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Farah Sarosh- A Proactive Effort by Leading Socialpreneur Towards Mental Health Awareness!

Give us a bit of background about yourself and your company. Please brief us about your journey in the Non-Profit Sector and how you have made NurtureLife a Holistic NGO.

Since childhood, I had very clear and powerful visions of becoming a socialpreneur which drove me towards NurtureLife. My aspirations always differed from the rest, and I wanted to be a part of a noble profession that could positively change society. It is imperative to spread awareness about mental health, and that’s my domain in social work. In my hostel days at AMU, I experienced a tragic incident as my hostel mate committed suicide due to depression, and after that, I made an oath to work toward Mental Health Awareness.

The Turbulences

Lack of mental health awareness posed the biggest roadblock as there was no talk amongst the masses about the significance of mental health.

Perhaps, I was never the one who could give up so easily and took these challenges as a new motivation. The inception of NurtureLife resulted from consistent dedication and innovation in taking up these challenges. Nurture Life is a renowned non-profit organization offering actionable solutions to various health issues.

Nurture Life carries out a wide range of activities related to Suicide prevention, emotional intelligence, and other issues connected to mental health. My core mission here is to eliminate all the stigmas relevant to mental health issues in society. We have already spread this awareness to millions through various events in countries like Bangladesh, the USA, Saudi Arabia, East Africa, and several other nations.

How do women feel in male-dominated industries?

Women are often not given equal stature and importance in a male-dominated society and are treated like outsiders. Getting rid of discrimination and acquiring a better spot in a male-dominated industry is possible only when you are strong-headed about the power of cultural change.

For that, women need to focus on their work and get hold of the power they own. When we are engrossed in raising our profile and getting recognition at the workplace, we must realize who we are. Making yourself stand out is important in a male-dominated industry.

Commencing your career in a space dominated by a male might be uncomfortable or intimidating. It could also shatter your confidence levels. Thus, a better way out is to capitalize on your strength and value instead of concentrating merely on the gender difference.

There are anticipations of men being confident while women being selfless and modest. It is detrimental to rule out the opportunities and attract fewer raises or promotions. Make it a point to keep giving credit to yourself when required.

List the awards and milestones won by the company/As a Leading sociopreneur, what are your achievements?

We have bagged a few notable recognitions and awards like the title of Swastika Mitra by the UP State Minister, the Warrior award by an International organization, the Impact award by the women alumni association of Aligarh Muslim University, and also the Changemaker award as well as impact’22 award amongst others.

These recognitions were granted to felicitate the socialpreneurs who are bringing about a change to the system. It has helped in chalking out more sustainable solutions to address notable challenges associated with the mental health arena, job creation, and access to technology.

Tell us more about NurtureLife’s offering and what aspects make it stand out in today’s society.

Nurturelife follows a tagline of ‘Together We Can’ that adheres to its name. They are notching big milestones in the fields of suicide prevention, education, mental health, emotional intelligence, and a lot more to ensure that the voice reaches every corner of the world. It rests as a space to eliminate all mental health issues and impart practical solutions for people facing challenges.

Nurture life is an organization that motivates people from all genders and cadres of society, thereby empowering them. We aim to tackle global problems through global lenses and collaborate with distinct nations such as Nepal, Bangladesh, the USA, KSA, and Africa. We have excelled in various mentoring programs such as free workshops, talk shows, mental health awards, and classes carried off through this medium.

Remarkable punch lines like ‘The Storm within’ can tactfully handle issues such as suicide prevention and mental health via intensive internship plans. The nurturelife community is one strong team determined to create a difference.

As per the recent scenario, what challenges do you face, and how can Nurturelife help overcome them?

Mental health is an alienating and stifling stigma that remains taboo in most parts of the world. It revolves around issues emerging from mental illness, ignorance, lack of information, and other prejudice of some people. Some stereotypes sensationalize the issues and interpret mental illness through derogatory language. We help people understand the difference between mental illness and health. Today, people are reluctant about this topic, which worsens the issue. Practicing compassion and kindness is the right way to spread awareness.

What would be your advice to budding sociopreneurs who aspire to venture into the Non-Profit Sector?

To become a successful socialpreneur, there are a few strategies that one has to follow about philanthropy. One must be passionate about working for social causes; working on solution-centric solutions can help you become more profitable. Find your areas of interest and be passionate about securing the end goals to achieve success.

According to you, how can women business leaders impact furthering the Non-Profit drive in society?

Women can be better leaders and handle social responsibility better. They could encourage the team in a better manner and manage the work and job commitments both well. Women are more empathetic, which makes them manage the non-profit drive of society in a better manner. They lead the workforce with complete integrity and compassion, even better than what males do. Women are multitasking and can efficiently handle both work and house priorities together!

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