketing, especially for clients with budget constraints who may not opt for the top 10 agencies in India.

Our hallmark is delivering innovative, out-of-the-box ideas supported by cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to pushing creative boundaries ensures exceptional results that resonate with audiences, as evidenced by our longstanding client relationships spanning six years. This underscores the value we consistently deliver to our customers.

How have women felt in the male-dominated industry, and have you experienced a different attitude because of gender?

If I had been answering this question 15 years back, yes, industry or people’s attitudes were very different towards women. But now, I see no biases wherever I go. If we have talent and will to perform, we are treated as equals to men. 

Who are your clients, and how do you maintain their satisfaction?

We collaborate with leading global corporations, MSMEs, and startups across diverse industries, including healthcare, education, executive search, printing, cameras, office automation, FMCG, electronics, and nutraceuticals. Our commitment to client satisfaction is evident through our timely delivery of high-quality solutions. We remain adaptable to meet our clients’ needs, occasionally extending our services beyond our typical scope to ensure their success.

How do you make a balance between your personal and professional life?

As the founder of a creative digital marketing agency, I recognize the significance of maintaining a harmonious balance between my personal and professional life. Central to achieving this balance is effective time management, boundary setting, and efficient task delegation. By empowering my team members to take ownership of their responsibilities, I can step back when necessary and dedicate meaningful time to my personal life. Acknowledging the importance of nurturing both my professional aspirations and personal well-being, I prioritize taking short holidays at least four times a year.

Can you list the awards and milestones you and the company have achieved?

I am grateful to have received recognition for my contributions to the marketing and advertising sector. Over the years, various organizations have acknowledged my work. In 2015, I was honored as one of the most influential women in the security industry. In 2022, a women entrepreneur forum recognized me as one of the top 10 women leaders in brand consulting. More recently, in 2024, CEO Insights magazine awarded me as one of the top 10 CEOs in ad agencies, specifically in the MSME category.

As a source of inspiration for many, what advice would you give to women entrepreneurs planning to enter the business world?

My advice to young women entrepreneurs is to dare to dream big and embrace the less-traveled path. For those seeking to shatter barriers and embark on their professional journey, don’t shy away from taking risks or pursuing your passions. While the entrepreneurial journey may present challenges and obstacles, it also offers a rewarding path filled with appreciation, gratitude, and recognition. If you find yourself in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, trust your instincts and take the leap towards something that resonates with your true aspirations. Remember, success doesn’t require perfection; giving your best effort often yields great results.

Aspiring industry leaders should prioritize curiosity and adaptability. Foster strong relationships with clients and team members, as collaboration and trust are fundamental to achieving success. Continuously seek opportunities for learning and draw inspiration from diverse sources. Leading by example sets a positive tone for your team, instilling pride in both you and the organization you represent.


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