Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey of Dr. Mona Pankaj, Founder, Ergocure


Inspiring Entrepreneurial Journey of Dr. Mona Pankaj: My father, a mechanical engineer had an engineering workshop. As a child, I used to sit in his cabin at the workshop and tasted the feeling of being an owner of a business! Maybe his work was challenging – managing the machines, tools, heat, noise, workers, clients, etc.; but I felt he was happy being his boss. Somewhere in my mind, that thought of entrepreneurship had probably entered. But I wanted to become a doctor. At that moment, however, I did not know doctors could be entrepreneurs!

I was inclined towards Ergonomics since my student days at the Occupational therapy school, at GMC, Nagpur. Later, with a desire to prevent people from getting pains and disabilities due to wrong work patterns, I launched my venture, Ergocure. The idea was to create awareness amongst people & professionals about how Ergonomics could help them work better & pain-free. Over a period, now we can be hired as a one-stop solution to all ergonomic requirements of a company and individuals. Starting from assessments, training workshops, cognitive ergonomics workshops aka stress management workshops, one on one pain & emotion management consultation, general counseling, return to work program post disabilities or injuries or pregnancy, pre-employment testing, workplace design, and modification to make it more employee-friendly, prescription of and facilitation of ergonomic accessories and furniture, post assessment certifications for the employees, facility and products/equipment, etc. This way the company saves a lot of time and gets a fast return on investment in terms of hiring and maintaining the right talent and improving the productivity of the employees.

I worked with various SMEs, corporates, and individuals from different professional backgrounds- homemakers to CEOs, athletes to film actors, music directors, and writers. I got an international community of Ergonomics enthusiasts together to discuss cases and topics with an ergonomic perspective. Now we have a pool of associates, many of them women; to work across India and mentors and advisors from across the borders.

 Earlier, whenever I shared the idea of promoting ergonomics with anyone, they could feel my passion but told me that it cannot be done! But slowly I came across people who are supportive and encouraging. I think life is always a mix of such people, we need to select our circle!

In the journey of over 2 decades, I received innumerable blessings, from people in pain; and was felicitated by a healthcare MNC- Welocity, and a few other organizations who recognized the work I am trying to do.

Apart from being an Occupational therapist, I have done my MBA in healthcare services. I am certified for ‘Ergonomics program management, as an ‘Employment testing specialist.’ while our company is the only ISO-certified company in occupational safety and health in the given scope of services.

I feel, to be successful, we should either work on what we love doing or try to love what we do. And yeah, just do it the ergonomic way! ‘Happy working’. I hope you like the Journey of Dr. Mona Pankaj interview.

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